Malenia, Blade of Miquella

malenia, blade of miquella
Location Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree:
480,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
960,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes (NG+1)
1,056,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+2)
1,080,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+3)
1,152,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+4)
1,176,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+5)
1,200,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+6)
1,224,000 image 2022 03 26 125742 Runes (NG+7)
Malenia's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Rot Goddess

HP                     = 33,251 (Demigod)
Strong VS
Weak to

Malenia, Blade of Miquella (1st phase)/Malenia, Goddess of Rot (2nd phase) is a Boss in Elden Ring. This guide features boss locations, tips, strategies and videos on how to defeat Malenia easily, as well as boss stats and lore for Malenia.

Malenia was born as a twin to Miquella, the most powerful of the Empyreans. She is renowned for her legendary battle against Starscourge Radahn during the Shattering, during which she unleashed the power of the Scarlet Rot, reducing Caelid to ruins. Wielding a prosthetic arm and leg, Malenia is located in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.

This boss is optional, as players do not need to defeat it in order to advance in Elden Ring. Malenia is a difficult end-game boss and players may have difficulty avoiding damage from her Waterfowl Dance move in particular. Her poise is low, however, which players should make use of to interrupt some of her attacks. She drops the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess and Malenia's Great Rune when defeated. 

Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that can be encountered all over the Lands Between. Shardbearers drop their own unique Great Rune and Remembrance capable of being transformed into powerful Weapons, Spells, Ashes of War, and Talismans for the player.


 ...Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella.

And I have never known defeat.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss in Elden Ring

  • This boss is optional.
  • This is a Demi-God type boss.
  • Closest Site of Grace: Haligtree Roots [Map Link]
  • Multiplayer is allowed for this boss.
  • Spirit Ashes can be summoned for this boss.


Elden Ring Malenia, Blade of Miquella Location

Malenia is located at the bottom of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Her arena is immediately down the stairs from the Haligtree Roots site of grace [Map Link].

See Malenia's location on the Elden Ring Map here.


 Malenia, Blade of Miquella Combat information

  • Health: NG (18,473 + 14,778), NG+ (18,750 + 15,000), NG++ (20,625 + 16,500), NG+3 (21,563 + 17,250), NG+4 (22,500 + 18,000), NG+5 (24,375 + 19,500), NG+6 (25,313 + 20,250), NG+7 (26,250 + 21,000)
    • Malenia heals up to 80% of her health at the beginning of phase 2
  • Defenses do not change between phases - she is more aggresive in 2nd phase.
    • During recovery from Scarlet Aeonia, there is a damage reduction. 
  • Deals Slash, Standard and Pierce Damage. Can inflict Scarlet Rot in 2nd phase.
  • Parriable: Yes. However, she can only be riposted on every 3rd parry, otherwise backsteps.
  • Can be poise broken, which allows for a critical attack. Poise: 80
  • Can be toppled or knocked down.
  • Albinauric Pot does not work to stop her from healing.
  • Able to dodge most spells with ease.
  • Frostbite/Blood loss can break out of her attacks.



The absorption numbers are the % of your damage that gets blocked. For example, if an absorption is 60, 40% of that damage by that type will go through and 60% is absorbed. Bigger number = less damage. An absorption of 100 means no damage goes through, and a resistance of -100 mean the enemy takes 2x damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.


The resistance numbers are the buildup amount to trigger it. For example, if a resistance is 100 you must deal 100 points of whatever aux buildup to trigger it. Note that these go down over time, and increase each time the effect procs.


Elden Ring Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss Guide

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss Video Guide

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Malenia, Blade of Miquella Tips & Strategies

It's worth mentioning at the top that the Rivers of Blood Unique Skill: Corpse Piler is so effective on Malenia that if you are finding the fight extremely difficult, you should consider being reborn to use it. Silver Tear Mask can give you +8 Arcane if you need bolstering there. Don't neglect Mind when you are reborn.

Fight Breakdown

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is a two-phase fight, with the second phase beginning once her health is reduced to zero for the first time. Malenia has an active healing effect throughout the fight which provides her with 300 to 400 HP per hit, even if the attack is blocked.

Throughout phase one, she is extremely mobile, being able to close gaps through attacks and dashes. Of the notable attacks, one is an unparriable kick with high poise damage; another is a series of three rapid slashes which is then followed by an additional slash that she sometimes delays. When Malenia goes below 75% HP, she unlocks her Waterfowl Dance attack. This attack is indicated by a huge leap, where she then dives on you with a series of three spinning AoE slashes, followed by a big AoE slash at the end. This ability is deadly to even the tankiest builds and can be extremely hard to deal with.

Phase two begins immediately after a cutscene wherein Malenia sprouts wings and gains access to an array of new attacks, in addition to most of her moveset from phase one. She also gains increased damage. She begins the phase with 80% of her maximum life and always opens with a diving attack immediately followed up with Scarlet Aeonia, a large AoE explosion which leaves a short-lived mist that applies scarlet rot. This phase is mostly similar to the first, except when she leaps she can now decide to: cast Waterfowl Dance (which now applies scarlet rot), cast Scarlet Aeonia, bombard you with scarlet rot butterflies that are in the shape of her (and can also both slice and stab you) or dive on you while triggering a scarlet rot explosion.


