Legendary Spirit Ashes are some of the most powerful Ashes that you can find in Elden Ring. To unlock the Legendary Spirit Ashes trophy and achievement, you need to find all 6 Legendary Spirit Ashes available:


All six Legendary Ashes available in Elden Ring

Acquire all six legendary ashen remains:

  1. Lhutel the Headless: Dropped by the Cemetery Shade at the Tombsward Catacombs
  2. Black Knife Tiche: Dropped by Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader upon defeat at the Ringleader's Evergaol
  3. Redmane Knight Ogha: Dropped by Putrid Tree Spirit in the War Dead Catacombs
  4. Mimic Tear: Found in a chest locked behind an imp statue door in Night's Sacred Ground
  5. Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff: Can be found in Sainted Hero’s Grave west of Leyndell, Royal Capital
  6. Cleanrot Knight Finlay: Found in a chest protected by a knight in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree


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    • Anonymous

      im gonna rank these from worst to best

      6. Cleanrot knight finlay - as a offensive ash, she does really crappy dmg, and the buff she gives at the beginning hardly helps at all, and with a really low hp pool she struggle as a defensive ash as well. The only thing i can give her credit for is she can do scarlet rot, but out of the 10 times i tried her she only did it once.

      5. Lhutel the headless - just because she is placed this low in my list doesnt mean she is bad, just means there are better ones. Her gimmick allows to survive for a long time but she is just way too passive and doesnt distract very well. She has well rounded stats, but just cant keep the pressure on the boss or grab the pressure off of you.

      4. Ancient dragon knight Kristoff - this was a really hard choice of Kristoff or ogha being higher, but i think Kristoff would take the 4th spot. Kristoff has a high amount of hp especially combine with his shield and spear allowing him poke behind shield, making him a great defensive ash. However his lightning bolt is decent but just isnt that great at dmg or speed, he is able to pull aggro easily with it but does not have a very good of a range.

      3. mimic tear - a versatile ash that can take on the form of whatever you wish. Want to have it do some ranged damage? put on some consumables or catalyst. Want it to play support? put on some perfumes. Want it to help you with your bleed build? put some bleed weapon on it. It can do it all, but with the nerf that made his ai kinda stupid, he wont last long as a distraction.

      2. Redmane Knight Ogha - Very much like Kristoff but he has a bow. This difference makes very versatile when it comes to many situations, he can assist you from range with a greatbow, especially when it comes to bosses with weak points like dragons, his bow does surprisingly big poise dmg and can knock down small sized enemies, allow you to get a free hit or to heal. Even with excellent range capabilities, he still has a sword and shield allowing to retaliate and survive for a long time

      1. Black Knife Tiche - I dont need to say much, big dmg, excellent debuff, the ability to actually dodge, super fast. Can easily rush down bosses extremely quick.

      • Anonymous

        I really have a hard time believing that some of these commentators have actually gotten far in this game because, frankly, the difficulty of the even the Wiki seems insurmountable to them. I think it's clear which ones I mean. BTW, it doesn't count as your achievement when you watch someone else do it on YouTube. Hell, I'm not convinced half of you can handle opening the game case. You'd likely choke on the cellophane.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently people never go to the item description to know the distinction between various ashes... There is literally "LEGENDARY" in the description of certain items. Stop asking to add more, just because you can't read.

          • Anonymous

            So we have 4 faction ones, finlay is malenia, red mane is Radahn, Kristoff is morgott I think, Tiche is the assassins, unless the assassins are connected to another faction I have no idea, then lhutel are mimic are just there

            • Anonymous

              Y’all the named spirits aren’t all legendary, all these comments are listing all of the names spirits.

              • Anonymous

                There are only six legendary remains, the reason for this is that these are the only ones specifically stated to be legendary in the item description.

                • Anonymous

                  Why only 6? I already have 9 legendary ashes.. The List is missing Bloodhound Knight Floh, Depraved Perfumer Carmaan, Perfumer Tricia, Stormhawk Deenh, Blackflame Monk Amon and Omenkiller Rollo. Or atleast the game describes these as legendary ashes so i might confuse something here :/

                  • Anonymous

                    There are infact 10 and they list as:

                    -Lhutel the Headless
                    -Black Knife Tiche
                    -Redmane Knight Ogha
                    -Mimic Tear
                    -Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff
                    -Cleanrot Knight Finlay
                    -Banished Knight Oleg
                    -Banished Knight Floh
                    -Depraved Perfummer Carmaan

                    Unfortunately I don't remember exactly where and how I got the last 4 but i hope this helps!! Happy hunting all!!

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