Margit, the Fell Omen

margit 1 boss elden ring wiki
Location Stormhill

Stormveil Castle:
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 12,000 Runes 
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 60,000 Runes (NG+1)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 66,000 Runes (NG+2)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 67,500 Runes (NG+3)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 72,000 Runes (NG+4)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 73,500 Runes (NG+5)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 75,000 Runes (NG+6)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 76,500 Runes (NG+7)
Talisman Pouch (NG only)

Leyndell (non-boss variant):
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 16,800 Runes
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 50,400 Runes (NG+1)
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 55,440 Runes (NG+2)
Viridian Amber Medallion +1

HP ≈ 4,174 (Field Boss)
Strong VS
holy upgrade affinity elden ring wiki guide 60pxHoly
All Status Effects
Immune to
Weak to
Neutral to
magic upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Magic
fire upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Fire
lightning upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Lightning
Physical Damage
( Standard, Strike, Pierce)

Margit, the Fell Omen is a Boss in Elden Ring. This Elden Ring Margit, the Fell Omen Guide features boss locations, tips, strategies and videos on how to defeat Margit easily, as well as boss stats and lore for Margit.

Margit, the Fell Omen is found in Stormhill when players attempt to approach Stormveil Castle. A non-boss variant can be found later again when approaching a stationary enemy slightly southwest of the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace in the Capital Outskirts. Margit stands in the Tarnished's way to prevent them from approaching the Elden Ring, though his motivations are only explained in a later encounter.

This is an optional boss as players don't need him to advance in Elden Ring, though they do need to defeat Margit to advance to Stormveil Castle. Players can buy Margit's Shackle to help during this fight if Patches is available as a merchant. Using it will briefly stun Margit and interrupt any action he's in the middle of doing. This item can only be used twice during the first phase of his fight. He drops a Talisman Pouch and Viridian Amber Medallion + 1 when defeated in Stormveil and Leyndell respectively.

Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that can be encountered all over the Lands Between. Great Enemy bosses can drop unique Spirit AshesWeaponsSpells, and other various Items.


 Someone must extinguish thy flame. 

Let it be Margit the Fell!

Margit, the Fell Omen Boss in Elden Ring

Margit is a Great Enemy Boss found in Stormhill, blocking the entrance to the Legacy Dungeon: Stormveil Castle.

  • This boss is optional.
  • This boss is a Great Enemy Boss.
  • Closest Site of Grace: Castleward Tunnel.
  • Multiplayer is allowed for this boss.
  • Spirits summons are possible for this boss.
  • NPC Summons: Sorcerer Rogier can be summoned for this fight. His summon sign is right by the boss entrance.
  • When you beat Margit, the Fell Omen you gain a Talisman Slot.


Where to find Margit, the Fell Omen in Elden Ring

Margit, the Fell Omen can be found by proceeding north from Limgrave into Stormhill. The boss is technically in Stormveil Castle, but that location only unlocks as such after defeating him. Players will have to clear a long stretch of grouped enemies to arrive at this location. [Map link]



Margit, the Fell Omen Combat Information

  • Health: NG (4,174), NG+ (9,831), NG++ (10,814), NG+3 (11,306), NG+4 (11,797), NG+5 (12,781), NG+6 (13,272), NG+7 (13,764)
  • Defenses do not change between phases.
  • Poise does change between phases.
  • Deals Strike Damage, Pierce Damage, Standard Damage and Holy Damage (summoned weapons).
  • Parriable: It is possible to parry Margit. The majority of his staff attacks are parryable but not the summoned weapons. It takes two parries to break his stance.
  • It is possible, but difficult, to backstab Margit.
  • Can be poise broken for critical attack. Poise: 80



The absorption numbers are the % of your damage that gets blocked. For example, if an absorption is 60, 40% of that damage by that type will go through and 60% is absorbed. Bigger number = less damage. An absorption of 100 means no damage goes through, and a resistance of -100 means the enemy takes 2x damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.


The resistance numbers are the buildup amount to trigger it. For example, if a resistance is 100 you must deal 100 points of whatever aux buildup to trigger it. Note that these go down over time, and increase each time the effect procs.


