Veiled Monarch

Omen King

morgott omen king 3 elden ring wiki guide
Location Leyndell, Royal Capital

runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18120,000
Remembrance of the Omen King
Morgott's Great Rune

Talisman Pouch (NG only, Margit not defeated)

HP 10,399
Stronger VS
Weak to

Morgott, The Omen King, also known as Morgott the Grace Given, is a Demigod Boss in Elden RingMorgott is the true identity of Margit, the Fell Omen, and the self-proclaimed "Last of All Kings". Although he and his twin brother Mohg were imprisoned deep in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds for being born as Omen royalty, Morgott still loved the Golden Order and defended the capital when his fellow demigods invaded during the Shattering. This is not an optional boss as players must defeat him to advance in Elden Ring.


 Have it writ upon thy meagre grave: "Felled by King Morgott! Last of all kings."

Elden Ring Morgott, the Omen King Boss

Elden Ring Morgott, The Omen King Location

Head east from Godfrey, First Elden Lords arena towards the balcony, where the player will find a branch that takes them up to the second level of the room. From there, the player can continue across the bridge towards the Queen's Bedchamber Site of Grace. Continue south up the stairs to the fog gate where Morgott, The Omen King can be found. [Map Link]

Morgott, the Omen King Combat information

  • Health: 10,399 HP
  • Defense: 114
  • Stance: 80
  • Parryable: Yes, but 3 parries are required per stance break
  • Is vulnerable to a critical hit after being stance broken or parried
  • Damage: slash damage 57px hookclawSlashpierce damage 57pxPierceholy upgrade affinity elden ring wiki guide 60pxHoly (Phase 1),  slash damage 57px hookclawSlash, pierce damage 57pxPierce, fire upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Fire, holy upgrade affinity elden ring wiki guide 60pxHoly (Phase 2)
  • Inflicts: hemorrhage status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxHemorrhage 
  • Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18120,000, Remembrance of the Omen KingMorgott's Great Rune
    Talisman Pouch (NG only and only if Margit, the Fell Omen has not yet been defeated)
  • Margit's Shackle can be used to stun Morgott twice during the first phase and using it while he's under the phase 2 threshold will begin the transition animation if he's still in Phase 1
  • Morgott has a scripted Holy Swords Rain attack at the 80% HP threshold, after that attack he unlocks new abilities such as Spear Charge, Sword Hammer Spin, and the Holy Swords Rain
  • Morgott normally goes into Phase 2 after getting damaged under 60% HP with the hard cap being 55% HP while staggered
  • In second phase, Morgott unlocks a few abilities such as Geysers after any attack that hits the floor, Bloodflame Grab, Bloodflame Slam, Bloodflame Chase and a Rapid Weapon Change attack that's only available when he's below 30% HP

Negations (or Absorptions)

The negation numbers are the % of your damage that gets blocked. For example, if a negation is 60, 40% of that damage by that type will go through and 60% will be negated. Bigger number = less damage. A negation of 100 means no damage goes through, and a negation of -100 mean the enemy takes 2x damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.


The resistance numbers are the buildup amount to trigger it. For example, if a resistance is 100 you must deal 100 points of the given buildup to trigger it. Note that these go down over time, and increase each time the effect procs. The values after the "/"s indicate the increased resistances after each successive proc.

  NG NG+ NG+2 NG+3 NG+4 NG+5 NG+6 NG+7
HP 10,399 13,029 14,331 14,983 15,634 16,937 17,589 18,240
Defense 114 118 121 124 130 136 141 153
runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Runes 120,000 360,000 396,000 405,000 432,000 441,000 450,000 459,000


