Lesser Cleanrot Knight is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. These creatures are Non-Boss variants of the Cleanrot Knight.

The spirit of a particular Cleanrot KnightFinlay, can be summoned for aid in battle by using the Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes.


The Cleanrot Knights vowed to fight alongside Malenia, despite the inevitable, if gradual, putrefaction of their flesh. Their acceptance of their fate made these battles fiercest of all.


Elden Ring Lesser Cleanrot Knight Locations

Where to Find Lesser Cleanrot Knight:


Elden Ring Lesser Cleanrot Knight Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 618
Cleanrot Knight's Sword 4.00% N/A
Cleanrot Spear 2.00% (?) If wielding the specified item.
Halo Scythe 2.00% If wielding the specified item.
Cleanrot Helm 3.00% N/A
Cleanrot Armor 3.00% N/A
Cleanrot Gauntlets 3.00% N/A
Cleanrot Greaves 3.00% N/A
Trina's Lily 2.00% (extremely rare, but farmable)
Miquella's Lily 3.00% (extremely rare, but farmable)


Lesser Cleanrot Knight Notes & Tips

  • Spear Variants are more aggressive than their Scythe wielding counterparts, often being the ones charging their opponents.
  • Gains buffs similar to that of the Winged Sword Insignia when hitting an opponent multiple times 
  • One is easily farmed southeast of the Prayer Room Site of Grace at Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
  • The knights are covered in strange roots or branches. This is a mesh of their model, which is called “Cordyceps” in the files, likely based on Ophiocordyceps unilaterus, a fungus that grows from an insect’s body and controls them, similar to a zombie. 

    It's possible that the knights are being controlled by a fungus brought upon by the Scarlet Rot, as there have been evidence of fungi growing where Rot is plentiful. Though it may also be another case of purposely letting the fungi cultivate inside of them, similar to the Servants of Rot.

Elden Ring Lesser Cleanrot Knight Image Gallery

cleanrot knight 1 elden ring wiki guide cleanrot knight 2 elden ring wiki guide cleanrot knight 4 elden ring wiki guide 
cleanrot knight 3 elden ring wiki guide




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    • Anonymous

      Farm these in War-Dead Catacombs; you'll get help from the soldiers, and your PS4 wont overheat from all the swamp explosions.

      • Anonymous

        You can tell Malenia was the dev's favourite because she gets actual unique knights and not the same cloned Lothric Knight like everyone else did lol

        • Anonymous

          I am unbelievably mad, first playthrough I made, took a good few hours to get all but the Spear, and only got sad Spear after grabbing Silver Scarab! Next run.... all but the gauntlets within about 2 hours

          • Anonymous

            Honestly thought their set was guaranteed to drop cause both the first halo scythe knights I killed drops multiple items. Got the chest and legs from the first halo scythe user I killed and got the weapon and helmet from another, only to get the legs from another one which made me realize my RNG here was ungodly. I'd say its payback for all the previous insane amounts of grinding I've done for basic **** in the past 3 DS so we'll call this drip drop even.

            • I intended on farming the Halo Scythe, but after 3 hours and multiple armor sets I gave up. The next evening while waiting for my nephew to help me with the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Boss, the first 2 I killed both dropped Halo Scythes. Go figure.

              • Anonymous

                15 full Sets of Armor 22 Swords and 5 Spears before i got the Scythe (just killed everything in the Swamp that had Armor on)

                • Anonymous

                  Got a cleanrot knight's sword on my very first kill of one of these. Was set up to farm for it for an hour.

                  • Anonymous

                    I got 3/4 armour piece in a row, and still, after hours of trying to grind for the scythe, I got 38 sets of armour and 18 lilies and no scythe

                    • Spent an hour and a half grinding for Halo Scythe in Aeonia, got every piece of the armor at least twice (not mad about that, it's dope) before it finally dropped. Then I kill ONE in the Shaded Castle. Guess what drops.
                      At least I can powerstance them now, lol. This game rules.

                      • Anonymous

                        I lost an entire day trying to get their armor I had like five duplicates of every other piece 4 halo scythes 6 swords 3
                        Trina’s lilliys and was using seamless co-op with two others and asking if they had gotten the piece as well and you tell me it has the same chance to drop as the other pieces?? Damn you rnjesus why??????

                        • Anonymous

                          i got the 2 percent drop chance for a trinas lilly but havent gotten the spear to drop. gonna keep grinding see if it will drop

                          • Anonymous

                            Surprisingly VERY easy to kill on a level 1 character. 3 jump R2s stagger them with any axe or hammer which leads into a free riposte into backstab. Of course you will die if you get hit.

                            • Anonymous

                              Kinda chuffed that there's no "shield" spear in the game. Could be beyond dope to be able to block/retaliate like they do

                              • Anonymous

                                While hunting the 4 scythe-wielding knights in the swamp (1 hidden and 3 walkers near Heart of Aeonia grace) I found:
                                10 x Cleanrot Knight's Sword
                                8 x Cleanrot Helm
                                10 x Cleanrot Armor
                                6 x Cleanrot Gauntlets
                                10 x Cleanrot Greaves
                                9 x Trina's Lily

                                ...before finally finding a single halo scythe. I decided to kill the last knight in my farming circuit and, no joke, found a second halo scythe. Good joke, From...

                                • Halo Scythe Knights have no poise and are unable to block, anything will work as long as you dodge the slow moving halos, but Lighting Spear, Glintstone Icecrag, Carian Piercer and Lion's Claw are my go to options for these guys. They will sit still and spam Miquella's Rings of Light in most situations, so approach at your leisure.

                                  Spear Knights are fast and aggressive, and will rush you down if you try to attack them from range, often using Impale to catch you in a high damage grab attack that inflicts Scarlet Rot. Avoid getting into prolonged fights with these guys if at all possible. They are agile, and utilize fast combos that will overwhelm very quickly if you aren't paying attention.

                                  They are cripplingly weak to fire and lightning, and will be smashed flat by Lions Claw. Sorcerers will want to use sword sorceries, Adula's Blade in particular will cut them to pieces, but the Carian Piercer and Carian Greatsword will do just fine.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    read how hard this was to get because of luck and it had me super nervous to farm again...first try I got it

                                    • Anonymous

                                      was looking for the scythe, instead got this, didn't even know they drop it :D 113 discovery, no fowl foot or talisman xD oh well, I am never gonna find the scythe now

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Btw you can easily kill the brass shield (rectangle) and sword

                                        About 10 spawns all 3 spawn sights are exhausted
                                        So the big shield and sword guy and 3 other rectangle sword guys are on the same side

                                        The lesser clean rot has 2 spawns up top and 2-3 in the rot floor room
                                        The lesser rot knight (sword and spearcommonly drops the armor and they are eorth the most runes

                                        The hardest one to kill is yhe redmane big shield and sword and he is mid lvl runes

                                        There is also a bow wielder up above the entry tunnel and he is not worth aggroing but can dealt with if needed

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Dude, there's no way the rate for the spear/scythe is 2% and the armor pieces 3%, in the course of 50 minutes at 205 Discovery in Aeonia I got 10 full sets of the armor and 18 swords and not a single spear or scythe, this is hilariously nuts.

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