Margit, the Fell Omen Boss Guide for Elden Ring

Video Guide for Margit, the Fell Omen Boss



Margit, the Fell Omen Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Margit, the Fell Omen:

  • Purchase Margit's Shackle from Patches to bind him to the ground, temporarily stunning him. This allows you to get a few free hits. This will not work once he reaches Phase 2. 
  • Using the Lone Wolf Ashes can help distract Margit long enough to get some easy damage in with spells or melee attacks. The Spirit Jellyfish can act as a great tanky distraction, and is available if you speak to Roderika in Stormhill.
  • Another good multi-summon Ashes are the Godrick Soldiers, found in the graveyard surrounded by Spirit Jellyfish in Stormhill.
  • Glintstone Stars works well in this fight if you can get enough distance to use them. Glintstone Pebble can work fine as well, as it is cheap and reliable.
  • Wait for him to do his leaping plunge attack with his hammer, and roll through it towards him to get in some easy damage. This is your best opening during this fight.
  • Ash of War: Barricade Shield can make this fight much easier for melee players, because it allows them to block and attack more easily, though his spectral blades do not deal Physical Damage, so you still take chip damage.
  • Great boss to learn how to parry. Do note that it takes two parries to put him in a state where he can be riposted. The majority of his staff attacks are parryable, but his magic weapon attacks are not. This simplifies the fight a lot, as most of his attack sequences open with the staff.


Melee Strategy

This is an exceptionally difficult fight for melee users, because Margit is extremely aggressive and has somewhat long combos with large wind-ups, making it difficult to block the whole chain of attacks. You'll have to block sparingly, and dodge most of his attacks to maintain enough Stamina to still attack afterwards.

Using the Lone Wolf Ashes you can attack him quickly, along side the wolves' allowing you to break his stance and stagger him for a critical attack. Make sure you keep up the pressure so you can to try to trigger this more often.

Having high HP can allow you to trade hits more easily, and you could try wearing the heavy armor for this fight to help mitigate damage you receive. 

Bait his attacks and wait until you are sure he has stopped swinging before attacking, because he can extend certain combos into longer variants if he thinks he can hit you. You'll likely guess wrong a few times, and trade damage, but that's okay.

Look for his leaping hammer attack and roll through it towards him, and get in a shot or two while he's still in the landing animation. Don't be greedy on this Boss, you can rarely attack more than once without trading damage, and you can't do that every time or you will run out of healing.

Consider slotting Ash of War: Bloody Slash , as it comes out rather quick, is long ranged, and can be great as a burst damage option. Though keep in mind that it does take away some health as compensation. You should already have this Ash after following through with Kenneth Haight's questline.


Magic and Ranged Strategy

The strategy for Magic and Ranged users is somewhat easier, though Shortbow users may have a harder time due to lower damage and lack of a Shield.

Margit can either be extremely aggressive or not, and there seems to be no in between. If you can keep separation from him until he goes into a "not aggressive" phase, then you can attack him at range fairly easily for a short time, getting some free damage. Just make sure to watch out for his Blade Toss attack, so you don't get hit.

You could try using Glintstone Pebble or Glintstone Stars, as these are incredibly effective and efficient. Their cast times are in the mid-range, so be warned that you'll have to have proper spacing to use them. Additionally, it's not a bad idea to use a Shield in your off-hand to block in case of emergencies or after you cast, in case you cut it too close.

