Millicent's Sisters

Location Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
Role Ending of Millicent questline
Voiced by  N/A

Millicent's Sisters is a NPC collective in Elden Ring. They are group of female warriors associated with Gowry.


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Millicent's Sisters Location in Elden Ring

Millicent's Sisters, as a whole, can be found at Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, where player can either challenge them or Millicent. Polyanna, Youngest Sister can be encountered earlier at Swamp of Aeonia as a summon for Commander O'Neil boss fight

See Millicent page for further information on how to reach a point, where they can be met as a group.

Millicent's Sisters Drop in Elden Ring


Milicent's Sisters Notes & Tips

Milicent's Sisters is a collective of 4 NPC's:


Elden Ring Milicent's Sisters Trivia

  • Because you OR Millicent dying causes this fight to end prematurely, it is highly recommended to split their aggro immediately upon entering. Millicent herself can do incredible damage but has just as low poise as the sisters; if they gang up on her, it can be over very quickly. By equipping Shabriri's Woe and a decent shield and armor, the layer should be able to tank a lot of the sisters' attacks or otherwise distract them to allow Millicent a chance to actually kill them.



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    • Anonymous

      millicent deals with two sisters, Mimic tear deals with one, and I deal with the other one. was quite easy really.

      • Anonymous

        I could barely land a hit on them but I got them killed by making them chase me, and when millicent had low health I attacked more vigorously to distract.

        • Anonymous

          As much I like the Millicent questline, a HUGE missed opportunity was not making the Sisters of Rot npc's you could talk to. The game makes you choose to help Millicent or Kill her, but there's no narrative incentive to do so. You have been building a relationship with Millicent, why would you choose to kill her and side with characters you know nothing about? And Gowry sure isn't changing that. Imagine if every encounter post-Caelid when you find Millicent, you also encounter one of the sister nearby. They could have dialogue on their motivations and the overall net positive Millicent dying and becoming a Valkyrie could have. They could actually give you a reason (narratively speaking) to betray Millicent, giving the decision weight (which it just doesn't have rn). Hell, it makes more sense than that, because not only are they supposed to be following her, but how many times do you meet Millicent post-Caelid and before the quest-end? 4 times...4 sisters, it just works out. Still like the quest, but that little bit would've actually justified being given a choice at the end, beyond getting a (admittedly powerful) talisman.

          • Anonymous

            I must've got bad RNG, because Millicent COULD NOT stay alive. Even when I would aggro 3 of them, she still gets bodied. Took about 7 tries to win.

            • Anonymous

              I fight them after Malenia so Waterflow makes this fight easy af. Millicent and her mother (cosplayer) waterflowing together makes a great sight.

              • Anonymous

                This fight has so many fighters it's chaos. If 3 or more of the sisters can gang up on Millicent it's over in an instant, so I just tried to get in their faces to keep their attention. The time I finally did win I didn't get more than a few strikes in - Millicent did all the work when she wasn't getting stun locked.

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