The Best Tips for Malenia, Blade of Miquella

  • She can avoid most spells/throwable items, with a few exceptions like uncharged Lightning Spear (after being hit with spear, she always dashes two times) or the Night Sorceries of Sellia, such as Night Shard. Therefore, either bring homing spells, night spells, or attack during her attack animations.
    • Spells with longer duration such as Dragon Communion Incantation can be a risky alternative, as in second part of this spell she tends to dash towards caster.
    • Dragon Communion Incantation, most notably Agheel's Flame, are useful in co-op
  • Most of her attacks have to be dodged by rolling to the side.
  • Her attacks deal Physical-type damage only, so Incantations/Items (f.e. Black Flame's ProtectionDragoncrest Greatshield Talisman) that boost this type of defense are recommended.
  • Her low Poise makes it easy to interrupt most of her actions by just relentlessly attacking her. Stacking poise on your character (around 60) will allow you to keep attacking through most of her own attacks. She is also vulnerable to knockdown attacks in her first phase, so using a weapon or Spirit Ash that abuses this can be helpful.
  • Weapons with Bleed are recommended, as it's easy to proc the status on her and it allows you to more easily outpace her self healing. Frost is also a valid option. Curved Swords are a good choice as their dual-wielded jumping attack hits four times allowing quick Bleed build-up. This can be paired with the Raptor's Black FeathersClaw Talisman, Beastman's Curved Sword, and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia for high DPS. The Scavenger's Curved Sword dual wielded with another Curved sword with a bleed affinity is a good choice for such a build. 
  • Malenia heals every time she hits you with an attack, even when blocked. In addition, she often dodges backwards at the end of a combo, making parries and guard counters hard to land. This makes most shields less useful than normal. It is recommended that you two-hand your weapon and dodge roll her attacks. A great shield with high block may be useful when she performs her Waterfowl Dance.
  • Co-op is not recommended with low latency; her attacks will heal her even if you perfectly dodge. (FIXED WITH PATCH 1.05)
  • Powerful summons (if you're able / willing to use them): Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes
    • Ogha's greatarrows will often stagger Malenia and can even interrupt her during the Flower Fountain attack. Additionally he will stay in the back and she will focus on you as long as you keep her attention.
  • Using any ranged attacks, perfumes, or throwables will cause Malenia to not only dodge left or right to avoid them, but also cause her to rush the player. Spells or incantations that can track her are recommended. Once she reaches 75% health and starts using Waterfowl Dance, she will proceed to dodge any range attack as usual but will then activate Waterfowl dance directly afterwards. The only time the player should use ranged attacks is if Malenia is being distacted by a summon. The Night Shard spell will not trigger her evasion, as it's invisible to non-player characters.
  • Her opening move in phase two, Scarlet Aeonia, as described above, can be easily avoided by immediately running towards her and turning right upon being almost directly underneath her. She will turn to follow your movement, but as soon as she is looking leftwards you can start moving right and you should be far enough away to avoid both parts of the attack.
  • If the method above does not work or is hard to follow, knowing when to roll the attacks may be a bit easier. When Malenia is in the air and she has the Scarlet Aeonia's petals on her (which will look like orange flowing wings), pay attention to her stance and movement. She will first make the petals appear while raising her sword before she makes any movement. The best time to roll would be a little than a second after she starts moving down toward you. After that, roll again about 1 1.2 seconds later to avoid the second attack from Scarlet Aeonia.
  • When you have avoided the Scarlet Aeonia attack, there is a window of about 5-7 seconds where Malenia is unable to move or attack while at the centre of the scarlet rot mist. Use this opportunity to unleash powerful ranged attacks or spells/incantations with a DoT area effect. If you have the FP, Comet Azur can take off a sizable chunk of her HP before she becomes active again. This can be repeated every time she does this attack and is your best opportunity for heavy damage. You can also attack her freely in melee during this window but be aware you will take heavy DoT (Damage over Time) and Scarlet Rot buildup.
  • If Malenia is running at you at the start of the fight, she will proceed to rush you with a horizontal spinning attack once you are in range. This attack is telegraphed and easily parried. If you're not good at parrying, then dodge toward Malenia's left side (the player's right). If she slows down or starts moving left or right, she will not do the spin attack.
  • In order to avoid her Waterfowl Dance combo you must start running away from her while maintaining lock-on as soon as she leaps, which will let you avoid the first two spin attacks entirely if done soon enough (if not you will have to roll the second one). The third spin attack has to be rolled through, and make sure to stay away from her until the final AoE triggers. If you are caught by the attack it is better to roll towards her than away; the extreme edges of the attack seem to have more hitboxes. 
  • Ash of War: Bloodhound's Step makes dodging Waterfowl Dance significantly easier. Using that ability, you can completely avoid the combo, even if you're close to Malenia when she starts its windup. Dash away from her, out of range of the first and second flurries (possibly multiple times depending on how far away she is), and toward her (once) to avoid the third flurry. (During the third flurry she jumps to you regardless of the distance, but the first and second flurries have a fixed jump range.)
  • In Phase 2, make sure you are constantly topped up to full HP. Many of her basic combo attacks are strong enough to deal well over 1000 damage to heavy armour users very quickly, so sitting at 80% HP or below to save on flasks is liable to get you killed.
  • A weapon with the Ash of War: Wild Strikes and the blood affinity can trivialize the first phase of the fight.
  • Black Knife Tiche is an effective summon. She frequently knocks Malenia down and her special attack deals 2000+ damage. Plus her frequent dodges reduce Malenia's tendency to devour summons for heals.
  • While the Mimic Tear is a generally good summon for this fight, note that it doesn't get stat boosts from Godrick's Great Rune, equipment, or other sources; so if you're using any of those to meet the requirements for spells or weapon skills, the mimic won't be able to use them.
  • Using the Spread Out gesture can allow the player to avoid most of Malenia's attacks, though don't stay down for too long because her slam can still hit you.
  • Ash of War: Golden Parry is useful for easily parrying most of her attacks. The increased parry range and window can be of tremendous help to players with less experience in parrying her attacks.
Melee Strategy

The main trick here is to attack her when she's not in an attack animation in order to stagger her, typically after she is done with a combo. Once you hit her and it staggers her, keep attacking to keep the stagger going while paying attention to when she side hops as this interrupts the stagger. When she does so, roll out of the way, keep some distance, and dodge her attacks until you get another opening, while keeping a keen eye on the startup for her waterfowl dance, to which you should run away from the first two volleys and dodge through the final volley. Be mindful of your positioning at all times, you do not want your back to a wall when she does her waterfowl dance. Stay calm, do not panic, watch some videos of her attacks, and you'll realize her flashy moves just seemed intimidating/impossible at first. Do not rely on a shield to do the work for you due to her healing ability, at most you should only use it to block the stray hit. Talisman suggestions would be Dragoncrest Greatshield (or your best one), Ritual Shield Talisman, and Green Turtle Talisman to help mitigate damage and improve stamina regeneration.

In her second phase her attacks start to flow together more, but good ones to punish are her slamming attacks as she takes some time to create a rot burst in front of her.

Magic and Ranged Strategy

While still requiring you to learn her special moves, the combination of Swarm of Flies, faith and incantation boosts, and Black Knife Tiche make this a more manageable fight for ranged characters. For setup, have Tiche fully upgraded, equip your best seal, and memorize flies and your favorite heal over time. Stay in the light equip load range while stacking faith. A shield can be useful, particularly when you're learning the fight, as the first encounter will start her right on you and a shield can also help while you learn the timing for dodging Waterfowl Dance (but is useless for Scarlet Aeonia).