You can use the Lone Wolf Ashes to create a distraction that can allow you to range him down in less than a minute, if you play it right. Wait for the wolves to gain his attention, then unleash spell after spell, making sure to pause when you gain aggro. This gives the wolves time to acquire it once again before continuing your barrage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Staff Swing parry icon 40pxSwings his staff in many directions with wind-ups ranging from fast to slow This short ranged melee attack is easy to back away from and avoid. You can often fit in an attack during the wind-up for the slower animations
Staff Stab parry icon 40pxStabs his staff directly forward Roll to your left. It's tempting to move to his right side, but this will allow him to combo directly into dagger slashes while his left side has no combos after this attack
Windup Attack parry icon 40pxPulls his staff behind his back, then slams it into the ground (if you're close) or rushes forward (if you're further away) and spins clockwise, slashing twice in front of him. The windup is very long, so take advantage of it to get in a few hits. In Phase 1 this will always end his combos if you dodge successfully, so you can get in a hit afterwards as well
Dagger Slash Quickly slashes a spectral dagger in front of him. Often happens when you're towards his left side. Don't get too greedy when punishing a point in his combos that can transition to a Dagger Slash, since it comes out quickly. You can avoid it by staying behind him
Dagger Throw Throws one or two daggers, usually when you're trying to heal Roll when you see a dagger appear in his hands. You can even dodge this just by running to the left or right
Dagger Retreat Slashes once with a dagger, then jumps backwards and throws it Dodge twice in quick succession
Tail Swipe Swings his tail to hit you if you're behind him This has a small radius, so dodge back to avoid it easily
When the player’s guard is broken, he slashes simultaneously with both his staff and spectral sword. It's near impossible to avoid this once it happens since you're already guard-broken, so try to avoid it by limiting how much you block and watching your stamina.
Leaping Stab Leaps towards you, hovers in the air for a moment, then slams his staff down He hovers in the air long enough for you to walk out of range and land a few hits as he recovers. 
Phase Change Once his health goes below 65%, he summons his spectral hammer to his shoulder, swings it in front of him, leaps high into the air, and slams it down to the ground, creating a shockwave. Move away once you see the hammer to avoid the initial swing, then roll once you see him begin to descend to avoid the slam. Get in a few hits while he recovers
   Phase 2
Hammer Slam Raises his left leg, then smashes his spectral hammer down in front of him Dodge forward. This attack always ends his combos, so it's safe to land a few hits if you dodge safely
Hammer Strike parry icon 40pxSummons a spectral hammer onto his shoulder, then spins around slashing first with his staff and then with his hammer Dodge away and prepare to dodge more combo moves. Only the cane part of this attack is parriable
Hammer Leap Jumps high into the air and slams his hammer down, creating a shockwave. Almost identical to the phase transition, but this can usually happen without warning. Dodge forward as you see him beginning to descend. This attack always ends his combos, so get in a few hits if you dodge successfully
Weapon Combo At this point, he can quickly switch out his weapons for a combo, using his staff, sword and hammer subsequently in one combo action. Dodge back through these until the combo is over, since you won't be able to squeeze in any attacks for the moment. Follow up with your own attack immediately after the combo is complete.
Sword Swing Slices in front of him with his spectral sword Roll away and prepare to dodge more combo moves
Sword Spin parry icon 40pxHolds his spectral sword above his head, then spins around slashing first with his sword, then his staff, then sword, then his staff. Since this attack covers a long range, it's a good idea to just try to run away. Only the cane swings are parryable

parry icon 40px: Attack can be parried

Elden Ring Margit Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Voice Actor: Anthony Howell
  • Margit will later appear in the Capital Outskirts of Leyndell, posing as a regular Commoner. He will use the exact same moveset, along with the Phase 2 transition. He drops the Viridan Amber Medallion +1 upon defeat.
  • Defeating Margit’s true form will prevent him from appearing at Stormveil Castle. It will also drop the Talisman Pouch. Oddly enough, defeating his true form will not stop the Capital Outskirts encounter from occurring. 
  • The ghostly dagger he summons for his dagger throw and slash attacks is an Erdsteel Dagger, and for his hammer slam moves he uses a Giant-Crusher. The straight sword he summons for some of his spinning combos doesn't seem to 100% match any of the weapons that are usable by players.




Foul tarnished,

in search of the Elden Ring.

Emboldened by the flame of ambition.

Someone must extinguish thy flame.

Let it be Margit the Fell!

During Fight:

Defeating player:
Put these foolish ambitions to rest.

At 60% health:
Well, thou art of passing skill. Warrior blood must truly run in thy veins, Tarnished.

After Fight:

I shall remember thee, Tarnished.

Smouldering with thy meagre flame.

Cower in Fear. Of the Night.

The hands of the Fell Omen shall brook thee no quarter.

Later Encounter:

I see thee, little Tarnished.

Smouldering with thy wretched flame of ambition.

