Greenspill Crystal Tear

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Type Crystal Tear
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status effect 105 elden ring wiki guide 44px Temporarily boosts stamina in mixed physick

Greenspill Crystal Tear is a Crystal Tear in Elden Ring. Crystal Tears can be used and mixed to enhance the effects of the Flask of Wondrous Physick.


A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages where the Erdtree's bounty falls to the ground.

Can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
The resulting concoction temporarily raises one's maximum stamina.


Greenspill Crystal Tear Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Greenspill Crystal Tear:


Greenspill Crystal Tear Builds


Elden Ring Greenspill Crystal Tear Notes & Tips

  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • +15% Max Stamina
  • Notes and player tips go here
  • You can find Crystal Tears at the bases of Minor Erdtrees and elsewhere throughout the Lands Between
  • At sites of grace, you can mix two crystal tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick (This will allow you to create elixirs with various custom effects)

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    • Stacks multiplicatively with Erdtree's Favor +2 and Viridian Amber Medallion +2 for a collective 45.475% Stamina increase. If you have 27 Endurance for 125 Stamina, it would be boosted up to ~182. If you find yourself running out of Stamina very often, for example if you are Blocking with a Shield, then this Tear and those Talismans could be highly beneficial (the Greatshield Talisman can also help in this regard.) For your second Crystal Tear slot, I'd recommend using the Greenburst Crystal Tear for increased Stamina Regeneration, and if you want to go bananas you can stack it alongside the Green Turtle Talisman, Great Turtle Shell, Braggart's Roar, and Flame Grant Me Strength for a total of 41 Stamina per second, which is almost double the normal rate of 45 per second (an ~91% increase!)

      • Anonymous

        Seems does not stack with GREEN TURTLE TALISMAN...

        Can you confirm?

        • Anonymous

          Both the Crimson & Cerulean tears have notes on mixing with the other two concoctions, but this doesn't. I assume you can mix this with either of the two and get either an HP or FP gain & a max stamina boost? Or does that mix alter the effects differently?

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