In terms of strategy, summon Tiche and get to medium range. Once Malenia focuses on Tiche, start summoning flies. A slight delay between casts is a little more effective than constant spam, as it seems catch her fully in each swarm rather than clipping her as she dodges out. If she leaps, just keep your distance and get ready to dodge Waterfowl Dance. With luck, one of your swarms will cause blood loss and she'll be staggered, but because you're keeping range, you should be able to dodge much, if not all, of the Waterfowl Dance. If she lands close, roll back to avoid her second swipe. Then back away and watch her as she leaps. As she starts to charge, roll forward to miss the third strike. Then finally you have to roll either forward or backwards (depending on the camera angle and your own roll timing) to escape the final AoE blossom. The final attack depends a little on how you play, so try each one until you know which one works for you. Once this is mastered, the first phase is relatively easy. Just try to shed aggro to Tiche when Malenia turns on you, back away to medium range, then start launching flies again.

Once phase 2 starts, run straight towards Malenia and turn right once you're under her and keep going (the AoE has a large range). Then just spam flies till she recovers. Once that happens, just keep up your phase 1 strategy of letting her pay attention to Tiche, then casting flies until she looks at you, etc. If she casts Aeonia again and she's looking at Tiche, you can just spam flies from a distance as her sword strike will target Tiche and you'll already be at range to avoid the AoE. Malenia's attacks are really designed to screw with your head and make you panic, but because you're at range, you don't have to deal with her healing nearly as much as melee.

For Incantation users, best combo is Borealis's Mist and Lightning Spear. Start the fight with inflicting Frostbite, then keep her at medium distance and spam with Lightning Damage (she will approach the player slowly, plus distance makes avoiding her infamous Waterfowl attack much easier). During the second phase, inflict Frostbite only when she is recovering from Scarlet Aeonia. Look for her attacks with medium/slow recovery time to attack with Lightning Spear for high damage.

Spamming Ranni's Dark Moon spells can be extremely helpful if you have a spirit ash to distract Malenia and attract her aggro. The spell lowers her magic resistance and deals frostbite damage. You can kill her with a little over a dozen Dark Moons in the first playthrough, given a high INT stat.

Note: Do not charge Lightning Spear, as she can avoid that with ease.


Malenia, Blade of Miquella Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Waterfowl Dance Malenia leaps into the air, after a short pause she dives onto the player and slashes around her in an AoE. She then slashes two more times, closing the gap with a smaller dash each time. Her final slash is then followed with a short AoE that she doesn't move for. This attack also builds up scarlet rot very quickly in phase two. This attack can be blocked.

There are two main ways to dodge the attack, the method depends on the distance between you and her:

1) If you are distanced about four or more meters out of her sword's reach, immediately start running back the moment she leaps in the air. The first two slashes will miss as long as you keep running. Immediately stop running after she finishes her second slash and roll towards her, the third slash will miss since it's programmed to send her behind you. If you've timed this right the fourth slash will miss as well without requiring any additional inputs from you.

2) If she jumps up while you're within her sword's reach, immediately start running back. The timing is precise and requires some training. The moment her foot touches the ground to begin the first slash, jump or roll away from her, this move will dodge the first slash. She'll now wind up her second slash, move towards her while keeping your eyes on her sword arm, then roll towards her left arm (right side from your POV) the moment her sword arm starts to move for a second slash. If timed right this will dodge her second slash. For the third slash, simply roll towards her again and then roll away from her to avoid the fourth slash.

3) If you have a weapon with high bleed build-up (such as dual curved swords with Ash of War: Seppuku), the bleed effect will stagger her out of the Waterfowl Dance attack.

4) Ash of War: Bloodhound Step can also be used to easily dodge through this attack. You can apply the Ash of War to an off-hand dagger and quickly switch to it whenever she begins the Waterfowl Dance animation.

Another way to dodge this attack when you're at close range (albeit a lot more difficult), is to circle her (without locking-on) when she's in the air, double roll away from her for the first dash, lock-on to her again and do the same thing as above for the other three dashes.


Malenia will rush the player before she swipes at the player with her leg (unparryable), which can then be followed up by one of four attacks. A slightly delayed stabbing dash attack, a sword swipe followed up by an overhead slam on the ground, or two quick slices followed by another slice. It can also be followed up with a grab attack (see below).

The kick is fairly easy to avoid. Creating distance can keep you safe from the latter two follow ups. The stabbing dash attack is telegraphed by a small flash on her sword, helping you time a roll. The kick can also be blocked, but consumes high amounts of stamina.

Malenia will slightly jump into the air, followed by a very quick thrusting attack, dealing a huge amount of pierce damage. This attack usually catches player off-guard. Can be parried at melee.

Malenia usually does this attack when the player is healing at mid-range. So if you want to heal, make sure to run far away from her first before healing, or wait for the thrust before healing. To avoid the thrust, simply roll left or right (backwards works as well but it's a bit risky). Because of pierce damage, this attack deals increased damage if the player is in counterattack frames.

Malenia will shorten her blade (indicated by a ping sound) then rush the player, do three quick attacks in succession, followed by a final horizontal attack that can be delayed. This attack can end up quickly healing her along with devastating the player's health. This attack can also occur on its own, in the middle of a combo, or to end a combo (usually indicated by her delaying the final sweep). Can be parried.

Malenia uses this attack only if her blade is to her right (the player's left if they are looking at her) which means you can be better prepared for it. Listen for the ping sound to indicate the weapon change, then roll towards her (into the attack) to her right. Back up and if needed roll away from her once you are clear to avoid the final sweep. Do not rush in for an attack unless the final sweep is delayed, which would indicate the end of a combo and an opening for the player. Avoid dodging backwards, since she might sometimes follow it up with the same attack - this can happen multiple times in a row.
Uppercut + Slam OR Charge + Spin

Malenia will hold her sword back, then do one of the two damaging attacks depending on the player's location:
(i) If the player is at close range, she will do an uppercut, then leap upwards and slams down.
(ii) If the player is at long range, she will charge towards the player at fast speed, then spin her sword, followed by a slam.

The two attacks are very delayed and extremely damaging, so make sure you recognize the starting animation (indicated by her holding her sword back) immediately and be prepared for the attacks.

For Uppercut + Slam: Roll backwards to avoid the uppercut, then wait for her to slam down and roll forward left or forward right.

For Charge + Spin: Roll twice as soon as you see her charging towards you to dodge both the spin and the slam altogether.

Malenia will be wide open for attacks after performing these two attacks. You can either do a charged strong attack or even a weapon's skills such as Lion's Claw or Spinning Slash.
Lunging Grab

Malenia will raise her hand in preparation for a grab attack, then lunge in a straight line towards the player very quickly. If the grab connects she will toss the player into the air and impale them, dealing 2225 base thrusting damage, before tossing their body onto the ground. During Phase two, this attack can be immediately followed by a flying sweep + thrust attack. This attack cannot be blocked or parried.