Margit, the Fell Omen Combo Chart

margit combo chart

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    • Anonymous

      First playthrough, when I encountered Margit, I absolutely hated him. I thought he was complete BS and RNG'd my way through with summons. I regret this deeply. Skills and techniques I should have learned on Margit I didn't learn until Mountaintop of the Giants. And after seeing the stuff the endgame bosses can pull, I've come to realize Margit is a genuinely good and fair boss -- one of the best in game.

      Tricky for a first timer? Absolutely! Heck, tricky for a veteran: I started a new save and it took me like 30 tries because I never learned how to deal with him first go around. But I did it and solo'd him as a Level 16 bare-chested chad with dual falchions. Tough but fair: Mostly melee, good tells, no one-hit KOs, metered aggression, and plenty of punishable moments. There's really only two things I don't like about his design now and that's:

      1) Heal punish at ANY range (as far as I can tell) which he may follow with a dash and a combo. Ability of the player to create distance and position properly should be rewarded, not punished.

      2) Thrown dagger mixups. Sometimes he'll throw two daggers. Other times one dagger followed with a forward dash and swing. These require different dodge patterns and timing but are so fast its really hard to identify which one on the spot. This annoying mixup got me so many times.

      My advice for newbs:
      - First off, do not get frustrated and summon/cheese like I originally did. Margit is a great learning opportunity.
      - Stay at midrange and bait his jump attacks
      - Its all about positioning and patience with Margit. If the moment looks punishable, it is! But you NEED to be behind him. Being in the front or sides of him triggers his dagger swipe and sword stab. And don't get greedy: 3 hits max
      - Remember he can heal punish you. You'll need to use one of your counterattack openings to heal rather than attack
      - If you are feeling the GITGUD energy, his downward staff swings have a long enough wind up to get a punish in. There's a few other attack windups like this too. Keep an eye out.

      • Anonymous

        it is not the game its you. Learn its attack patterns and/or get stronger, then you'll get that good feeling of beating something that kicked your ass for a while.

        • Anonymous

          When i was a newbie i absolutely hated Margit's guts and i got quite salty, but he's really grown on me, it's almost like he's there to teach you how to not suck. (and his voice is really hot)

          • Anonymous

            This guy was cake for me, never understood why he was so hard for people, then again I'm not new to souls games. But Godfrey, he was a pain with his fast attacks, had to grind a bit to beat him haha.

            • Anonymous

              Oh wow, I didn't believe it when I heard people say these games get "easier" once you've completed them once, but I just beat Margit first try on my second playthrough (new character, not NG+)! By no means a "clean" or "perfect" fight: At the end I had 0 flasks left, I had the jellyfish tank for me (for about 20 seconds, then it got obliterated), and towards the end, when Margit had about 10% health left, I was so sure I was gonna die I just ran back to the door for easier rune pickup lol. Then I somehow managed to perfectly dodge through one of his comboes - much to my surprise - and I was like 'can't let that go to waste', so I hung on and finally killed him.

              First playthrough he took me well over an hour and 20-30 tries, this time less than three minutes. What the hell? Just because I'd recently fought Morgott I was no longer scared of Margit at all.

              • Anonymous

                Lots of fun, mostly fair.

                If you want to use melee, bait him at range until he either charges or throws daggers.
                * Roll past the charge, wait a tick, then roll back past his followup. Now punish him 2+ times.
                * Dodge each dagger, now try to bait his jump and roll past him to punish 3+ times.

                Phase two the jump swaps from using a staff to a hammer, roll dodge the hammer, and punish 1 time.

                If you want to stagger him 6ish hits should with a 2 hander should do it... but he cheats in a dozen ways.
                * If he's close to staggering he can cancel attacks 1/2 way through to instant jump to safety.
                * He won't stagger mid attack for some of his moves and requires a followup.
                * If he's passing below 70% hp nothing will stager him until he's finished his first hammer jump attack.
                * He will almost always get his poise back it takes so long. Kinda cheep, kinda lame.

                Ah well.

                • Anonymous

                  Mostly fun, mostly fair, quite difficult.

