Isolated Merchant

Weeping Peninsula

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Location Isolated Merchant's Shack (Weeping Peninsula)
Role  General Goods Shop
Voiced By  Mathew Marsh

Isolated Merchant Weeping Peninsula is an NPC and one of several Isolated Merchants in Elden RingIsolated Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing useful tips for the player. This Isolated Merchantt can be found at the Isolated Merchant's Shack in the very west of the Weeping Peninsula.


Isolated Merchant Weeping Peninsula Location in Elden Ring

Found sitting in his shack at the very west of the Weeping Peninsula. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Isolated Merchant Weeping Peninsula Shop



Dialogue in Elden Ring: Isolated Merchant Weeping Peninsula


  • Well...
  • It's been an age since I've seen a customer.
  • How can I help, here at the end of the earth?

When visiting

  • Back already? Unusual fellow, aren't we? Did this aged merchant have something that caught your eye?
  • Have a safe journey. 
  • Anything else for you?

When attacking him

  • Agh! 
  • Enough of that. Surely you are no highwayman.
  • (Turning hostile)  A pity, this. Our descent into savagery. 

Upon defeating him

  • Offed by a highwayman? I must have lost my touch.

When killed by

  • You've never heard? Of the swiftness of a wanderer's fury?


  • ???


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for Isolated Merchant Weeping Peninsula

  • Notes & Trivia go here



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