Ironjar Aromatic

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status effect 14 elden ring wiki guide 44px Uses FP to temporarily turn wielder's body to steel
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FP Cost 18

Ironjar Aromatic is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Forbidden art of depraved perfumers.
Craftable with a perfume bottle.

Uses FP to temporarily turn body to steel, boosting poise, resistances and damage negation at the expense of mobility and vulnerability to lightning.

An art that requires fragments of hunted noble jars. Depraved perfumers are plainly in league with jar poachers.


Ironjar Aromatic use in Elden Ring

Ironjar Aromatic uses FP to temporarily turn wielder's body to steel

This is a Body Buff and will not stack with other buffs of the same type.


Elden Ring Ironjar Aromatic Crafting Guide

To craft Ironjar Aromatic you would need the Perfumer's Cookbook [3] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Ironjar Aromatic Cookbook Location in Elden Ring

Perfumer's Cookbook [3] can be found at Auriza Side Tomb.


Elden Ring Ironjar Aromatic Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Ironjar Aromatic.
  • You can store up to 600 Ironjar Aromatic.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with Golden Vow / Rallying Standard


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    • Anonymous

      For some reason (at least in 1.08), ironjar is the only body buff I know of that refuses to allow you to buff yourself with anything else once you use it, so you can't break the buff with other body buffs. I haven't tested it extensively, but even bloodboil aromatic gets overwritten by flame, grant me strength. If you use ironjar and don't want to be slowed by it anymore, you either need to teleport to a grace or you need to just wait it out. If any enemy breaks out lightning damage and you're stuck in ironjar state, you'd better slowly stomp away for your life or pull out a miracle win.

      • Anonymous

        If you're somehow able to get your hands on a max stack of the materials for this set your build up for light equipment load and get Bloodhound Step of Quickstep and take it into the colosseums.

        If you REALLY want to mess with people have a Dismounter with Wild Strikes in the other hand and just slowly walk into your cornered enemies. With the right build you'll be an unstoppable force.

        • Anonymous

          Really fun in pvp, useful for colossal weapon builds when you need to trade with other colossal weapons. Quickstep heavy Giant Crusher with this is ridiculous.

          • Anonymous

            Kinda dumb that turning to steel somehow decreases your lightning damage resistance, since steel is actually an excellent conductor of electricity. It would just flow through you and do no damage whatsoever.

            • Anonymous

              It says +40% damage negation, does that mean multiplies current damage negation by 1.4 or adds a flat 40% to your damage negation? If I have 60% damage negation from armor/talismans, am I just invincible while this is in effect?

              • Anonymous

                iron jar + wild strikes + big bleed weapons + health bar = Malenia cheese, and if you do cheese her using wild strikes and the power of NANOMACHINES, the boss fight looks pretty funny...

                • Anonymous

                  Except FS is so stingy with pots and bottles as mats, they might as well remove them from the game. Level 110, have 8 pots and 3 bottles. It's a non-craftable due to the sheer scarcity of the containers/mats.

                  • Anonymous

                    Useless item, not enough mats to benefit from them except for a couple times. What a waste, simply bad design.

                    • Anonymous

                      > See gank
                      > Chug this
                      > Terra magica and physick
                      > Start casting Meteor of Astel while having solid poise and dmg negation

                      Not super useful or effective but its fun seeing gankers panic and roll around while an endless stream of meteors smacks them

                      • Anonymous

                        Only seems to be useful if you're already wearing full heavy armour with high resistances. Tried it out on a squishy caster build and it just makes you a sitting duck - no mobility and not enough resistances to make up for it.

                        • Anonymous

                          Seems to also cause enemy attacks to bounce off your body, like a Crystalian. Not sure if this is dependent on light/heavy/enemy AR or anything

                          • Anonymous

                            Did couple more tests to physical damage negation.

                            With Bull-Goat armor set + Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman + Ritual Shield Talisman + Ironjar Aromatic + Holy Ground + Commander's Standard I got 86.775 physical damage negation. Also using Endure on top of all that I got 92.727 damage negation.

