Man-Serpent Sorcerer

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Location Volcano Manor

728 Runes

Gelmir Glintstone Staff

Volcanic Stone

Man-Serpent Sorcerer is an Enemy in Elden Ring. Man-Serpents are large humanoid lizards patrolling the lava-submerged town at Volcano Manor. Most Man-Serpents you'll find wield a sword and shield, but there is also a variation that attacks with a whip. However this variation of Man-Serpent can only be found in one room in Volcano Manor, the Man-Serpent Ashes can also be found in this room. The large egg that it wears on it's head was originally obtainable but has since then been removed from the game. Neither the Egg Helmet nor the cape is obtainable. This enemy acts as though if it is a boss. It has it's own room, unique drop, and this is the only time you see this enemy. It attacks with simple Glintstone sorceries, like Glintstone Pebble.


It is said that long ago, the elder serpent that dwelled on Mt. Gelmir devoured a demigod, and the birth of the man-serpents followed.


Elden Ring Man-Serpent Sorcerer Locations

Where to Find Man-Serpent Sorcerer:


Elden Ring Man-Serpent Sorcerer Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 728
Volcanic Stone 20.00% N/A
Gelmir Glintstone Staff 11.11% N/A


Man-Serpent Sorcerer Notes & Tips

  • Deals Strike and Magic damage.
  • Immune to Fire damage, but not to secondary effects of Fire skills and spells (knockback, flinch, etc.)
  • Low resistance to Strike and Magic damage.
  • Neutral to Standard, Lightning and Holy damage.
  • Weak to Slash and Pierce damage.
  • Strong point: Head
  • It is advised to take out the other Man-Serpents in the room before taking on this one.
  • Do not stand too close to it or else he will smash his head on the ground, this attack is much like the Pumpkin Head's attack
  • You can summon spirit ashes in his room, might be a good idea for crowd control


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