poison status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxPoison 337 / 435 / 725 / 1182 362 / 460 / 750 / 1207 367 / 465 / 755 / 1212 372 / 470 / 760 / 1217 378 / 476 / 766 / 1223 383 / 481 / 771 / 1228 389 / 487 / 777 / 1234 394 / 492 / 782 / 1239
scarlet rot status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxScarlet Rot 337 / 435 / 725 / 1182 362 / 460 / 750 / 1207 367 / 465 / 755 / 1212 372 / 470 / 760 / 1217 378 / 476 / 766 / 1223 383 / 481 / 771 / 1228 389 / 487 / 777 / 1234 394 / 492 / 782 / 1239
hemorrhage status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxHemorrhage 337 / 435 / 725 / 1182 362 / 460 / 750 / 1207 367 / 465 / 755 / 1212 372 / 470 / 760 / 1217 378 / 476 / 766 / 1223 383 / 481 / 771 / 1228 389 / 487 / 777 / 1234 394 / 492 / 782 / 1239
frostbite status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxFrostbite 337 / 435 / 725 / 1182 362 / 460 / 750 / 1207 367 / 465 / 755 / 1212 372 / 470 / 760 / 1217 378 / 476 / 766 / 1223 383 / 481 / 771 / 1228 389 / 487 / 777 / 1234 394 / 492 / 782 / 1239
sleep status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxSleep 552 / 842 / 1299 593 / 883 / 1340 601 / 891 / 1348 610 / 900 / 1357 619 / 909 / 1366 628 / 918 / 1375 637 / 927 / 1384 646 / 936 / 1393
madness status effect elden ring wiki guide 25pxMadness Immune


Elden Ring Morgott, The Omen King Boss Guide

Morgott, The Omen King Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Morgott, The Omen King Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Morgott, The Omen King:

  • For Melee users, stand a bit in front of his left leg from the outside, dodging behind it offers the best versatility in terms of  safety, damage and punishes
  • When Morgott spawns his Holy Hammer and goes for an Overhead Slam, put some distance between you both and roll into him, that usually forces Morgott to finish the combo with his Sword Slash, Triple Sword Holy Sword Spin into Swords Slam (Helicopter) and gives a huge punish window for tons of damage
  • Dodging behind Morgott when he does a Sword attack usually ends up with him doing a slash behind him and jumping away from the player
  • In Second Phase, weather changes to rain and arena gets covered with water making Lightning damage much better than Fire overall 
  • Suggested weapons:
  • Suggested spells:


Melee Users

At first, Morgott seems overwhelming and with no openings but knowing which attacks to punish depending on the size of the weapon and which to bait or dodge allows for optimal aggression against the boss.
Don't be scared to maintain aggression during the fight as his attacks have a delay in between that allow for punishes; the most notably punishable attacks being: After a riposte. After Morgott hops away from the player. On big recovery attacks such as the Hammer Swings, Hammer Slams if you roll behind him, The Bloodflame infused attacks in Phase 2 (All can be punished with a light attack or a charged safely depending on the weapon's speed). On Combo Finishers such as the Helicopter. Additionally Morgott also has very low poise so you can abuse the fact by casting Ash Of War: Glintblade Phalanx twice to keep staggering him and getting free damage with critical hits.

An Alternative playstyle would be maintaining distance and baiting out big attacks such as the Spear Throw which can be followed up by a huge leap with Morgott stabbing the ground with his sword and a holy spear, this attack allows for 2 charged attacks safely. Parrying is also a good option against Morgott that can synergize very nicely with dagger talisman for critical attacks.

Elemental Damage: Morgott has no Fire or Lightning damage negation. With a Strength build, you can substantially increase your damage against him by imbuing your weapon with a Fire-type Ash of War and using the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear. You can do the same with a Dexterity build by pairing a Lightning-type Ash of War with Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear.

Status Ailments: Morgott's resistances are relatively low, and if you can sneak in multiple hits between his attacks with power-stanced small weapons like Daggers or Curved Swords, you can inflict multiple status ailments very quickly. Look for Morgott's Holy Spear throw attack, and run towards his left side (your right) when he's winding it up. You won't even need to dodge, and this will give you a solid chunk chunk of unimpeded attack time. When he starts casting Holy Swords Rain, you can get up to 3 light attacks with a fast weapon before having to roll away to safety. Similarly, keep attacking him through his phase change: although he has much higher damage negation, he still builds up status effects. Roll towards him just as he starts to stand up straight to avoid being caught by his Holy blast and to buy yourself a few more seconds of attacking. Because Morgott is vulnerable to all status ailments but his resistances increase after each proc, triggering as many as possible is a good plan. For example, power-stancing a Frost Great Knife and a Scorpion's Stinger will build Frostbite, Hemorrhage, and Scarlet Rot simultaneously.