                  Try to bait dagger throws, following those he will often either:
                  * Charge (two slightly spaced rolls then you can punish him for 2 hits)
                  * Jump (roll towards/past him and you can punish him for 3+ hits)

                  Sometimes he cheats, jumps to safety if you attack and he's still half way through a failed attack. Especially common if he's almost staggered.
                  Sometimes he cheats and ignores what should have stagger him (if it puts him across the 70% hp threshold or is partway through some of his combos)

                  • Anonymous

                    Wow, Elden Ring bosses are kind of easy so far. Beastman of Farum Azula and Soldier of Godrick were basically just regular enemies. Hey, who's this depraved omen guy with a big sti-

                    Margit: IS THIS TOO EASY FOR YOU?

                    • Anonymous

                      If you’re struggling with Margit, two heavy attacks from Square Off on the Longsword breaks his poise, and gives you a free critical hit, which you do again and again, even in Phase 2.

                      It’s a starting weapon for the Vagabond, or can be bought at the Roundtable for 1000 runes. Using the Longsword, the fight is very doable at +0 with no offensive stat investment.

                      • Anonymous

                        I think I've fought this guy about 100 times now from being summoned and I still don't really know his moveset lmao. The mixups are real.

                        • Anonymous

                          Tip for anyone having issues with Margit- Bloodhound’s Finesse demolishes him. Used the Lone wolf ashes to keep aggro off of me and just spammed it. Worked like a charm

                          • Anonymous

                            If you die twice to him, the next time you walk towards the fog wall, the game will crash. I tried validating the game files and all, and nothing seems to fix it.

                            • Anonymous

                              I get hit every time I parry him as a summon

                              Just started my parry playthrough. Don’t know if this happens on every boss

                              • Anonymous

                                Okay, what is this special interaction with Rogier that the trivia section mentions? i've checked multiple videos without finding anything note-worthy, which has just raised my curiosity even further

                                • Anonymous

                                  He has about 7,000 hit points in the Leyndell encounter, just counting up my damage numbers before he fell over.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The reason he's called the "fell" omen is because he always bonks me off the cliff with that hammer strike move

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Question: HOW IS THIS GUY "OPTIONAL" WHEN MORGOTT ISN'T?! As far as most people are concerned, you have beat this guy to get into the castle. How do you go around him? Either I missed something in the first playthrough or someone is just bulls@$%ting.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The fight is fun, learning his moveset is a fun experience though his delays can be annoying. I will say though, I’d recommend exploring all of Limgrave and getting to about Level 35, getting some more vigor and some upgraded weapons before I’d fight margit if you’re new and reading this. If you get to him at like Level 15 or so you’re going to be in for a rough ride.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Is this first boss not actually a REAL enemy, but more a representation of what's to come? When you beat him and rest at the site of grace, Melons appears and apologises for the test because she needs to be sure you're up to the task.

                                          Just something I noticed earlier is all.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            "Ashes [sic] of War: Carian Glintsword", toward the end of the melee strategy, is linked to the "Ashes of War" page listing all ashes of war, rather than Ash of War: Carian Greatsword (which I assume the author meant to begin with).

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Fought him today for the first time. Very cool fight and I see it would give me trouble if I hadn't spent a lot of time roaming and getting stuff. I currently have a Golden Halberd +4 and I can see that is way above it should be by the damage I was dishing. I'm still early in the game and this was the coolest boss fight yet - though I liked Tree Sentinel as well.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                this guy is kinda insane for the first boss. took me 3 playthroughs and several hours to really understand how to fight him

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I have beaten every souls game and played through them multiple times and yet Margit still consistently makes me look like a ***** everytime I encounter him. Takes me like 5 tries minimum to kill him.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I was feeling pretty masochistic so after completing the game as sorcerer tried to solo him using parry exclusively on level 15.
                                                    Things I learned:
                                                    -Storm wall you can find pretty early is not that good, 11 frames of windup still confuse the **** out of me
                                                    -Best option for wretch connoisseurs who want to learn parry and don't have access to op buckler would be small shield with respective aow (I bought iron shield from merchant near coastal cave cause of decent physical defence). It's only 2 frames less of windup but trust me these two frames mean a lot
                                                    - provided you have any of aforementioned, watch his attacking hand. Parry just after it begins to move. Storm wall and medium shield parries should be started a bit before (which makes it so confusing)
                                                    - I need to put my foolish ambitions to rest
                                                    after eternity of tries the ambitions were finally fulfilled,
                                                    now off to crucible knight in evergaol to get my ass demolished thousand times again

