Master Lusat

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Location Sellia Hideaway
Drops Lusat's Set

Master Lusat is an NPC in Elden RingMaster Lusat can be found at Sellia Hideaway.


 Once a grand master at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, now exiled and residing near the town of Sellia.

Master Lusat Location in Elden Ring

  • Master Lusat can be found at Sellia Hideaway, The path that leads to him is sealed and can only be opened with a key recevied from Sorceress Sellen: the Sellian Sealbreaker.  Dropping down the crystal holes in Sellia Hideaway will eventually lead you to a tunnel that leads to the Boss. Early in this tunnel the player finds a Stake of Marika. The hole the player has to drop down, is right before this Stake of Marika. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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  • This NPC does not move.
  • Master Lusat can not be fought, all attempts at physical and magical attacks simply will not register. As such, he cannot be killed.


Master Lusat Questline: How to complete Master Lusat's Quest

  • Master Lusat is part of Sorceress Sellen Questline.
  • Master Lusat can be interacted with, but he does not speak. He simply hands over the Stars of Ruin sorcery and the prompt to interact with him disappears.


Elden Ring Master Lusat Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Primeval Sorcerer Azur’s name sounds very close to the word azure which is a characteristic of glintstone sorceries. I was curious if Master Lusat’s name meant anything as well? Perhaps in Japanese or something?

      • Anonymous

        The link on the right for some reason leads to Altus Plateu page. Here is the right link (for sellia hideway)

        • Anonymous

          If you use the firebreather ash of war from the Steel-Wire Torch, you can set him on fire. I checked with cracked pots and the effect didn't transpire. Didn't check other sources of fire - I felt bad.

          • Anonymous

            Avoiding this man will allow your teacher to live a "normal" life / good end. (Unless she wanted to become spherical)

            • Anonymous

              I went into the cave behind the arcane barrier where Lusat was supposed to be and he just isn't there. The cave is empty. I don't know if this is a bug or I messed up the questline.

              • Anonymous

                Why doesn't anyone explain where to find him? They all just explain how to find the cave. I've been looking through the cave for 2 hours now...

                • Anonymous

                  In case you're wondering how the heck you were supposed to find Master Lusat; an Isolated Merchant near the Isolated Merchant Shack's Grace in Caelid sells "Note: Hidden Cave" which reads: "There is a hidden cave in the town of Sellia. Look beyond the graveyard at the precipice." Of course it doesn't spell out that it's blocked off by a fricken' illusory rock that has to be dispelled by attacking or rolling into it, but hey, at least they do give you some kind of clue.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you are here asking yourself, if you should kill him for his set.
                    He is not attackable / interactable with your weapon.

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