Magic and Ranged Users

 Maintaining good distance between you and Morgott is the key, he doesn't have many options when it comes to ranged attacks (Holy Daggers, Holy Spear and Holy Spear Charge or will try to walk towards you after he gets hit by a sorcery or an incantation) You can use super long ranged incantations such as Frenzied Burst and maintain a huge distance almost completely nullifying his moveset or spells that he can't react to like Night Comet (sorceries) or a non charged Lighting Spear (incantations). Drink Flasks during long wind up animations or when you're really far from the boss.

Morgott, The Omen King Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Holy Swords Rain Morgott spawns a holy sword in his left hand as well as holy swords in the air drawing a circle around himself and 5 lines each one being in fixed directions (1 in front of himself, two equally spaced out to his sides and two close ones behind him). This is a scripted attack at the 80% HP threshold This move has a big wind up so you can get a few attacks in before having to run away to safety, unlocking camera and looking a bit upwards helps with dodging the swords 
Tail Sweep When the target is behind him, Morgott will twist his tail in an attempt to hit them. Roll against the sweep direction or Jump the attack.
Cursed Explosion At the 60% HP Threshold, Attacking, Shackling, Parrying Morgott would instantly force the transition animation to second phase where Morgott stands in place with his sword stabbed to the ground, he then starts coughing for a bit before unleashing the omen curse, spawning geysers on the floor that are random and covering the arena with water You can safely attack Morgott until he begins coughing, at which point the safest strategy is to run away to avoid being hit by the blast. You can also roll towards him as soon as he begins standing up straight to push more damage. This is a good opportunity to heal or use ranged attacks to apply status ailments.
Holy Spear Throw Morgott spawns a holy spear and throws it towards you after a short delay.  When he starts pulling his arm back to throw, dodge to a side. If you're close enough you can completely dodge the attack by standing in front of his left leg.
Flying Sword Spear Stab Morgott leaps into the air stabbing the ground with his spear and sword. You can easily dodge this attack by running towards Morgott after a spear throw. You can also roll behind Morgott when he's at the apex of the jump (when he's closest to you)
Flying Hammer Slam Morgott leaps into the air spawning a holy hammer and slamming it into the ground You can outrun this attack or roll into Morgott as he's slamming to continue aggression.
Holy Spear Charge Creates a holy spear and after a second, he starts charging directly at his target

Although this attack looks like a mid/long range only attack, Morgott can actually queue it in close range too, delay the roll until he starts moving towards you if that happens to avoid getting clipped by it.
You can Roll through this attack (Forward Right),  or run away from the attack

Rolling through the spear has 2 outcomes
- If you’re in front of the boss he’ll do a Sword Attack 
- If you’re behind the boss he’ll do a Sword Hammer Horizontal Swing

Spear Poke Morgott pulls out a holy spear for a short period of time poking you before following up with a Diagonal Sword Attack if you’re within range for one or idling if you're not He pulls the spear backwards a bit before doing the attack, roll the moment he pulls it back
Holy Daggers

There are multiple instances where Morgott spawns Holy daggers: 

1: Spawns a dagger and does two quick slashes in front of him to start a combo 

2: Creates and throws three daggers in a fan formation up to two times. 

3: Can spawn a dagger, does one slash and then perform a retreating jump throwing 3 daggers forming a fan towards the player. 

4: As a punish for the players after Holy Sword Slash Vertical Sword Slam if they're standing in front of him. After a Sword Front Flip

1: Roll behind his left leg 

2: Roll through the daggers or to a side

3: Roll through the first dagger and wait for him to throw the daggers after jumping away and roll through them 

4: Roll twice behind his left leg instantly 
Holy Sword Slash Vertical Sword Slam Morgott hops to your left side or does a backhand Diagonal sword slam before spawning a holy sword in his left hand and doing a quick slash followed by a Vertical sword slam that ends the combo. Dodge the sword and move towards his left side and only attack after he slams him to avoid the oncoming sword attack. This is a good attack to punish.