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Also, when he breaks your guard through your shield he actually has a unique punish attack. Its pretty neato

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        this mf says the medieval fantasy equivalent of "gg skill issue" every time he wastes you and honestly, I love it

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          There is no possible way to dodge his golden straight sword double slash that is followed by a staff plunge. If you dodge the first sword the second hits you and stuns you into the staff hit. If you eat the first sword, and dodge the second, the staff roll catches you. This is such a bullshit ****ing combo someone please tell me how to do it

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Wow, you guys really think this boss is hard?
                                                            I am a pretty average souls player, nothing special, and I beat him on my first try.
                                                            The heavy unsheath move from the katana almost always stunned him if I used it on his back, not to mention that the move itself deals a lot of damage even without leveling dex.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Margit is a very annoying and frustrating boss at first, but he becomes a fun fight once you figure out his moveset.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                "Cower in Fear. Of the Night."

                                                                "The hands of the Fell Omen shall brook thee no quarter."

                                                                what did he mean by this? is he referring to the night's cavalry?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Every single boss wiki page has some really god-awful "counters" to each move. Please do yourself a favor and go watch someone challenge run the boss and you'll pick up 100000x more than whatever garbage is written on these pages.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Buying Margit's Shackle from Patches, and pinning him down is a great way to proc some status effects. Using thee Reduvia is a decent choice as you can proc bleed quickly with it. Pair it up with the Uchigatana if you started as a Samurai, and you got a decent setup to chip at his health

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      The moveset list seems to be incomplete.

                                                                      He has the overhead slam with the staff, which has a very long wind-up, and it can catch you if you're panic rolling. He has decent tracking, and can swap targets with almost no indication, so exercise caution.

                                                                      If you stay behind him for a bit longer than normal he'll try to do a tail swipe, a swift attack that has an animation that can be missed in the heat of the fight. Best course of action is to dodge backwards or into the attack. Should give you enough time to follow up with a dodge light or a running light.

                                                                      In Phase 2 when he starts using the holy weapon summons, the best time to attack is after the hammer slam as stated above, otherwise try to keep your distance. Getting too close will result in getting with the dagger swipe, which is often followed by a blade slash, and unless you have high poise, the dagger will stagger you netting him a hit on you.
                                                                      Keeping medium distance, about 3-4 meters should give you enough time to react to the blade slash, which has medium range, keeps you out of dagger slash range, and keeps you close enough to capitalise on the hammer slam.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Me: Confessor with Bloodhound Fang
                                                                        & Rogier + Banished Knight Bill Eng all & some Rancor Pots
                                                                        = Margit the Fallen!!! on my first try. I Feel Accomplished !!
                                                                        Only had one chance to use the shackle.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          This boss is a bit unfair for a first boss. He's extremely agile, is a hard hitter, and has three input reads if I remember correctly. He guards godrick but godrick is alot easier than him. I guess they wanted to hammer the point home that this is a from soft game. In this case with a giant golden one.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Margot the fell : A Life Poorly Lived

                                                                            -by Togram the Standing-

                                                                            Margot fell at age sixteen, deeply in love, with his childhood friend, cort.

                                                                            Before this he was just Margot.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Want an easy strat? Run to aeonia, get meteorite staff and rock sling, use lone wolf ashes and he will be down in no time.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                don't approach this boss unprepared, he is very punishing. any small mistake leads to him connecting several attacks in a row so make sure you have enough health to survive his fast combo. jellyfish and summoned mage help a lot by pulling some agro.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  don't approach this boss unprepared, he is very punishing. any small mistake leads to him connecting several attacks in a row so make sure you have enough health to survive his fast combo. jellyfish and summoned mage help a lot by pulling some agro.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Super easy boss. Just get your Vigor up to 20 and bleed him out. I used Bloody Slash on an unimproved longsword since I started as a vagabond. LOL the haters on here hate themselves.

                                                                                    • This boss is basically the equivalent of if you put Pontiff Sulyvahn in Vordt's arena and just nerfed his stats and removed phase 2 to "balance" it, completely neglecting the mechanical complexity in the moveset that makes it entirely too much to handle for new players, or even returning souls vets.