Dodge roll when Malenia lunges, preferablyto the sides (backwards works too if  you time it right). During Phase two, be prepared for the flying sweep + thrust attack (See below) as it may catch the player off-guard. While this attack can be interrupted by most player attacks while she winds up the grab, it's not suggested to do so because of the risks.

Scarlet Aeonia Phase two only. Malenia will dive onto the player and summon a giant flower that explodes around her. This leaves a lingering mist that applies scarlet rot and a DoT effect in the area. This attack is always used as her first attack in phase two. Roll as soon as you see her sword is lifted, then sprint away for her for a little bit (around half a second), then roll away from her again. Remember to not attack her right away after the explosion as the rot will linger for quite a bit (around 4 - 5 seconds), use this time window to heal, recover FP, reapply buffs, or even cast some spells if you're a ranged user. After the scarlet rot is gone (indicated by the flower disappearing), she will be unable to move for a while, and is wide open for attacks, use this time window to use your skill (or a charged strong attack) on her to deal massive damage in a single hit.
Scarlet Explosion Phase two only. Malenia will retain its original moves from Phase one, however there is a chance that she will do a follow-up on most attacks, where she flies up into the air briefly, then slams down her sword, dealing a huge amount of damage and creating on the ground a small vortex of rot, which then explodes after a brief delay and builds up scarlet rot. The explosion can also occur from the slamming attacks from Phase one, which she can follow up and result in a double Scarlet Explosion.

This attack usually occur when she is done with her regular Phase one combo. Roll in any direction to avoid the slam, roll again if you're unsure whether exploson will hit you. This attack can be heavily punished if you roll into her and get to her back, as she will be wide open for attacks after the slam.
To differentiate between this attack and the Waterfowl Dance (as these two attacks have similar starting animation), if she twirls before flying up, it's the Waterfowl Dance; if she  flies upwards without twirling, she's doing the Scarlet Explosion attack.

Flying Sweep + Thrust Phase two only. Malenia will fly up into the air, and glides down onto the player from the left, followed by a very quick thrust attack. This attack can be followed up with the Scarlet Explosion attack. She will usually do this attack when you're at long range. Roll left to avoid the first sweep, then roll left or right to avoid the thrust. See above to learn how to dodge the Scarlet Explosion follow-up. Because of pierce damage, the follow up thrust attack deals increased damage if the player is in counterattack frames.
Counter Kick Phase two only. Sometimes, when the player hit Malenia, she will follow-up by countering the player with a kick (different from a regular kick). Although this kick doesn't do a lot of damage, it'll usually catch the player off guard and stagger them greatly. Never attack twice in a row when she's in a walking/running animation and always be prepared for the counter kick, roll backwards when she begins to lift her leg to avoid the attack. Unlike the regular kick, Malenia will not follow this up with another attack and will stand still for a solid second. You can exploit this weakness by doing an attack after dodging the counter kick (either doing a running attack, quick weapon's skills, or just a simple attack if you have a long weapon).
Phantom Spirits Phase two only. Malenia will fly into the air, creating a pool of scarlet rot on the ground below her, and consecutively fire out four phantom versions of herself that will do two horizontal sweeps, a vertical slam, a third horizontal sweep followed by a quick thrust, one final thrust, before Malenia herself comes down with a high speed flying thrust to player, dealing high damage. The first and last phantom will stay longer in order to do a single thrust attack each, occurring after the fourth's sweep attack.

Roll in the directions as the following order: Backwards twice (delay a bit between these two rolls), followed by two forward rolls (immediately after one another), then roll to the left twice (immediately after one another). The timing for the third and fourth roll might be a bit difficult to get a grasp on (and will usually result in death as you'll get hit by two phantoms), but once you get those two rolls right, you'll never get hit by the phantoms.

Note: This attack can target more than 1 player. 



Elden Ring Malenia Lore, Notes & Trivia

  • In version 1.04 of Elden Ring, there was a bug related to the healing mechanic, which was present only when players fought Malenia in co-op - each attack would result in heal, even if the attack missed due to i-frames. This has since been fixed as of update 1.04.1
  • Malenia first unleashed the Scarlet Rot in her battle with Radahn, destroying the region of Caelid in the process.
  • She is an Empyrean like Ranni and her brother Miquella.
  • Melina's armor set can be found in the area directly before Malenia's boss room. This and the similarity of their names has led many fans to speculate that they are related in some way.
  • In the Elden Ring trailer shown at E3 2021, Malenia's arena is slightly different, with a much darker appearance and fewer roots in the background. However, the clip from her pre-battle cutscene has the final arena design.
  • First phase can't be finished with a critical strike - Malenia will remain with 1 HP left, even with poison or rot damage. In a very earlier version of the game, if the player managed to finish that phase with critical strike, 2nd phase Malenia would spawn with 1 HP.
  • After the player parries her three times and she enters the animation that allows for a critical  hit, she can be staggered by any attack (including things like throwing knives), knocking her out of the critical animation.
  • Malenia is featured in the game's Collector's Edition, which includes a statue of her and a replica of her helmet.
  • Bug: If player depletes her poise while she performs attack with hyper-armor, she will not be put in a state that allows to perform a riposte.
  • Voice Actress: Pippa Bennett-Warner




I dreamt for so long.

My flesh was dull gold...and my blood, rotted.

Corpse after corpse, left in my wake...

As I awaited... his return.

... Heed my words.

I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella.

And I have never known defeat.


During Fight

Defeating player in phase 1: I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella...

Defeating player in phase 2: Let your flesh be consumed. By the scarlet rot.




The scarlet bloom flowers once more

You will witness true horror.

Now, rot!


After Fight

Your strength, extraordinary...

The mark...of a true Lord...

O, dear Miquella...

O, dearest Miquella, my brother...

I'm sorry. I finally met my match...



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    • Anonymous

      Mimic tear/ ROB to get her to second phase
      You can easily cheese her with Falling Star Beast Jaw during second phase to easily break her poise consistently and it allows mimic to constant aggro without much backlash

      • Anonymous

        I used +24 buffable twinblades with sepukku and chilling mist, and summoned assist with two Godskin Peelers. Still a hard fight and very worthwhile, we had each others backs when life went down

        • Anonymous

          I finally killed her only using 1 flask. Just take a heavy weapon add ASH OF WAR: STAMP (UPWARD CUT) with ice damage for you weapon, use ash of war and be sure to have enough stamina to use 2 jumps attacks after you use the ash of war, then she will be stunned then after the critical hit you can use ash of war again and 2 jumps attacks repeat until she dies. You just need to calculate your riposte attack and your ash of war to be sure to always have enough stamina for the 2 jump attacks.

