Type Base Stat
Effect Determines your current and total health.
Influenced by Vigor

HP or Hit Points is one of the Stats in Elden Ring. Stats refer to various properties that govern your character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they are affected by interactions in and out of combat. HP is a measure of your health and how much damage you can take before falling in combat. It is one of the Base Stats which are directly affected by a player's Main Attribute distribution. Stats such as HP are an important aspect of character progression in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring HP Stat General Information

  • HP or Hit Points is a Base Stat that serves as a measure of a character's health and how much damage they can take before falling in combat.
  • HP is one of the most prevalent stats and is constantly displayed on the HUD, represented by a red bar that depletes as you take damage.
  • When your character's HP is depleted to 0, you die and drop all held Runes at the site of your death. You will then respawn at the last Site of Grace you visited. Alternatively, if you've passed a Stake of Marika checkpoint before your death, you can choose to spawn at the last one you've passed.
  • Resting at a Site of Grace fully replenishes your HP and FP. However, this also causes most enemies to respawn.


How to increase Character HP in Elden Ring

  • A player's Maximum HP can be increased intrinsically by adding points to Vigor when leveling up.
  • Vigor is one of the 8 Main Attributes that players can spend Runes on to level up.
  • The ability to level up is unlocked shortly after meeting Melina for the first time near the beginning of the game.
  • Leveling up can be done at any Sites of Grace once unlocked.
  • The amount of Runes required to raise an Attribute increases with each character Level.
  • Runes are obtained primarily by defeating Enemies and Bosses. Certain consumables such as the Fringefolk's Rune can also be used to gain a fixed number of runes.
  • Certain Weapons, Armor or Talismans may also affect your Maximum HP.


HP-related Items in Elden Ring

The following Consumables can be used to replenish HP:


HP-related Spells in Elden Ring

The following Sorceries and Incantations can be used to replenish HP:


HP-Related Equipment in Elden Ring

The following equipment and features can replenish HP:

Crimson Seed Talisman Boosts HP regeneration from Flask of Crimson Tears 0.8
  • In locked imp's room in Sainted Hero's Grave (Altus Plateau). This area is accessed after defeating Black Knife Assassin outside.
Blessed Dew Talisman Slowly restores HP 0.6
  • Leyndell: Found west of the Divine Bridge Site of Grace, guarded by a Golem.
Icon Shield Slowly restores HP 11.5
  • Atlas Plateau on a corpse in the small ruined building full of slugs north of the Woodfolk Ruins marker in the valley near the Erdtree.
Royal Remains Set Slowly replenishes HP when HP is reduced 25.3
  • Can be found at Roundtable Hold outside of Gideon Ofnir's room after defeating the invasion by Ensha of the Royal Remains.
Taker's Cameo Restores HP upon defeating enemies 1.0
  • Awarded by Tanith at Volcano Manor after completing the third letter quest. This requires you to visit the Mountaintops of the Giants, invade and defeat Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood.
Blasphemous Blade Restores HP upon defeating enemies 13.5
  • Trade Remembrance of the Blasphemous with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Serpent-God's Curved Sword Restores HP upon defeating enemies 4.0
  • Can be found at Ruin-Strewn Precipice
Greathorn Hammer Restores HP upon defeating enemies 10.0
  • Dropped by Ancestral Follower located in Siofra River.
Rykard's Great Rune Restores HP upon defeating enemies -----
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy located at Mt. Gelmir.
Mohg's Great Rune Restores HP upon defeating enemies (after a successful invasion) -----
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood in Mohgwyn Palace.
Assassin's Crimson Dagger Critical hits restore HP 0.8
  • Dropped by Black Knife Assassin, found inside Deathtouched Catacombs.
Godskin Swaddling Cloth Successive attacks restore HP 0.9
  • Spiritcaller's Cave, in Mountaintops of the Giants, near the Frozen Lake.
Malenia's Great Rune Attacks made immediately after receiving damage will partially recover HP. -----
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella located at Miquella's Haligtree - Haligtree Roots.
Butchering Knife Restores HP when striking enemies 8.5
  • Dropped by Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater on its second spawn
Great Stars Restores HP when striking enemies 10.0
  • On a guarded Hearse in Altus Plateau, traveling on the road SouthWest of the Road of Iniquity Side Path site of grace.
Devourer's Scepter Weapon Skill Weapon skill steals HP from enemies 11.5
  • At “Warmaster’s Shack,” upon arrival. Killing the War Master will result in him dropping a “Devourer’s Scepter.”
Ash of War: Holy Ground Restores HP and boosts defense for you and allies in the area of effect -----
  • Grave of heroes of Auriza, there appear Death-Chariots, a easy puzzle to destroy them rewards with Holy Ashes of War: Holy Ground and Tree Sentinel Armor.
Ash of War: Prayerful Strike Heals HP of self and nearby allies on successful hits -----
  • Under the short rocky tunnel on the lake next to the west entrance to Leyndell Royal Capital, dropped by killing the invisible mob that leaves shiny paw prints on its path.
Ash of War: Lifesteal Fist Steals HP from foes with human build with its grab attack -----
  • Caelid: Dropped by a Teardrop Scarab along the Caelid Highway.
Ash of War: Blood Tax Steals HP from foes with successive thrusting attacks -----
  • Found in the Mohgwyn Dynasty area in a small cave, at the northern edge of the blood lake with four blood albinaurics.


