Haima Glintstone Crown

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Haima Glintstone Crown is a Helm in Elden RingHaima Glintstone Crown is part of the Battlemage Set Armor Set, and it increases the wearer's Strength and Intelligence by 2 each, but decreases maximum FP by 10%. Haima Glintstone Crown protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


One of the glintstone crowns bestowed upon Raya Lucaria scholars whose pursuits were deemed worthy.

Increases intelligence and strength to the detriment of FP.

Scholars of the Haima Conspectus sought the power to quell conflict, and to this end studied the sorceries of cannon fire and the gavel.


Where to find Haima Glintstone Crown in Elden Ring

The Haima Glintstone Crown Helm can be found at:


Haima Glintstone Crown Set in Elden Ring



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Elden Ring Haima Glintstone Crown Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 500 Runes
  • Increases Intelligence and Strength by +2, but reduces FP by 10%.
  • Using the Erudition emote (Gesture) with any Academy Glintstone Crown equipped will make the glintstones glow brightly, with the exception of the Hierodas and Haima Glintstone Crowns.
  • It is possible the Haima Glintstone Crown wasn't programmed to have its glintstones glow because they usually aren't visible to the player.
  • The Haima Glintstone Crown likely portrays the countenance of the founder of its respective Conspectus, the Haima Conspectus, as most Glintstone Crowns do.
  • The Haima Glintstone Crown is worn by Battlemages, who are scholars of the Haima Conspectus, but is only dropped by one of them, once.
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      Probably the best glintstone crown.
      With same stat investment, it only stops being worth using a 47 mind and starts being detrimental at 48 mind.
      46 mind = 275fp x 0,91 = 250fp, saving 2 stats points from strength and intelligence each, since 42 mind is worth 248fp.
      47 mind = 275fp x 0,91 = 255fp, saving 2 stats points from strength and intelligence each, since 43 mind is worth 255fp.
      48 mind = 287fp x 0,91 = 261fp, saving 2 stats points from strength and intelligence each, since 44 mind is worth 262fp.

      • Anonymous

        Nice for battlemage builds, if you want to use the jellyfish shield + staff with carian slicer, you can put the 2 point into mind.

        • Anonymous

          I seen someone switching to this helm, and i think he recovered FP, what is the other helm this guy switched too?, and does it recover FP?

          • Anonymous

            Best paired with STR/INT weapons whose ash of war skill costs 20 FP or less. You'll benefit from both stat increases and the debuff won't affect you since skills can still be used with half FP.

            • Anonymous

              really good for RL1, only weighs 2.7 so you're very likely to still be light load and you most likely wont be using much FP anyways

              • Anonymous

                If I've understood it correctly, there is a missing % at the end of this sentence: decreases maximum FP by 10.

                • Anonymous

                  Is there a way to make your character appear as tho they are not wearing any helmet? as in you get the stats of whatever it is that you wear, but it looks like your head is bear? I love the glnt stone crowns, but think they look like crap as an example?

                  • Anonymous

                    Honestly? For str builds this isnt a bad helm at all considering your mind is at or close to base, you're gonna lose what 6-8 fp? for 2 strength? Arguably worth it however, Strength is such an efficient stat since you can hit break points at 13 34 (fire infuse) and 54( heavy infusion) when dual wielding that 2 strength probably isn't worth the loss in fashion souls.
                    Especially if you're trying to minmax you're endurance, the 2 poise might not cut it for you if you're trying to reach BP. Overall this item is decent if you need to hit a req/or just want to minmax and you're a dex/str character but terrible if you're a mage, most mages are gonna have atleast 130-160+ FP and at that point you're losing 1 spell cast for just 2 int which is hella not worth.

                    • Anonymous

                      Us loosing max FP sucks but this is a nice addition to a Paladin style build to help get just enough int to use things like Orders blade and Order healing. Not sure it will be enough to warrent using tho but ima go get this.

                      • Anonymous

                        Location is Altus Plateau. Head straight EAST from the "West Windmill Pasture" in the northern reaches of Altus. Kill an enemy on a cliff face over looking a pond full of zombies. Drops the battlemage set as well.

                        • Anonymous

                          Found this from killing a mage overlooking a small cliff with a lake underneath to the east of the West Windmill pasture.

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