          • Anonymous

            Beat her after many, many tries. Me and Dung Eater wailed on her until she died. I found that I got the best results when I just played as aggressively as possible, instead of trying to dodge & punish her attacks, especially in Phase 1.

            Still, I feel like I just got lucky with the RNG, since she never did her stupid waterfowl dance on me. That thing was pretty much instant death every time.

            • Anonymous


              • Anonymous

                Remove the Lifesteal and she’s almost absurdly easy. Remove Lifesteal on block and she’s still hard but manageable. But because she has Lifesteal, no matter how much you hit her, she will never go down. Orphan of Kos is a harder boss than her, but because she can heal and he can’t, the harder boss is ironically easier to beat. And that’s aggravating.

                • Anonymous

                  This page didnt have much information for sorcery users, so her was my strategy for defeating malenia.

                  I had 71 Int with a +25 Astrologers Staff, 25 Mind, Magic Cracked Tear and Greenburst Tear, an un-upgraded Tiche, Graven Mass Talisman and Radagon Icon, I also has Staff of Loss and Carian Regal Scepter in my off hand and 4 crimson flasks and 10 cerulean flasks.

                  Equip the spells Rannis Dark Moon, Terra Magica, Night Comet, and Collapsing Stars and do NOT drink you Physick or summon Tiche at the start of the fight, save them for the second phase.When you enter, cast Terra Magica and Rannis Dark Moon (you should be able to get off to moons which should proc frostbite) At this point, Malenia will be very close to you so run around her and get some distance to cast Moon again after this Waterfowl Dance will trigger, to avoid this, run away for the first three AOEs then turn around and dodge through the fourth. Use Moon when Melania is far away and Night Comet when she is close, only fir one comet at a time as she will dodge after getting hit by one always keep a good distance between you and Malenia. With this strategy, I was able to consistently get through the first phase with no damage.

                  When the second phase triggers, run towards Malenia until you reach the clear the pool of water in the center of the arena and start dodging. After the Scarlet Aeonia attack will give you time to drink your physick and summon Tiche, the important thing in this stage is to keep the pressure on you so Malenia doesnt use Tiche to heal. So use Collapsing Stars whenever Malenia starts focusing on Tiche and night Comet whenever she is focusing on you. The attack in this phase that I found the most annoying was the one where she summons copies of herself, just keep in mind that there are four copies, two of which attack twice so keep an eye on those two.

                  The last thing that made me win the fight was leveling up Vigor from 25 to 50, I won the fight first try after doing that.

                  • Anonymous

                    Used a bleed build with reduvia dagger, carian knights shield, and Lord of Blood Exultation (with mimic). Took a few tries to get the timings down but the bleed just TORE her apart. When I wasn't staggering her, the mimic was and if she managed to get a swing off, the shield did wonders.

                    • Anonymous

                      The incantation "Giant's flame take thee" knocks enemies down. With Mimic+Giants flame killed her first time. Didn't even buff.

                      • Anonymous

                        I recently reached her with a new build using the magma blades and just realized she can even block smaller weapons (no idea how she can block literal molten rock though). People might complain about the heal or the waterfowl being too much, but I think that's just some signature mechanics to this boss that you have to work around and learn, and once you do so the fight becomes much more enjoyable.
                        The blocking though, I feel like is just absolute nonsense. You can't just have everything and be a "good" boss. Half of my build was useless already since I specced into bestial incants and she can dodge all effortlessly even with the radagon icon. My melee optinos would be fine still, if she didn't randomly decide to block 2000 degree hot stone in the middle of a combo to follow up with waterfowl instantly. You can't really make a strategy around it either since she just randomly seems to pull it out of nowhere without any leadup or telling.

                        • Anonymous

                          why does she sometimes survive an attack that should push her into phase 2? She has 1 pixel left on her health bar and I hit her with a fully charged R2 and it takes an extra 2 or 3 hits to end phase 1. Just more bullshit I suppose.

                          • Anonymous

                            Duel wielded flame art iron great swords and Dung Eater. Took quite a few goes to understand the second phase but basically jump attacked her to death in the end. I can now put down my controller.

                            • Anonymous

                              Dear hosts ... please read this!
                              "Malenia has an active healing effect throughout the fight which provides her with 300 to 400 HP per hit, even if the attack is blocked."

                              It makes no sense to call someone and hide behind a shield. I'm working my a.. of and she just heals on you.

                              Next time I'll just club myself to death. Seems more fun

                              • Anonymous

                                Currently blasphemous blade's L2 is insanely OP against her. It straight up knocks her back 20 feet and does tons of dmg for small amounts of fp

                                • Anonymous

                                  To beat her I used Placidusax’s ruin. The initial explosion upon casting staggers her long enough for the beam to hit her which blows her back, allowing the beam to hit her a second time. The beam deals a huge amount of fire damage (which can be increased using scorpions charm and flask tear) which she is weak to. Placement is very important, try to stay on the flat parts as the slight difference in elevation sometimes causes one of the beams to miss.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Finally sat down, powerstanced some greatswords, and managed to solo her after a few attempts. Felt nice; **** waterfowl

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Being near the end of the game, the only things I can do to progress and get the ending I want are fighting Malenia, Maliketh and some legendary dragon. It took me two weeks to beat Malenia. The trick that worked for me was summoning the Mimic and making sure Malenia was focused on it and not me, while doing everything I could to keep the mimic from taking too much damage in the first phase.

                                      Like every attempt, both summons and bosses act differently, similar to the fight between Millicent and her sisters (sometimes Millicent doesn't fight the sisters back, sometimes she's a powerhouse of aggression). I think I just had to wait for the dice to roll in my favor.

