Memory Slots

Type Base Stat
Effect Determines how many Sorceries or Incantations players can have ready to cast at one time

Memory Slots is a Base Stat in Elden Ring representing the number of slots available for memorizing Sorceries and Incantations. Memorizing Spells can be done while resting at any Sites of Grace. Certain spells cost more than a single Memory Slot to memorize.


How to Increases Memory Slots in Elden Ring

All Classes begin the game with 2 Memory Slots.

Memory Stone are a Key Item which, when held, passively increases Memory Slots by 1.

  • Players can hold up to 8 Memory Stones.

 Moon of Nokstella is a Talisman which, when equipped, increases Memory Slots by 2.


Elden Ring Memory Slots Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      "You think 10 slots is a lot until you run a faith build"
      Yep. Yeah I feel that. I want to have my black flames, my lightning, my heal, my buff, my regen, and my debuffs! But I can't! >:C

      • Anonymous

        "With a total of 8 Memory Stones and an equipped Moon of Nokstella, players can have up to 12 Memory Slots."

        How does 8 + 2 equal 12?

        • Anonymous

          It would be cool if we could turn memory slots into something useful, as a non-casting character. Convert memory slots into some kind of stat. Shouldn't be too powerful, though.

          • Anonymous

            Remember to level up your Mind status to the point one Maxed Cerulean Flask restones it fully. Anymore is a waste of points considering we get this to upgrade our magic slots.

            • Anonymous

              This doesn't tell me what those memory slots on weapons actually do , I have these weapons that show memory slots on the bottom, if you don't have the right requirements for this spells it won't let you use the weapon , but it still doesn't tell me what they actually do on the melee weapons or bows I see them on .. care to explain me what these memory slots do with the weapon ? Since I can't see any difference

              • Just to let you all know, that due to new infomation from the outlets that have had hands-on gameplay with the final build of the game, have stated that (Memory Slots) can be increased by (Finding Item: not known yet) out in the world.

                • Anonymous

                  is there any information on what increases memory slots? it didn't scale with any stats in the network test so I'm wondering how you're supposed to increase memory slots

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