The following equipment and features can raises maximum HP:

Crimson Amber Medallion Raises maximum HP 0.3
  • Within a cellar in Limgrave: Dragon-Burnt Ruins
  • Can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant at the eastern side of Weeping Peninsula, for er runes 13 300 Runes.
  • +1: Volcano Manor. Go to the prison church site of grace, go out and through the little town as if you were progressing through the manor as normal, and use a stonesword key to go through the fog gate. A big moving saw enemy is there but you can easily run up the stairs to the level above, where the talisman is on a dead body.
  • +2: Leyndell, Capital of Ash. Just south of the site of grace drop down the open sewer grate to the beam below
Morgott's Great Rune Greatly raises maximum HP ---
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Morgott, the Omen King located at found in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Erdtree's Favor Raises maximum HP, Stamina and Equip Load 1.5
  • Can be found at Fringefolk Hero's Grave
  • +1: Can be found in the boss room AFTER the boss fight near the forsaken depths grace in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  • +2: Can be found in Leyndell, Ashen Capital and may only be accessed near endgame/post-game. Found on top of a branch jutting out of the ground in a large courtyard, guarded by two large rotten beasts.
Radahn's Great Rune Raises maximum HP, FP and Stamina ---
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Starscourge Radahn.
Crimson Hood Raises vigor 1.7
  • Stormveil Castle: It is found where the Chrysalids' Memento was intially found atop the pile of bodies of Roderika's people, in a room adjacent to a Many Armed Key Master mini-boss. Roderika's questline must be completed and spirit tuning must be unlocked for this item to appear.

Radagon's Scarseal 

Radagon's Soreseal (+1 version)

Raises vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity, but also increases damage taken. 0.8
  • Scarseal: Drops from Ancient Hero of Zamor in Weeping Evergaol.
  • Soreseal (+1 version): Found on a body in Fort Faroth.
Godrick's Great Rune Raises all attributes by +5 ---
  • Dropped as a reward for defeating Godrick the Grafted.

Elden Ring HP Notes & Tips

  • HP Increase by Vigor Level
  • The soft caps are 25, 40, and 60
  • The formulas for calculating HP are as follows:
    • Level 1 - 25 --> 300 + 500*(((Lvl - 1) / 24)^1.5)
    • Level 26 - 40 --> 800 + 650*(((Lvl - 25) / 15)^1.1)
    • Level 41 - 60 --> 1450 + 450*(1 - (1 - ((Lvl - 40) / 20))^1.2)
    • Level 61 - 99 --> 1900 + 200*(1 - (1 - ((Lvl - 60) / 39))^1.2)
    • The resulting number is always rounded down
Level HP Total Increase
1 300  
2 304 +4
3 312 +8
4 322 +10
5 334 +12
6 347 +13
7 362 +15
8 378 +16
9 396 +18
10 414 +18
11 434 +20
12 455 +21
13 476 +21
14 499 +23
15 522 +23
16 547 +25
17 572 +25
18 598 +26
19 624 +26
20 652 +28
21 680 +28
22 709 +29
23 738 +29
24 769 +31
25 800 +31
26 833 +33
27 870 +37
28 910 +40
29 951 +41
30 994 +43
31 1037 +43
32 1081 +44
33 1125 +44
34 1170 +45
35 1216 +46
36 1262 +46
37 1308 +46
38 1355 +47
39 1402 +47
40 1450 +48
41 1476 +26
42 1503 +27
43 1529 +26
44 1555 +26
45 1581 +26
46 1606 +25
47 1631 +25
48 1656 +25
49 1680 +24
50 1704 +24
51 1727 +23
52 1750 +23
53 1772 +22
54 1793 +21
55 1814 +21
56 1834 +20
57 1853 +19
58 1871 +18
59 1887 +16
60 1900 +13
61 1906 +6
62 1912 +6
63 1918 +6
64 1924 +6
65 1930 +6
66 1936 +6
67 1942 +6
68 1948 +6
69 1954 +6
70 1959 +5
71 1965 +6
72 1971 +6
73 1977 +6
74 1982 +5
75 1988 +6
76 1993 +5
77 1999 +6
78 2004 +5
79 2010 +6
80 2015 +5
81 2020 +5
82 2026 +6
83 2031 +5
84 2036 +5
85 2041 +5
86 2046 +5
87 2051 +5
88 2056 +5
89 2060 +4
90 2065 +5
91 2070 +5
92 2074 +4
93 2078 +4
94 2082 +4
95 2086 +4
96 2090 +4
97 2094 +4
98 2097 +3
99 2100 +3



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    • Anonymous

      I came looking for HP at each Vigor Level and was not disappointed. I know there are complaints about errors or missing information, but I admit, I’m so thankful for this website and having access to this kind of data.
      Thanks, Fextra.