                                      In the end, this victory against Malenia was empty. I didn't feel like I accomplished anything, I didn't express any joy or brag about it, and I didn't smile. This was two weeks wasted trying to get through a very frustrating slog. This one boss ruined any joy that could have been gotten out of beating her, and Maliketh will probably reap the same results, which is really a shame. The only reason I want to just get the game over with already is to NG+, just so there's more to do. Other than that, this is just an irritating, depressing slog.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Tbh I beat her solo with the longsword and a heater shield on my john eldenring build guess I'm just a god gamer

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Super cool and awesome boss fight. I especially liked the part where it was impossible to beat her solo, so after a bunch of attempts I just used Mimic Tear and beat her first try. Super satisfying and cool. Totally not incredibly disappointing.
                                          Cheese this fight as best you can and forget about it. It's not worth the frustration of trying.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            There is 1 completely BS attack of hers and it is that stupid ass Scarlet Rot vortex in phase 2, where she goes up into air and launches rot ghosts to attack you. The BS part is the beginning of this attack when she pops the vortex and goes up into the air, as it has literally NO TELEGRAPHING. If you are caught in it, you are dead, it deals over 2k damage and insta rots you, not to mention hellish stun that prevents you from dodging away in an instant. This attack can happen at any moment, so you can't really know when she decides to one trick you.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              heres an easy way to kill malenia
                                              Step 1: go to malenia
                                              Step 2: Die to malenia
                                              Step 3: Inherit the frenzied flame, killing everyone, including malenia probably

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Finally got that c*nt solo with Blood Lordsworn Greatsword with Giant Hunt and man, what a tedious slog it was - I swear, it feels like 90% of this fight is pure rng. You never know when she decide to pull her Waterbullsh*t dance, nor (what's even worse!) when she'll decide to activate hyperarmour out of nowhere. It even feels like she can reset her stance meter at will. And it's even worse in phase 2 when she gets high on her rot cocaine. I hear freeze pot can cancel WFD, but I've never managed to land one on her - guess my reflexes are too bad for the job. Thankfully From buffed Giant Hunt, so a yeet, followed by fully charged and uncharged attacks can THEORETICALLY stunlock her (unless random hyperarmour happens).

                                                Seriously, some bosses are good, some are bad, there are few idiotically bad - but this living failure of a Sekiro reject isn't even worth to be spit at. Radahn shoud have offed her when he she knocked herself out, shame his honor forbid him doing so.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  So the UI called her a demigod and a god? I know soft is flaky on things like narrative but this is really questionable.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I hate that she is programmed to do waterflow dance whenever her health hits a certain amount, so if she does this sh t and misses she will do it again and again and again. I had her do it 14 times in phase one without anything in between, but if she heals enough out of it she s back to normal. Garbage design

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Idk got tired of trying and just summoned a guy who pelted her with rocks so she couldnt hop away while i was beating the crap out of her

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        It's a crime gravitas doesn't even work on her even though she clearly should have been weak to it since she literally fought into a standstill against Radahn.

                                                        All types of Gravitas ash of war should work on her waterfowl, change my mind.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          If you are using a melee build and have some time on your hands I strongly recommend equipping the crucible feather and ritual shield talismans and learning the fight. Its a bit higher on the difficulty curve than most, but it felt well worth it.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I can't decide what i think on this boss. Her lore is awesome and in general the fight is ok. It has some great parts that that make it a fun duel but then it has the peak of some of the horrendous boss design that pervades ER. WFD is just idiotic and the fact that she heals on her attacks just pushes it over the top. Your ashes are more of a liability because it just tanks ever hit and causes her to constantly heal. Boss fight is ok, Artorias is still better. Her fight fits better for Sekiro because the player simply isn't fast enough in ER to always deal with her

                                                            • Eleonora's Poleblade is quite good against Malenia. It staggers her easily (poise break with 2 L2), and does decent bleed damage - both of these are her weaknesses.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                A +10 Morgott's cursed sword + ogha genuinely slaps her so hard. Buff your AOW with the shard of Alexander and you will get tons of stagger and bleeds on her.

                                                                WFD is the problem, just run away when she is near 70% hp and dodge through the 3rd spin and PRAY she never does the attack again.

                                                                Go in for the AOW on safe hits and ogha will knock her down at time allowing for big windows, only took like 10ish attempts.

                                                                • I couldn't believe but I defeated her on my first try which is peculiar because I generally die at least 1 time even for mediocre bossies and I heard she was the hardest boss in the game.

                                                                  And yes I was using River of Blood and Mimic but still, it was too easy.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Finally did it after about 10 attempts (including summoning people most of whom weren't very good). In the end my mimic and I just spammed her with taker's flames and it was over quite quickly. On the whole a good boss fight I thought.

                                                                    • I literally defeated her on my first try. I couldn't believe how easy it was because even for mediocre bosses I generally die 1 or 2 times.

                                                                      And yes, I used Rivers of Blood, but still, I think this fight was too easy.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        After trying various strats finally got her on 1.07. All the blood I could get with RoB. Very aggressive with mimic and heaviest armour possible. Shard of al, lord of blood’s Exultation n cation filigreed crest. As others said below, aggression is key along with luck.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          A perfect example of Elden ring's awful cheating ai.

                                                                          Random hyper armour, recovery cancels and non stop spam of her most bs move.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            It has been about 20 years, but i still remember a similar boss character design from another fromsoftware videogame, Lost Kingdoms or Rune in japanese,

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Finally beat this last night and wanted to offer some hints to fellow Glintstone sorcerer/int build characters as I didn't find the guide to be super good in this instance.

                                                                              1) Get Black Knife Tiche for sure, he's very effective against Malenia and as the guide does point out will knock her down frequently.

                                                                              2) The guide recommends Ranni's Dark Moon and while that does work, I'm not really convinced it's that more effective than just good old Comet. When Tiche knocks Malenia down you can fire off a good 3 or 4 comets (especially with e.g Azur's Glintstone Staff and/or Radagon Icon. When she's distracted she will dodge sometimes but not always.

                                                                              3) Nobody seems to mention this but I'm sure that if you back Malenia against a wall or even better into a corner the AI can't dodge as effectively meaning more comets will definitely hit home. When she's fighting Tiche she will often just end up near there anyway.

                                                                              4) Beware of letting Tiche take too miuch aggro from Malenia as he has no idea how to avoid her Waterfowl Dance and can go down easily plus there's no heal allies spell that I've found for INT only faith.

                                                                              5) In phase two, the guide rightly points out there's a good window to use Comet Azur after she does the Scarlet Aeonia thing. If you combine Comet Azur with Cerulean Hidden Tear in your flask, you get basically 15 seconds of unlimited death beam.. if you get this just right you can kill her before she's even had a chance to start phase two.

