Greenburst Crystal Tear

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Type Crystal Tear
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status effect 1 elden ring wiki guide 44px Temporarily boosts stamina recovery speed in mixed physick.

Greenburst Crystal Tear is a Crystal Tear in Elden Ring. Crystal Tears can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick to enhance its effect.


A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages where the Erdtree's bounty falls to the ground.

Can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
The resulting concoction temporarily boosts stamina recovery speed.


Greenburst Crystal Tear Use in Elden Ring

Greenburst Crystal Tear increases Stamina recovery speed by 15 per second for 3 minutes.


Greenburst Crystal Tear Location in Elden Ring

The Greenburst Crystal Tear can be found in the following location:


Greenburst Crystal Tear Build Videos


Elden Ring Greenburst Crystal Tear Notes & Tips

  • This is a Stamina Regen Buff and will not stack with other temporary buffs of the same type.
  • Stacks with Green Turtle Talisman
  • You can find Crystal Tears at the bases of Minor Erdtrees and elsewhere throughout the Lands Between
  • At sites of grace, you can mix two crystal tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick (This will allow you to create elixirs with various custom effects)


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    • Anonymous

      Mentioned elsewhere. But stamina regeneration buffs can be piled on to an absurd extent. So stack away, ye tarnished.
      With the Pickled Turtle Neck / Green Turtle Talisman / Great Turtle Shell / Braggart's Roar / Flame Grant me Strength.

      • Anonymous

        This is not dropped by an erdtree avatar, but by a putrid avatar. Whoever put it the other way is a careless idiot for not bothering to check.

        • Anonymous

          even with this and green turtle talisman its nearly impossible to catch up to a lightrolling player. from pls nerf

          • Anonymous

            Use this with the infinite magic for 10 seconds tear in the arena on my dragon queen build. It’s awesome. No rot breath for cordiality but all else goes. Mind at 44 for maximum dragon casts, dragon spells are a diesel engine and justify pumping mind so high. No melee besides a thorn whip to proc bleed and chase runners - also has Endure on it for poise during casts. So much fun, undefeated in duels so far.

            • Anonymous

              I noticed after you get guard broken during flask effect, some part of the stamina recovers instantly, like a sudden green chunk filling the stamina bar all of sudden, I might be incorrect, but it's just a thought when I fought one of Lyndell bosses

              • Anonymous

                This is great for casters with heavy spammables. As soon as your spell hits, your stamina is full again. Great for boss finishers. You can pair it with cerulean or a damage boost tear if you have enough FP to keep up with the unlimited stamina.

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