Hardness is a hidden Stat in Elden Ring. It governs whether a weapon will bounce off an enemy when used one-handed, preventing attack chains and generally making it harder to land attacks quickly. Two-handed attacks, running attacks, and jump attacks never rebound.

There are six hardness tiers for both enemies and weapons. If a weapon's hardness matches or exceeds an enemy's, it can hit that enemy without rebounding.

Tier 0

Everything that isn't listed in any other level has no hardness. Tier 0 enemies won't bounce any weapons, and tier 0 weapons will bounce off any enemy of a higher tier. All unlisted weapons will not bounce off Small Shields.

Tier 1

Tier 2

sorcerer miner enemies elden ring wiki 600px Glintstone Miner
crystalians bosses elden ring wiki guide 300x Crystalian (before breaking)
lesser crystalian enemies elden ring wiki 600px Lesser Crystalian (before breaking)
wooden greatshield elden ring wiki guide 200px Players guarding with Greatshields
dragonbolt blessing incantation elden ring wiki guide 200px Players using Dragonbolt Blessing

Tier 3

Tier 4

mirel pastor of vow Miriel, Pastor of Vows
walking mausoleum location elden ring wiki guide Walking Mausoleum
ash of war barricade shield elden ring wiki guide 200px Players guarding with Barricade Shield
ironjar aromatic elden ring wiki guide 200px Players buffed with an Ironjar Aromatic
Weapon Classes
whip whip elden ring wiki guide 200px Whips
cipher pata fist weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px Cipher Pata
coded sword straight sword weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px Coded Sword

Tier 5

twinsage glintstone crown elden ring wiki guide 200px Crystalline Crab that drops Twinsage Glintstone Crown

There is no weapon tough enough to match the crystalline hide of this crab.

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    • Anonymous

      Wow, a crab is officially the hardest thing in the game. Also, consider editing "crystalline hide" to be "crystalline carapace". Sorry if it's nit-picky.

      • Anonymous

        Reapers aren't on the list, making me assume they bounce off of all shields, but wouldn't that negate the benefits of them ignoring part of blocking? The vulgar shotel at least doesn't bounce off of small or medium shields, but it doesn't have innate bleed, so you can't have both bleed and frostbite chip through shields on it.

        • Anonymous

          I don't know why, but the sentence "There is no weapon tough enough to match the crystalline hide of this crab" is incredibly funny to me.

          • Anonymous

            I'm missing something here. Does the stone digger troll having a hardness of tier three, and also great-stars being in tier 3, mean the reason great-stars does not bounce off stone-digger troll when used one handed is because they are both in the same hardness tier? or is it because this variation of troll is weak against strike damage? would a weapon in hardness tier 2 that did strike damage, like the morning star, bounce off the troll regardless of what it is weak to? The reason I ask, is because the first time I came across a stone-digger troll boss was a dungeon in limgrave, and the only weapon I had that did any sort of strike damage was the morning star that's found early on in the weeping peninsula, but I can't remember hits bouncing off the troll and preventing combos. I can't say 100% for sure, it was a good while ago, but I don't remember getting salty like I would have had I seen my hits bounce off it.

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