                                                                                      The fast moves are so fast that they start to legitimately test the limits of human reaction speed, and the slow wound up moves put Nameless King, the optional superboss of DS3, to shame. It's like Margit is magically aware he's in a video game and is able to just shrug off being stabbed, because no trained swordsman would leave his opponent two full seconds to attack him while he holds up his cane slowly above his head. And that's not even going into the input reading RNG comboes, which utterly baffle me. Who thought that was a good idea? Did they just assume it would work because it was such a good mechanic in Sekiro, which operates on a whole other set of rules?
                                                                                      yadda yadda git gud whatever the ****

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Why is the Magic Strategy suggesting Beast Claws, when it takes finding 5 Deathroot AND surviving Gurranq when he goes hostile?

                                                                                        I understand it is completely possible to get that before fighting this boss, but perhaps some alternatives that do not require fights that are objectively harder than the very boss you're suggesting it for would be better.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          I am a little new to this game so I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything, but if the sorcerer doesn’t survive will I miss out on anything that I might get if he does survive the fight?

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Recommended level from me is 25-35 sometimes margit will throw two blades and youre gonna wanna dodge those and then when you get him to half health your gonna wanna dodge is hammer because that will change the tides real quick its best to use sorcerer Rogier from the summon by the fog gate because he will tank the damage and its best you attack margit from afar but if you see him charging for an attack your gonna wanna run and then dodge because he will charge at you and at his 2nd phase he will swing 270°-360° angle

                                                                                            • I really hope that there will be a DLC that either gives a weapon or a set of incantations to access his "create a weapon and attack" abilities. They don't seem to show up anywhere else in the game and to me that's a real shame. I think that being able to manifest energy daggers for a ranged attack and do his big hammer jump would be really fun. It would probably have balance issues if it was a weapon that manifested all these abilities as part of its moveset, so it would most likely have to be a series of incantations.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                If you defeat the non-boss variant in Lyndell first and then go to stormveil castle, Margit will not spawn and you'll find the site of grace already there

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  The Ball Bearing Hunter in Warmaster's Shack did not spawn for me until after defeating Margit. Is this possibly what is meant by "Cower in Fear. Of the Night."? I had tried to spawn it beforehand to no success, but was able to after.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    I killed Margit on ng after first playghtrough.I used uchigatana(no upgrade) and parried him.I was LVL1,this is so satisfying:)

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      If Morgott the Omen King is killed by using wrong warp to get there early, then Margit the Fell Omen wont spawn at Stormveil Castle.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        The field boss version at the Capital drops the Viridian Amber Medallion +1 and if I recall correctly, 16500 Runes

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Absorbtions, right off the bat are false. It doesnt take a genius to tell that you that your sword is not hurting Margit the same way it hurts any of those armored soldiers youve been killing. Just compare the numbers. Is this guess work based off his armor? Margits body itself, is resistant to physical attacks.

                                                                                                          Pattern counter is lacking. Its leaving out the most obvious ones. Leaping stab and hammer smash are easy openings. Especially leaping stab by phase one. Roll forward, end up behind him, land like 4 hits with no risk, maybe more if the weapon is faster. Leaping stab is not the same as the standing version, that has a shorter opening, but as long as you hug his back, its still quite safe.

                                                                                                          Hammer smash is a really easy opening. It looks so different from any of his moves and the leaping tell gives you the world to prepare, you will always get that with massive accuracy once you get the timing. Roll through, attack.

                                                                                                          All of his delayed 2 hand staff smashes cannot hit you if you circle to his back, no need to time it, just be there first. easy three hits , even the one where he tries to follow you, his turning speed is so slow and you can just adjust if you didnt really get his back. He will just awkwardly hit air after a while.

                                                                                                          his charging staff spin, where he spins twice, the delay is so big, you can safely rolling through the first then use rolling hit. Same for the second, then add a quick combo. Even a greatswords rolling hit will have enough bend, his spin will miss, even if its much slower.( depends on elevation, if you are too high, it can catch you still).

