Minor Dungeons are optional dungeons in Elden Ring that can be found while exploring the Lands Between. They are small dungeons often filled with puzzles that have their own Site of Grace and a boss at the end (sometimes also a hidden boss). You cannot ride Torrent within these locations and you cannot use fast travel in them until you beat the boss. See Locations and Legacy Dungeons for other types of areas.

There are four general types of Minor Dungeons in Elden Ring, each with a different type of loot:

  • Mines: Tunnels filled with all sorts of Miners, and are marked on the map as orange rings. Contain Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones.
  • Catacombs: Dungeons with white walls usually filled with Imps or Skeletons. Contain Grave Gloveworts.
  • Hero's Graves: Large dungeons with lots of traps, most notably the characteristic mechanical chariots. Contain Ghost Gloveworts.
  • Caves: Caverns with unique designs, often dark. They have no loot specific to them.


List of Minor Dungeons in Elden Ring

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    • Anonymous

      Needs editing: Is missing Tombsward Cave in the Limgrave/Weeping Peninsula list. Is possibly missing more.

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        Great list.

        Suggestion: Could we please get all these locations overlayed on one map, or perhaps create a layer with these “minor dungeons” selectable on the map screen? Would be so sweet.

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          um it says here ghost glovewart is found in the hero's grave dungeons, but all the ghost glovewart I've found to get renowned ashes to +6 have all come from the catacomb dungeons. Can someone clarify please? I really dislike the hero's grave dungeons, when I saw what they were about when I went into fringefolk I haven't been into any of the others. I'm really hoping I'm not going to have to start doing them to upgrade my renowned spirit ashes past +6

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