Miriel, Pastor of Vows

mirel pastor of vow
Location Church of Vows
Role Merchant
Voiced by Matthew Marsh

Miriel, Pastor of Vows is an NPC in Elden Ring. Miriel, Pastor of Vows is the Church of Vow's steward, a huge silver turtle wearing a mitre. He first interacts with you when arriving at the Church of VowsMiriel, Pastor of Vows welcomes you and offers to share their knowledge of Sorceries and Incantations, as well as lore on certain characters.


 I Welcome you, to the Church of Vows. I am Miriel, steward of this sacred chamber. My apologies, for the unseemly state of affairs.


Miriel, Pastor of Vows Location in Elden Ring

Miriel, Pastor of Vows can be found at the Church of Vows, a neglected house of worship on the East Isle of Liurnia of the Lakes [Map Link]

  • This NPC does not move.
    "I would serve as your guide, only my legs aren't what they used to be..."
  • You can study Sorceries and Incantations with Miriel, Pastor of Vows as well as expand your knowledge regarding Elden Ring's Lore.
  • You can give Sorcery Scrolls and Incantation Prayerbooks to Miriel.
  • He has extremely high defense, but does not retaliate if attacked. He drops his bell bearing and 10 Turtle Neck Meat upon death.


Elden Ring Miriel, Pastor of Vows Shop


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Miriel, Pastor of Vows


  • "You're Tarnished, aren't you? I Welcome you, to the Church of Vows. I am Miriel, steward of this sacred chamber. My apologies, for the unseemly state of affairs. Do you know the origin of this place?"
  • "Who can blame you? The Shattering has caused us - all of us - to lose sight of something very dear. It is here, at the Church of Vows, that the great houses of the Erdtree and the Moon were joined. And so, our church holds in view the monuments of both houses. The Erdtree of the Capital, and the Academy of Raya Lucaria."


  • "Oh, was there something you needed? You are free to show yourself around. I would serve as your guide, only my legs aren't what they used to be... If you find anything of use, you are free to take it with you. Unless perhaps you are in search of instruction? In which case, I will share all that I know".

When given a Prayerbook

  • "Oh, what have we here? Very well, let us both learn together. Heresy is not native to the world; it is but a contrivance. All things can be conjoined."

§On Lord Radagon:

  • "You wish to know more of Lord Radagon? Lord Radagon was a great champion, possessed of flowing red locks. He came to these lands at the head of a great golden host, when he met Lady Rennala in battle. He soon repented his territorial aggressions though, and became husband to the Carian Queen. However, when Godfrey, first Elden Lord, was hounded from the Lands Between, Radagon left Rennala to return to the Erdtree Capital, becoming Queen Marika's second husband and King Consort, taking the title...of second Elden Lord. The mystery endures, to this day... As to why Lord Radagon would cast Lady Rennala aside... and moreover...why a mere champion would be chosen for the seat of Elden Lord".
  • "You know, it's said that Lord Radagon harboured a secret... A famed sculptor of the Erdtree Capital was once summoned to render Lord Radagon's likeness in giant stature. When he glimpsed the skeleton in Radagon's closet. And as such, it's said the great statue harbours his secret too".

On Lady Rennala:

  • "You wish to know more of Lady Rennala? She is Queen, head of the Carian royal family, and governor of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. The great and beautiful Full Moon Witch. Sadly, her heart was broken when Lord Radagon left her. And then, when the academy rebelled against the royals, she was locked away in the grand library."
  • "In the end, Lady Rennala was left alone, cradling the amber egg Lord Radagon bequeathed her. Now she devotes herself to it through forbidden rite; the grim art of reincarnation. You would do well to remember... Severing a vow, strongest of bonds, has consequences ever more dire".

§On Celestial Dew:

  • "Do you possess any celestial dew? Then I would like to share my knowledge with you. Concerning the miracle of this Church of Vows.
    Radagon once cleansed himself with celestial dew, repented his territorial aggressions, and swore his love to Rennala. The Order of the Erdtree and the fate of the moon were conjoined, and all the wounds of war forgiven.
    This miracle blesses the church to this day. And so, you need only follow Radagon's example, to restore any bond, however strained or severed, to its rightful state of harmony."

About the miracle

  • "To experience the miracle, kneel in the basin at the back, and cleanse yourself with celestial dew. Absolution will be yours. Any bond, no matter how strained, or even severed, will be put to rights."


  • My faith does not waver. The miracle rooted in these grounds will, once again, mend the world. And this time, its bounty will not be squandered. If you would be Elden Lord, Tarnished, I hope that you, too, will share my faith."

Small Talk

  • "Is there something else?"

When attacked

  • Mngh! Stop it, please. My skin is akin to stone.
  • I cannot be wounded. I cannot die. But nor will I cause any harm unto you. Cease your futile efforts.
  • Well, aren't we determined...

Speaking to him after attacking

  • Are you quite finished? Take this opportunity to learn to master your emotions. Worry not, I take no offence. But others are not always so forgiving. Some take to anger, others sorrow... Bonds are fragile things, wont to break under strain. And once they're broken, everything is lost, with naught to gain.

Upon death

  • Aaa...aaargh!


Elden Ring Miriel, Pastor of Vows Notes & Trivia

  • Miriel is a great candidate for dumping all your scrolls and prayerbooks onto, as he never changes locations and teaches both sorceries and incantations.
  • No additional dialogue is unlocked by giving Miriel all scrolls and prayerbooks, even after purchasing all sorceries and incantations from them.


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