Magic or Spells in Elden Ring is a combat mechanic where players conjure the dark arts to execute a variety of offensive, defensive and support functions. From casting elemental magic, healing properties, and support-based spells, these have various effects and properties that can be inflicted on both players and enemies. This page contains a full list of all the spells in the game.


Elden Ring Magic

Some magic spells were visible on Gameplay footage leaked in March 2021 and some others could be seen at the official Game Preview launched on November 4th 2021.

Homing Arrow

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Soul Spear

magic3 elden ring wiki guide 300px

Imbue Magic

magic2 elden ring wiki guide 300px


Fire Spray

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Blow Attack

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fade elden ring wiki guide 300px


Summon Spirits

summon spirits elden ring wiki guide 300px

Energy Arrows

energy arrows elden ring wiki guide 300px

Magic Bolt

magic bolts elden ring wiki guide 300px


Bolt Rain

magic rain elden ring wiki guide 300px

Power Beam

power beam elden ring wiki guide 300px

Dragon Breath

dragon breath elden ring wiki guide 300px


Spirit Sword

spirit sword elden ring wiki guide 300px

[Spell Name]


[Spell Name]



 Speculation Below


Elden Ring Magic: What ER Spells could be like

In this Elden Ring Magic: What ER Spells could be like article, we’ll be looking at the upcoming Elden Ring RPG by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco and speculating on the magic systems that you are likely to see based on past releases.

Some information around this has been confirmed, other has been seen in some leaked gameplay but keep in mind most of this is guesswork based on past FromSoftware games and development and market trends.

The build variety of souls is primarily driven by an abundance of equipment and spell options that can make your character feel unique. We know that Elden Ring is “in the same genre” as Dark Souls so we expect to see some familiar things intermingled with new concepts and features.

Magic in previous titles

FromSoftware began this journey with a rather limited selection of gear in Demon’s Souls and expanded it exponentially for subsequent Dark Souls titles. So, their “under 80” collection of weapons and 18 Armor sets became “over 220” weapons and over 90 Armor sets.

The increase in the quantity of gear didn’t necessarily mean a reduction in quality, as special effects continued to pop up and weapons acquired special skills to enhance their movesets.

Additionally, Bloodborne introduced the concept of “Trick Weapons”, limiting the player’s arsenal but allowing each weapon’s moveset to become truly intricate and unique.

Magic on the other hand has undergone less radical changes, with the main “Miracles” for buffing and healing and “Sorceries” for offensive magic becoming a norm. Dark Souls experimented with different schools of magic, introducing pyromancies and hexes in an attempt to diversify the caster’s options, and make casting possible for non-mage builds.


The Magic We Will Surely See

There will likely be new and unexpected gear in the game, but first let’s discuss the equipment and magic you will surely see in Elden Ring.

“There will be a Plethora of weapons, magic and builds, and a focus on RPG elements. FromSoftware expects equipment variety to be larger than Souls in this regard.” – From announcement interviews

Magic we expect to see because of previous games:

  • Healing Magic
  • Self-Buffs
  • Stealth Magic
  • Resurrection / Second Chance Magic
  • Soul Spears and such direct hit magic missiles
  • Shielding Magic
  • Return to checkpoint Magic
  • Elemental Magic (Lightning, Fire)


Elden RingMagic: What could be completely New

Of course even if we’re expecting familiar systems and mechanics, we are certain FromSoftware will treat us to new and interesting concepts. We are hoping to see them stay true to their “biggest ever” claim from the announcement and deliver on a scale that no other souls game has before.

To this end, here are some of the concepts we would really love to see explored


Enhanced Magic

Spellcasting has become rather stale, and I would love to see it buffed to provide more for the aspiring mage. My first idea on this regard is to enhance the animations and scale of magic. Since the game has a day-time cycle, we could be allowed to cast “daily” spells that have a significant effect on the world: let me increase loot chance, prevent rain, create darkness in an entire region so stealth is easier, etc


New Elemental Magic

So far, magic has been “light, dark, lightning, fire”. It’s time to get ice, water, earth, poison, etc into the hands of spellcasters as well. Crowd Control freeze spells, tidal wave or cleansing water spells, and of course Norse-themed druid earth and nature magic could give the Elden Ring magic schools a completely new feel


NPC Equipment & Magic

Boss Souls have been used to craft weapons and magic, and in some instances obtain special Armor. What I would like to see added to this system is the temptation of an evil playthrough where murdering specific NPCs gives the option to obtain special and unique gear and spells. Let Bosses and NPCs alike be fair game for the gear-obsessed, and allow us to craft many armours, weapons and spells from their life essence.


So what do you Think?

Your equipment and loadout are an integral part of gameplay. So now we want to know what you think: What will the Equipment of Elden Ring be like? Are you expecting anything new? What was your favourite upgrade system? What are your most wanted changes to the Armor, weapons and magic, and what do you really, really want to keep the same? Let us know in the comments

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