Marionette Soldier is an Enemy in Elden RingMarionette Soldiers are puppets created to serve and protect sorcerers of The Raya Lucaria Academy. On the verge of falling apart, they are ill-disciplined and attack without warning by wielding more than one weapon, which makes them unpredictable. They can sometimes malfunction when damaged. 

Two Marionette Soldiers can be summoned as spirits for aid in battle through Marionette Soldier Ashes.


Marionette soldiers were created to serve a sorcerer. On the verge of falling apart, they are ill—disciplined and attack without warning.


Elden Ring Marionette Soldier Locations

Marionette Soldiers can be found in the following location(s):

Liurnia of the Lakes:

Weeping Peninsula:

Mt. Gelmir


Mountaintops of the Giants:

Elden Ring Marionette Soldier Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 60 - 695
Marionette Soldier Helm 1.50% N/A
Marionette Soldier Armor 1.50% N/A
Spiked Spear 2.00% Only if it wields it
Shortbow 2.00% Only if it wields it
5x Arrow 10.00% N/A
Cuckoo Glintstone 8.00% N/A


Marionette Soldier Notes & Tips

  • Marionette Soldiers are sometimes found hoisted high above ground by Balloons, deployed on unsuspecting travelers. The Balloons do not respawn after being destroyed.
  • When damaged, they will malfunction and launch a flurry of extremely quick and erratic blows. Archer variants fire their bows rapidly in every direction.
  • They do not drop their swords, nor are the swords obtainable.
  • Some carry Fire Pots with them, and will throw them at the player on sight.



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    • Anonymous

      Fromsoft really needs to nerf there spasm outbreaks.
      It's bullshit that they can attack so many times in far too little time and stunlock with every attack.

      • Anonymous

        Really enjoying playing as one of these, armour set + duel daggers and crossbows makes for unpredictable combos

        • Anonymous

          Any chance someone can update this page w/ their elemental resistances? I'm not sure if they'd take the most damage from magic, fire, lightning, or holy

          • Anonymous

            The stunlocking crap the bow wielders feels less like they're shooting at you with bows and almost more like you're getting lit up by a goddamn AK-47.

            • Anonymous

              If you're exploring the Raya Lucaria Academy Rooftop area looking for teh loots: equip the Arrow talisman (range), use a bow or xbow with good base range, plink them once from max distance whenever you see one near an edge. If they can't immediately identify their attacker they go into Spaz Mode - which includes several sidesteps. They go right over the side, nice and clean :)

              • Anonymous

                they're not exactly tanks, they can easily be killed with a bow, ranged spell or incantation before they get anywhere near you, but the variation shooting at you with four bows simultaneously can be a nightmare, if they catch you in an ambush, or if you just don't see them before they see you, they will stunlock you and kill you quickly. they've done it to me on mt gelmir at a fairly high level just as easily as in Liurnia.

                • Anonymous

                  These things can be encountered protecting the route to Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants. I also noticed that the dagger/shortsword wielding Marionettes in Caelid/Sellia/Swamp of Aeonia will sometimes throw a pair of firebombs at you while ones found elsewhere will sometimes use Cuckoo glintstones.

                  • Anonymous

                    Worst enemy in the game by far, how the hell are the archers so accurate? The ones outside Volcano Manor almost never miss you and it’s just a constant stream of arrow-shaped bs sending you back to your last site of grace. I think this is the only real mistake Miyazaki made.

                    • Anonymous

                      These enemies are weak to charged heavy attacks and guard counters, one hit will make them vulnerable to a critical attack.

                      • Out of all the enemies I find rough or frustrating, I actually really like these enemies because they honestly are a good greed check. Do you have the damage to kill him before he malfunctions? Maybe test the waters, don't overcommit. You definitely probably want to alpha strike them, especially the spear guys, but once they malfunction they are easy to finish off. Most people complaining about this guy are both low damage, and failing the greed check IMO. I can say that the archers will just obliterate you if you aren't paying attention, especially 2. But ultimately, yeah I like em. Stop being so greedy, or get some damage. In almost every instance where I've failed the greed check, rolling away just worked. I took some damage, but rarely do I die to it. If anything those near escape chases are thrilling

                        • Anonymous

                          If designers put them on "malfunctioned" state permanently they'd wipe out everything. Obvious desing flaw.
                          Avoid, keep at range and kill it with fire. Otherwise 1 mishap might kill you. I hate this kind of enemy design. It goes brrrrt and you are dead after 5 panic rolls and 2 seconds of blocking.

                          • Anonymous

                            Who is "superior being"..? Rennala showed no implications of being able or interested in making robotic puppets. Only students into tombstones...

                            • Anonymous

                              **** every single one of the variations of these enemies (except the spear ones) they can melt you in 1 combo after they start malfunctioning

                              • Anonymous

                                Really reminds me of Devil May Cry, especially the ones you find in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the ones that hang on the ceiling.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Can drop:
                                  Marionette Soldier Helm
                                  Marionette Soldier Armor
                                  Cuckoo Glintstone

                                  Location: Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So far I've encountered 3 varieties: 1st one wields 2 spears, 2nd wields 4 short swords, and the last wields 2 short bows. Also noticed that occasionally when they take damage, they may spaz out and attack wildly in all directions for about 5 or 6 seconds.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Weak posture but attack rapidly and repeatedly, can "malfunction" if hit, lashing out wildly, can sometimes be a good thing particularly with the archers

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