Leyndell Soldier Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 64 HP Cost 0
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Summons two Leyndell soldier spirits

Leyndell Soldier Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Leyndell Soldier Ashes summons two Leyndell Soldier spirits.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of two Leyndell soldiers.

Spirits of soldiers each equipped with a spear and greatshield.
The soldiers of Leyndell fight their battles defensively. During the Shattering, they were the ramparts that fortified the royal capital.


Where to find Leyndell Soldier Ashes

Where to Find Leyndell Soldier Ashes


Elden Ring Leyndell Soldier Ashes Guide

  • Summons two Leyndell soldiers with greatshields and spears
  • Not aggressive, seems to have the same aggro range as regular Leyndell soldiers
  • Very bad at drawing aggro



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    • Anonymous

      These guys at +9 helped me beat Godskin Duo. They lasted all the way through the last quarter of the boss's shared HP bar.

      They aren't very good at dealing damage but in close quarter combats against physical enemies, they'll hold aggro long enough for you to achieve what you need.

      • Anonymous

        I really like this summon. I've upgraded them to +6, and used them for a lot of bosses. They are relatively slow moving, and dont do a lot of damage, but in return they can take a lot of damage, guard counter consistently, and pull aggro very well.

        Two best strategies Ive found are to either:

        1. Stay close to them, attack enemy, then try to dodge back close to them/get behind their shield. You act as the main damage dealer, but this way theyll guard counter more often when the boss tries to get through to you. Very much a "phalanx" fighting style, teamwork oriented but a lot of fun.

        2. Hit and run. While they attack, you run in and unleash combos, but then run away when the boss turns to you. Theyll begin poking away to get the boss to focus on them again. They'll most likely die sooner this way due to the long pauses of you coming in to attack, but also means youll be out of harms way more often. The guerilla fighting style.

        A big criticism though is against small, agile fighters (ex. Black knife assassin), or flying enemies, they are too slow and defensive to pull aggro well, and if they cant pull aggro, you'll be taking damage. Best bet in this case is the phalanx style, because they wont spend as much time running after the enemy thats already too fast for them. Still not the ideal summon for these situations though.

        Best used for large enemies, even if fast due to the large hitbox the enemy has, or lumbering opponents. Overall, still a favorite of mine, so much so I retired using dragon knight kristoff.

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