                            Using the same setup with Endure but also using Uplifting Aromatic and Opaline Bubbletear (same bubble effect but they stack) I got 99.909 physical damage negation.

                            Also Baldachin's Blessing doesn't stack with Ironjar Aromatic.

                            • Since the buff to its duration, this is a bit of a gamble to use for spellasters who may not be able to handle taking hits even with the massive defensive boosts. However, wanted to throw out a quick PSA that not only does this stack with Golden Vow and Holy Ground, but it also stacks with Uplifting Aromatic (which is the better +damage perfume for mages since Bloodboil doesn't boost elemental damage), and it can also be removed early through the usage of Law of Regression.

                              Worth noting, though, is that Holy Ground and Ironjar Aromatic have a surprising amount of synergy with each other. Holy Ground's main issues are that you have to stay in the circle to benefit from it, and it has a long usage animation you can be knocked out of. However, Ironjar Aromatic comes out fairly fast, makes it hard for you to move, adds a ton of poise, and makes attacks bounce off of you. Holy Ground also helps mitigate the lightning weakness Ironjar Aromatic adds, and the 10 hp/sec regen becomes much more valuable with their combined physical resistances. Both of these also stack with Golden Vow as well, and while each additional buff gives diminishing returns in the area of physical resistances, it further diminishes the lightning weakness while also providing a small damage buff.

                              Assuming you use the Golden Vow weapon art (shortest duration), using them in order of Golden Vow > Holy Ground > Ironjar Aromatic, they will all expire at around the same time. Further, when Holy Ground disappears it's a hard-to-miss visual indicator that Ironjar Aromatic is about to go as well, signaling to be ready to block or dodge so your suddenly squishier self isn't haplessly crushed. If you keep a stock of Uplifting Aromatic, you could feasibly also use it in the final seconds of Ironjar Aromatic to give yourself some insurance as you leave tank mode, which would be helpful for characters who are naturally more fragile such as spellcasters.

                              Making use of this specific trio is a pretty hard-counter for strong enemies that deal mostly physical damage. My fragile Int/Faith pure caster can use it to laugh in the face of Greater Runebears and such, once I realized this.

                              • Anonymous

                                First comment here said it maybe lasts 20 seconds while the other comment said it lasts 15 seconds.

                                I tested this with and without Perfurmer's Talisman. Both times the effect lasted 40 seconds. Seems like they buffed it during their latest patch.

                                Also tips section mentions it doesn't stack with Flame, Grant Me Strength. It also doesn't stack with Black Flame's Protection, Boiled Prawn, Boiled Crab, Magic Fortification, Flame Fortification, Lightning Fortification, Barrier of Gold, Golden Lightning Fortification and Flame, Protect me.

                                Stacking it with Commander's Standard gives 52.000 physical damage negation. Golden Vow gives 44.500 physical damage negation. Tip section doesn't mention this but it also stacks with Holy Ground. Giving the same 52.000 physical damage negation as Commander's Standard (also FP cost).

                                Funny thing is Holy Ground and Commander's Standard stack with each other so they also stack with Ironjar Aromatic. Using all three gives you 61.600 physical (+ all VS) damage negation, 36.000 Magic, Fire and Holy damage negation and -2.400 Lightning damage negation.

                                I also tested this wearing a Veteran's armor set (+ Fire Prelate Helm) and Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman. My Physical + VS damage negations varied between 79.000-81.000 with all buffs applied. Other resistances aside from Lightning were above 50.000.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Duration is 40 Seconds. (In my opinion: This is a better alternative to using the Leaden Hardtear on your mix flask, since it only lasts 10 seconds.)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I'm pretty sure the dragonbolt flesh incantation is the same but faith based. Costs 2 more FP to use the incantation a.k.a. negligible. The incantation does not slow you and provides comparable DR & negative lighting DR. The incantation lasts ~3x as long. The incantation also provides the deflect effect. It is still nice to have if you're not a faith build, but use the incantation over this of you can.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      It improves all physical negation by 40% and reduces lightning negation by 60%, without armor. Magic, fire, and holy are unaffected. It raises status resistance by 45 in each. It lasts a little over 15 seconds. 18 FP cost.

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