                                                                              I think this fight is fairly punishing to players who, like me, tend to make mistakes (hey I'm in my 40s now lol) because not only do you take damage but she heals, plus that Waterfowl Dance is really hard to avoid as the camera lurches around you can think you're running away from the final phase only to accidentally run into her blades. If I can do it though so can anyone lol.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Being super aggressive on this boss was the key for me. Dual wielding upgraded katanas (RoB is a huge help!) lightly armoured, and mimic Ash summon - keep the pressure on her and watch her health melt away.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Great Stars +25. Use Chilling Mist Ashes, Mimic Tear +10.
                                                                                  Falling stars does bleed and Frostbite with the ashes. Took me 2 tries.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I suffered for hours before finally getting her at level 130 no summons with +10 Blasphemous Blade, 40 dex and 44 fth. I had to use lightning spears after taking out 33% and 66% health roughly speaking to bait out waterfowls because I couldn't consistently dodge it at close range, I did notice LMSH does it by circling to her left like he's checking out her booty to send the first hit out of harm's way then immediately dodging, second flurry just takes one dodge and third either has to be casually walked in front of or dodge forward with perfect timing the millisecond her sword connects. Taker's Flames can potentially stunlock her into two or more hits if it connects and steal back your health in the process, but the windows are slim.
                                                                                    Second phase I just has to embrace the fear and stay glued to her the whole time and risk her triggering waterfowl because I couldn't figure out how to dodge the 7 hit clone attack she only seems to do when you're at a distance. Scarlet Aeonia turned out to be my saving grace because it gives you time to heal and power up and leaves her open to like three or four takers flame blasts as they can just barely connect without touching the flower. In the end there were no shortcuts or cheese options, only the old adage of git gud especially when you don't have frostbite and bleed to lean on.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      This fight is just terrible. The entire difficulty is dependent on 1 move. That’s it.
                                                                                      It targets the entire area, can change targets mid air, can’t change directions mid air and if blocked recovers a significant amount of health for Melania. It’s just bad, seriously.
                                                                                      There’s not much practicing it other than getting lucky, cheese baiting, or some other gimmick.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        pfft. you are all completely overreacting to the difficulty of this boss. total cake walk. took me like 4 tries.

                                                                                        here's what i did:
                                                                                        summon a couple guys, die 1st phase
                                                                                        try mimic, die 1st phase
                                                                                        mimic, die 2nd phase
                                                                                        see summon sign from a "let me solo her", and, um, honor the request in his name...

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Steps to beat Malenia with a Fai/Int build

                                                                                          Step 1: Only equip Giantsflame Take Thee and Flame of the Fell God as incantations

                                                                                          Step 2: Equip only a Giant’s Seal or Golden Order Seal (I used a +9 Golden Order Seal)

                                                                                          Step 3: Enter the boss and summon a +9 or +10 Mimic Tear

                                                                                          Step 4: Heal and a equip a weapon (I had a +18 frost uchigatana and a +18 frost nagakiba with bloodhound’s step for waterfowl)

                                                                                          Step 5: Laugh hysterically whenever a giant fireball comes from off screen and knocks her down

                                                                                          Step 6: Hopefully win (it took me 6 attempts)

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Fighting her is one thing, but the petty competitiveness that surrounds her is something else! I've seen hosts summon phantoms, and sometimes one of two will quit before walking into the fog gate because they want to be the ones to solo her and were butthurt over the host summoning a second. That's fine tho. What's worse is when some phantoms enter the fight just to give her that extra HP/Buff, and then walk around like it's a nice day in the park. My heart goes out to the poor host who thought we were all on the same team. Look, I know she's jumpier than two bananas in a blender with three people attacking her in tandem, so it can be tougher in some ways, but you got options: you can go range with spells/incantaions, especially those that track her; you can do ranged AoWs like roars and lightning; or you can suck it up and dive in and learn to time your ungas.
                                                                                            On a side note: if you have Cross-region play enabled, bear in mind not all hosts will understand what Solo means, so don't take it too hard when they decide to summon a third phantom for the party.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Here's a high-risk, high-damage strat using blasphemous blade and burn, o flame! Make sure you have max freezing pots:

                                                                                              Approach her and let her walk to you. She will start to walk sideways at a certain distance. Use taker's flames with the sword. If you were at the right distance, taker's flame will hit her as she dodges and goes in for an attack. Immediately after using taker's flame use burn o' flame! She will miss her attack and right after you do the spell dodge backwards to avoid getting hit. If RNG is on your side she will get hit with the flame pillars and get blasted up in the air. Get some space and use taker's flame again. Three things could happen when she gets hit by it; she will take damage and get up; if she is under 75% HP she will use waterfowl dance after she gets up and at that moment throw a freezing pot at her to cancel her out of it; or if her invisible poise meter is low she will get knocked back and if that happens keep spamming taker's flame until you're out of stamina. Repeat this into her next phase. The thing you need to be careful about is her waterfowl dance. In my hours of testing this strat I found that she won't do it within two loops of baiting her with taker's flame and using burn o' flame! Always be prepared to throw a freezing pot at her after using taker's flame when she's under 75% HP because she will do it right after dodging it. Depending on your RNG, this phase can go real fast or last a few minutes.

                                                                                              In phase 2 you can get in three taker's flames every time after dodging her scarlet aeonia attack. This phase is more reliant on RNG than skill. For the most part it's the same as the first phase except you can't bait her with taker's flame like you could previously because she's aggressive and constantly runs to you. So use that to your advantage and time burn o' flame! when she comes in for an attack, but be careful because she can fake you out and go into her waterfowl dance or use her clone attacks. For some reason the freezing pots won't reliably cancel her out of those attacks so don't rely on them and rely on dodging instead.

                                                                                              Use the flame-shrouding cracked tear in your flask and any other talismans and gear to boost your fire attacks. I don't recommend any ash summons because they'll take her aggro and all you can do is spam taker's flame to get her attention back. That might work on an early playthrough but it didn't for me on journey 8+.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                only thing i would change about her is increasing passive poise a little bit, but getting rid of the frame 1 hyperarmor bs on most of her attacks

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  You might add Comet azur (for melting down her entire hp with unlimited fp) after the transition to Phase 2 to the Magic strategy. It is indeed cheesy but felt really enjoyable in NG, compared to melee in NG+ which was a pure pain in the ass

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    After days of pain i decided to have a bit of fun, i got Tiche +10 and a black Knife +10 and only used the Blade of Death. This dumb**s strategy i made when half tired and half drunk lead to my victory in 5 - 7 tries. I had a lot of fun when doing this, more fun than when i was going at Her with melee only. Sad that this is how i eventually won but F**k it, if she get to cheese with Waterfowl then i can sure as S**t cheese right back. Overall 5/10 healing on hit was BS idea was cool, but She is no DS2 Fume Knight.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Assuming you don't use summons, light equip load, with a fast weapon, is the easiest way to beat her. Heavy weapons, with long attack animations, are punished harder, especially in the 2nd phase.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        This is just cheap, utter bs fight with broken mechanics change my mind. Whole game should be named one hit KO AoE

