Marika's Scarseal

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Weight 0.8
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status effect 97 elden ring wiki guide 44px Raises  MindIntelligenceFaith, and  Arcane by 3, but increases damage taken by 10%

Marika's Scarseal is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Marika's Scarseal raises Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane by 3 each, but increases damage taken by 10%. Easily confused with the separate talisman: Marika's Soreseal. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


An eye engraved with an Elden Rune.
Said to be the seal of Queen Marika.

Raises mind, intelligence, faith, arcane, but also increases damage taken.

These seals represent the lifelong duty of those chosen by the gods.


Marika's Scarseal Effect in Elden Ring

Marika's Scarseal raises MindIntelligenceFaith, and Arcane by 3 each, but increases damage taken by 10%.


Where to find Marika's Scarseal in Elden Ring

  • Found on a corpse at the base of the waterfall found at the highest level of Siofra River. From the Worshipper's Woods Site of Grace, head south and up the broken pillar to the top of the ruin. On top of this ruin is a waypoint that takes you to the area with the waterfall. Once you get there, head north north west till you see the Dragonkin Soldier in the lake. Head around to your right along the cliff to the waterfall under the arches, where you will find the talisman. You can collect this talisman without waking the boss.  [Elden Ring Map link]  [Video Location


Elden Ring Marika's Scarseal Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 3,000
  • Incompatible with Marika's Soreseal.
  • Flat increases to attribute points are more impactful in the early-game. At later levels, it can often be a safer choice to use a different, complementary talisman, and avoid the additional damage taken.


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    • Anonymous

      Where this is found is very strange.
      It's basically right under the siofra aqueduct connected to nokron. which is a river connected right next to the area Godwyn's corpse is in.

      • Anonymous

        One build that actually does benefit from this is FTH/ARC hybrids using dragon incantations, as there aren't many ways to boost ARC until you get the helms.

        Yes the Int is still wasted, but the extra points into the other stats are beneficial in the early to mid game. Unfortunately, by the time you reach the Soreseal version you will likely be high enough level that the stat boosts don't outweigh the extra damage taken.

        • Anonymous

          from where the waygate ports you up, go north north west till you see the big boss in the lake. Sneak around to your right along the cliff, and you can reach the waterfall without aggroing him. Nice item for SL1 runs

          • Anonymous

            I'm not sure if it's prior to patch 1.03, but mind, intelligence, faith, and arcane are increased by +5 each, not +3

            • Anonymous

              Less useful than the physical stat one because most characters won't have use for all three of int/faith/arc and it doesn't have an HP boost to cancel out the damage increase like the other one.

              • Anonymous

                increases damage taken by 5%?
                did some maths and found that it lowers your resistances enough to make you take about 10% more damage. and 15% increased damage taken for the soreseal. Am I totally off then? or how did the wiki come to 5% for this item?

                • Anonymous

                  After you take the lift to the second level, in the middle island by the magic orb attacks is a portal that will take you to the top section of the well…

                  • Anonymous

                    Soreseal version of it can be found locked behind the fog wall that you need stone key for in the "Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree" zone. Map coordinates for the interactive map are -40.30469 : 149.82813

                    • Anonymous

                      has anyone found the soreseal variant of this? i assume it exists mostly because radagan's soreseal exists (+5 instead of +3 scarseal gives) though google has a whopping zero information on this thing.

                      • Anonymous

                        Far on the right from Dragonkin soldier boss under waterfall. Whom u access via small gate portal ! Check SIOFRA RIVER map guide.
                        Amulet gives +3 to each described stats. good luck hollow !

                        • Anonymous

                          You have to take a portal stone to get up there. Stone is south of the Worshippers’ Woods site after avoiding archers and running up a piller. This item is indeed at the base of a water fall about 100ft from the Optional Dragonkin Solider boss. You can get this item with aggroing the boss.

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