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Spell Type Carian Sorceries
FP Cost 10 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Alleviates buildup of sleep and madness

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Lucidity is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Lucidity spell relieves the accumulation of sleep and madness.


One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family.
Alleviates buildup of sleep and madness.

This sorcery can be cast while in motion.

The Carian knights never waver.


Where to find Lucidity

Where to find Lucidity:


Elden Ring Lucidity Guide



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    • Anonymous

      I wish there were more utility-focused sorceries like this! Something to alleviate poison/scarlet rot would be awesome, even an INT scaling heal would be cool and would round out sorcery builds a little more. Instead we just have like 40 different ways of spewing magic damage T___T

      • Anonymous

        Question: is it possible sorcerers would use this spell to prevent theme selves from sleeping to continue reading books and practicing magic, or does the spell only affect the “sleep” caused by magic?

        • Anonymous

          I've just killed preceptor miriam before getting to the point in Ranni's quest where I can invert the study hall, she dropped magic downpour not this. Does that mean I can't get lucidity until NG+?

          • Anonymous

            I jumped from the window you can drop to from the elevator of the Study Hall (without inverting it) into the water and died a couple times. The game dropped me this.

            • Anonymous

              I am admittedly partial to the visuals for Carian Sorceries but this one in particular is so beautiful and it’s a real shame it got wasted on such an extremely situational spell that will see almost no use in the vast majority of builds.

              • While I agree its use in PvE may be almost null (maybe useful to get close to that tower that causes madness as you approach it), this is a useful if niche spell in PvP where madness builds are pretty common. Of course, once you get enough money/resources you can just use anti-madness boluses which cost no FP, but until then, this can be useful.

                • Anonymous

                  One thing that could make this MUCH better would be if it made you immune to full sleep/madness for a while.

                  • This spell is utterly worthless and useless. Not trashing it but literally: having 100% completed the game in a single NG Playthrough last night: I have never found a single use case for this spell. Maybe if they made DLC with many Sleep enemies.
                    I feel like this should have been the opposite of Terra Magika in terms of Defensive Buffs: FP Regeneration, Magical/Elemental Defense Buff and more aside from the current effect.

                    • Anonymous

                      As a few have said, I got this from jumping off the window into the pit beyond. I did a long running jump twice and got it on my death.

                      I also never encountered the invader in my second run up later in the game.

                      I legitimately thought the game was teasing me for repeatedly jumping into a pit by giving me a spell to cure whatever sleepy haze or fit of madness I was in to repeatedly attempt a doomed jump, lmao

                      • Anonymous

                        I wish that it also had an added AoE functionality to it. Yeah, it's niche but I always have this attuned anyhow.

                        • Anonymous

                          I walked away from my controller to pull the pizza out of the oven, 20 seconds in my safe spot I heard the sound of runes flowing into me, looked up at the tv and saw the lucidity spell has been recieved.

                          • Anonymous

                            Seems odd to put the madness curing spell into the game as a sorcery, when all of the madness generating spells are incantations. As most (if not all) of the madness incantations cause self-buildup on use.

                            • Anonymous

                              I have no clue what people are saying about "jumping to your death" for the second one. That would require her to suicide herself, and from what I've seen she just gets stuck on the edge.

                              • Anonymous

                                I got it by jumping into the water through the window, from the first lift, by the two hands on the wall.

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