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          im so happy i finnaly beat her. for some reason i was better on my school laptop than on console lmao. btw a tip for dodging waterfowl: if shes passt 75% hp then try running to her sometimes and then if she jumpes up for waterfowl immediatly run backwards. after she does the second flurry and is about to do screwdriver dodge under it from the front. then just run a little more backwards and you've done it

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            So, I finally beat her after a number of attempts spread out of the last few days. She's still getting health from shield hits and WFD is still very punishing. While I play what I call a sword and board medium weight utility build, I had to make several adjustments in order to be viable against her. 1: I switch to post-nerf ROB as even though it isn't an easy button anymore, it still does bleed and fire to which she's weak. 2: I switched over to light (<30%) armor to allow for better rolling. This was critical to have a chance at avoiding WFD. 3: I summoned Black Knife Tiche. I usually don't use spirit ashes or human summons unless there's multiple opponents or they're cheating. I feel that a shield hit restoring health and WFD being off cooldown is cheating. -- Have to say, I enjoy difficulty but didn't enjoy this boss. Although I'm sure opinions will differ here, half the fun of being in a RPG is playing a role. Mage, tank, rogue... the moment you have to stop being what you were in order to beat a boss makes this less of an RPG. This goes double if you have to respec before taking on a boss because your build isn't viable.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              This has to be the worst fight in from soft games.
                                                                                                              Everything is wrong with it.
                                                                                                              Broken poise, 1 hit inescapable move that is spammed, extreme hyper armor, healing on hit, 2 phases of complete BS.
                                                                                                              I really hope they hear these complaints and never do this fake difficult again. Using moves designed for Sekiro in dark souls system is not brave or creative it’s cheap and stupid. The only thing difficult is that broken move that either kills you or restores half her health.

                                                                                                              • I just beat her with 2 Mohgwyn's sacred spears, no summons. (I posted the kill on youtube "Olya vs. Malenia" if you want to watch.
                                                                                                                This was not the boss I enjoyed. I played DS 2, 3 with dlcs, Sekiro and Bloodborne, I've seen some hard bosses, but for me this boss is the only one that I find to be unfair.
                                                                                                                The reasons are all the same as already stated by other players on this page - breaking the rules other bosses follow.
                                                                                                                Plus the fact that WFD is Way More difficult to dodge in medium weight than it is in any way fair.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  Recommend light rolling her. Something that helped with waterfowl up close is to dodge to the left for the first flurry and dodge towards her for the next two flurries. I simplified that a lot but that's just the jist of it. Some of the times you will get nicked and if you aren't paying attention you will eat a flurry to the face. This is coming from a really casual player.

                                                                                                                  But what really irritates me is her seemingly infinite hyper armor and shadow clone attack. Guarantee if she was able to be stance broken properly the fight would be more manageable.

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    Turns out you have to meet her aggression with aggression. Doing a faith caster build with Bolt of Gransax just wasn't working. I swap to dual bleed whips and kick her teeth in.
                                                                                                                    But yeah like a lot of people say this fight just doesn't feel good. The AI can just swap on a dime and put you on near guaranteed death situations. I understand this is the endest of end game bosses but still there's just too many gimmicks at plays here. Crazy attack range, lifesteal, long distance dodges, mid combo dodges, crazy attack speed, huge damage, and 2 phases that you have to deal with. Tbh I think this fight would feel better with all that bs if phase 2 started at 50%. Yeah you could just buff up, eat the flower damage and wail on her but hey I'd think it'd add a "desperation" kind of feel instead of the general "..." feeling this fight gives.

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      I don't have the patience to learn this bossfight. It's like Friede, but worse and honestly only thing to blame is that Elden Ring likes that enemies hit HARD!

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        She fights similar to a humanoid enemy from Nioh, but you don't get Nioh-tier options for dealing with her. Wthout using summons or ranged abilities, your only real option for shutting her down is parrying her, which isn't particularly fun unless you enjoy sitting back and watching her for most of the fight, and if you make the slightest mistake you're probably dead. On NG+, just about everything she does one-shots.

                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                          Malenia proves what anyone who reads comments on these wikis of course knows already; That for your average player, when it comes to difficulty, the line between "this is well-designed and difficult in the right way" and "this is cheap bs design and difficult in the wrong way" is in the exact same spot where they go from feeling like a badass to just feeling bad.

                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                            Watch out when you fight her the input reading is turned up to 10.
                                                                                                                            Meaning this fight will repeatedly eat your inputs, so when your like “ I PUSHED THAT” you did, the game just decided to eat your input and make them react before it responded with your character.

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                              Beat her with Ruins Greatsword. Just don't try to spam the weapon art. She'll be immune to the knockdown effect when getting up. Use the R1 swings to catch her trying to move behind you, R2 for damage when you have an opening.

                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                By far the hardest boss i fought but at a lvl 108 character running RoB and blood Nagakiba with seppuku and a +7 mimic tear med build it only took 7 tries.

                                                                                                                                the trick is just to keep your distance and get your mimic to agro then you can easily stunlock it via staggers and blood loss which trivializes first phase. the second phase is almost the same except you want to take agro most of the time and focus on trying not to get hit until she does her scarlet rot dive attack. When she uses the attack the mimic tear will start pushing through the scarlet rot and whittling down its blood bar and after you seppuku and rush in while she's stuck with endlag, simply spamming your powerstance will take her almost completely down and once you repeat this twice she should be dead.

                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                  finally killed her after 30ish attempts, if youre trying to killer as pure mage/sorcerer use night comets on the first phase and summon tiche when her health is around 25%, that way tiche survives long into stage 2 and you can actually attack her instead of just dodging

                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                    Waterfowl dodging: run away from first part, I-frame through second part, roll at her (while shes mid air) at the third part, roll away and wait at the fourth part.

                                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                      The combat information's tips and strategies for Malenia recommends anyone finding her exceptionally difficult should consider a respec so they can use ROB. But I've just noticed that Mohg's sacred spear and Morgott's cursed sword aren't mentioned at all as being viable or otherwise to use against her. I got the sacred spear and cursed sword from their respective remembrances but before I respec so I can use them in NG+ I'm hoping anyone who has used either weapon to beat Malenia or anyone who found them a bad choice for this fight will reply with their experience of using them against her.

                                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                        The combat information's tips and strategies for Malenia recommends anyone finding her exceptionally difficult should consider a respec so they can use ROB. But I've just noticed that Mohg's sacred spear and Morgott's cursed sword aren't mentioned at all as being viable or otherwise to use against her. I got the sacred spear and cursed sword from their respective remembrances but before I respec so I can use them in NG+ I'm hoping anyone who has used either weapon to beat Malenia or anyone who found them a bad choice for this fight will reply with their experience of using them against her.

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