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            Magrit is really easy if you don't run against him right after beginning the game. Go explore. The area behind him will be too hard for your level anyways. Oh and you can't summon coop into Limgrave after beating him so put your ambitions to rest for now and go explore.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              The knife punish is complete overkill in his kit, plus that jump he does away from you after almost EVERY COMBO. I love only getting 1 attack in after his 20 minute combos. It's ****ing great

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                Oddly enough, Margit is a common female name in Norway. Usually for old, gentle grandmas.
                                                                                                                They've yet to pull out a giant, blue magic hammer though.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  This is a hard boss. For the part of the game that it's at, this boss is hard. Don't be discouraged. Here are some tips that I used to help me beat it at level 20.
                                                                                                                  Make sure you've gotten access to summoning, by returning to the Church of Elleh after getting access to Torrent, and talking to the ghostly witch there. Head up to the Stormhill Shack and get the Spirit Jellyfish ashes by talking to the red-cloaked woman there a few times. With its high HP and poison attacks, it's a strong candidate for taking down Margit.
                                                                                                                  Meet Patches in Murkwater Cave, due East of the Gatefront Ruins in a ravine. He's the boss at the end of the dungeon, but he'll give up after a few good hits. Chat with him until he promises he's opening a shop, then warp out, and come back with at least 5,000 runes. Yes, it's quite a bit, but it's worth it. Purchase Margit's Shackle. This is a reusable item that can staple Margit to the floor up to two times during his first phase (before he gets out the hammer).
                                                                                                                  If you need runes, make your way to the Third Church of Marika (see the interactive map for its location--just ride East and North along the road from the Gatefront Ruins). While you're there, grab the Sacred Tear and the Flask of Wonderous Physik, then go out to the puddle just north and find the waygate hidden in the shrubs, which will take you to the Bestial Sanctum. All across the hill outside will be solitary Vulgar Militiaman enemies with decent damage and mobility but terrible health and poise. Even at low levels, a combination of backstabs and heavy attacks for stance breaks should be enough to systematically kill them for nearly 1,100 runes apiece. Make sure you grab the Site of Grace inside the Sanctum, and don't annoy the giant murder gargoyle outside.
                                                                                                                  I suggest getting a Brass Shield. There's a very good farming spot in the Gatefront Ruins. Go from the site of grace, kill the four enemies with golden triangle shields, and repeat until you get one. It's slow, but easy, and it's the best medium shield in the game. Blocks all physical damage and mitigates stamina loss on blocks decently. It also has no inherent skill, so if you like your weapon's Art, you can use it even with the shield. While you're at the Gatefront Ruins, grab the Flail. It's just a good, solid weapon and it has bleed, which can help deal chunks of damage to Margit.
                                                                                                                  Finally, the fight itself. Set the Margit's Shackle to one of your quick-use slots. Summon Rogier the Sorcerer via his gold summon sign to the right of the doorway, head in, and summon your jellyfish. Run in and start fighting. I suggest holding off on using your Shackle until Rogier has a chance to get close. Pop the Shackle and go to town during the brief period that he's stunned. If he's still in his first phase, you can do it one more time. With any luck, you'll have gotten some bleed procs, and at least some good poison buildup from your jellyfish. As he moves into Phase 2, stay on the defensive. His moves are strong and fast, but your shield will serve you well. Even his Holy attacks, which will deal a bit of chip damage, aren't a huge threat. If he breaks your guard, be ready to roll as soon as you're able to--most of his punishes are too slow to actually connect. Try to roll away from his hammer moves, since they'll do massive stamina damage and decent chip damage, and try to keep his attention between yourself and Rogier until the jellyfish finishes poisoning him. After that, don't be afraid to let the jellyfish soak up some hits. Don't get greedy, stay calm, and keep that shield up, heal whenever you're below half, and it's not too bad. Good luck!

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    tip, besides obvious openings caused by his leaps, Margits delayed double hand staff smash cannot turn well. A double roll or dash to his back, and it will always miss and strike the ground. Easy opening. His charging double spin has enough delay between both spins for a rolling hit if you are near enough. Margit is much easier to dodge if you stick to him like glue. He is too tall so even if the time is off, if you roll or you bend during a rolling cut, he can miss you. If you are not very near, you cant duck under his blows.

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