      • Anonymous

        When I fight the ringleader Alecto my health is decreased for some reason the right most part of the HP bar is grayed out and unavailable. My health is 1737 out of 1930 maximum even when resurrected at the statue of Marina. (My vigor points are 65 as current status and 60 when I level up)

        Do you know of other bosses that cap HP and gray out a section of the HP bar?

        • Anonymous

          Maximum possible HP: 3242
          99 Vigor
          Morgott's Rune
          Crimson Amber Medallion +2
          Erdtree's Favor +2
          Crimsonspill Crystal Tear

          I'm probably missing something

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know all the ways to DECREASE your max HP? I want to go invade with the ruptured crystal tear and just blow up on the host and die, but I wanna make sure I die. Currently, I have too much health in order to die, and that's why I need to know.

            • Playing as sorcerer was always trick because the low hp you have to be a sorcerer. However in ER, its more complicated because bosses will almost one shot you in 25,30 hp.

              • Anonymous

                3243 HP by using crimson amber medallion+2, erdtrees favor+2, Morgotts great rune, and the 3 min boost the hp physick flask. The highest EHP is probably way higher if you use Blessing of the Erdtree incantation (1080 over 90 seconds) and the 20% HP restore physick flask when below 20% hp. Ritual Shield Talisman reduces damage taken by 30% when you're full HP and Blue Feathered Branchsword HALVES damage taken when below 20% HP. If you were in a healing PVP fight, then keep Ritual Shield Talisman on as you'll heal back to full often, if it's a duel then remove it for Blue Branchsword after taking a hit. Robustness and Mind talismans are overpowered when facing bleed and madness builds respectively.

                • Anonymous

                  This needs testing for any stacking and compatibility issues, but it seems like the ultimate Everlasting Knight build would use:
                  • Prayerful Strike (ash of war) and Great Stars (greathammer, require: 22str, 12dex) OR Blasphemous Blade (greatsword, require: 22str, 15dex, 21fth)
                  • Godskin Swaddling Cloth (talisman)
                  • Assassin's Crimson Dagger (talisman)
                  • Rykard's Great Rune
                  • Taker's Cameo (talisman)
                  • Blessed Dew Talisman (talisman)
                  • Icon Shield (greatshield, require: 22str)
                  • Wondrous Flask (Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear + Crimson Crystal Tear)
                  • Blessing of the Erdtree (incantation)

                  Obviously, forgoing the Royal Remains armor for how pathetically it is limited by only regenerating HP up to 18% of maximum. Additionally, chose Great Stars due to life leech per hit, and paired it with Prayerful Strike, since Great Stars is a hammer. Not sure if Butcher Knife would work with Prayerful Strike. Because there's no use of Royal Remains, the player can be suitably tanky for using Prayerful Strike. The alternative of Blasphemous Blade was given for the passive life-leech on kill and the weapon art's absurdly powerful life-leech on hit.

                  • Anonymous

                    As far as I know the highest possible max hp is 3243 by using crimson amber medallion+2, erdtrees favor+2, Morgotts great rune, and the temporary boost from that one physick flask item

                    • Anonymous

                      EHP grows higher by increasing Endurance and equipping heavier armor after 40 vigor. WIthout flasks. With flasks it is even better. After 60 vigor, it is practically worthless, so please don't max Vigor, you are wasting valuable points.

                      • Anonymous

                        The amount of damage you can deal and receive in this game is way too high for how low our HP can get. With buffs I can reach an AR of 1273 at level 120, which would be enough to two shot another character even if their vigor was at 99, assuming they have poor damage resistance. Even accounting for damage resistance, it would probably be a three shot. If they make another Elden Ring game the values for HP need to be raised or our overall DPS needs to be squished.

                        • Anonymous

                          Something odd i noticed is that the health you have and the health in the level up menu are slightly different. The samurai I'm using has a reported 870 HP from 27 vigor. If you ask, yes I am insecure about my health being visually equal to or lower than my stamina. Despite reading 870 HP in the level up screen, the character only has 826/826 HP in the equipment menu. Equip load doesn't seem to do anything for it.

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