Attacking before he slams the regular sword can get you hit by the sword hitbox.

Dodging the final part of the attack into Morgott will in turn make him spawn a Holy Dagger and slash twice as a punishment for the player.
Helicopter Morgott Swings his sword diagonally from left to right quickly before spawning a holy sword in his left hand and doing a triple diagonal spin mid air and slamming both swords on the ground (there is a tiny delay here, Holy Sword goes down first then Regular Sword). There are multiple ways of dodging this attack; 
Either by rolling into the first sword slash, and rolling twice around Morgott (one forward left, one forward right)

Rolling away and getting back in after the slams.

Rolling the first sword slash and running around him in a counter clockwise direction for roughly one second before letting go of the sprint button

*Strafing the sword slash by going right then running left for a second and stopping the sprint (Advanced Dodge)

This attack is a combo finisher and is great for punishes
Gliding Slide Morgott dashes towards your left then performs a sword slash as he’s dashing from left to right. Time your roll when Morgott raises the sword slightly. Dodging with the attack allows for a rolling light attack on most weapons
Cartwheel Morgott does a flip and positions himself behind you, lunging for a second before jumping back through your body slashing it as he goes. To time this roll, dodge when you can’t see his right hand and when you see the sword above his shoulder.
Rolling with him will make him opt to one of 3 options, Helicopter, Sword Poke, or Bloodflame Stab (Only in Phase 2)
Rolling away from him will make him opt for  a spear throw, daggers throw, or a spear poke

Sword Hammer Horizontal Swing Morgott spawns a holy hammer and rests it on his shoulder for a second before doing a sword Slash from right to left followed simultaneously by a hammer swing. Notice when Morgott Raises his sword slightly, that’s the tell on when you should queue the roll. 
Dodging into Morgott gives one of 2 different follow ups, Overhead Hammer Slam or Any of the Sword Attacks.
You can tell this attack is going to happen if Morgott points his sword INWARDS. Not to be mistaken with the HORIZONTAL SWORD SLASH, OVERHEAD HAMMER SLAM Variation Where he points his sword OUTWARDS as they have a similar starting animation.
Horizontal Sword Slash, Overhead Hammer Slam Morgott spawns a holy hammer and rests it on his shoulder for a second before doing a sword slash from right to left followed by a delayed overhead hammer slam. Dodge in as he raises the sword then either run behind him and dodge the hammer, or perform a jumping attack on his back to dodge the shockwave and not get clipped by the hammer hitbox
Overhead Hammer Slam Morgott pulls his left arm all the way to the back before summoning a holy hammer raising it over his head and slamming the ground creating shockwave To get the maximum value of this attack, maintain a bit of distance so you can roll into him and bait out the Helicopter attack
Sword Hammer Spin Morgott Spawns a hammer in his right hand, tries to close in on you and then starts spinning twice ending it with a big hammer diagonal slam. To dodge this attack, sprint backwards and the moment you see his sword starting to move, roll away.

This attack is pretty tough to dodge depending on your position as he can do a quick hop to catch up to you before starting the animation. Thankfully it has multiple attacks that signal that it's going to happen. Most important one being the Swords Rain. As soon as you see him spawning the hammer when you’re away from him start sprinting backwards to avoid getting into these situations.

This attack can happen as a follow up to Spear Throw, out of idle (only in phase 2), or rarely after Double Daggers Throw.

If he pulls out a hammer out of idle (Melee Range) in phase 2 DO NOT GO IN, roll away twice instantly
Bloodflame Slam Morgott raises his sword in the air infusing it with bloodflame before doing a heavy slam on the ground creating a geyser where the sword hit the ground. To get the full value of this attack; stand near his left leg and attack (preferably without lock on so you can keep your positioning), the Slam should completely miss you.
Bloodflame Chase Morgott raises his sword in the air infusing it with bloodflame, but this time dashing towards the player doing a big diagonal slash in front of him followed by a small twirl and a second slash in the opposite direction of the first slash leaving bloodflame trails that explode and linger for a second or so after each slash. To Dodge this attack, wait until he starts sprinting towards you then roll twice into Morgott, with a slight delay between each roll
Bloodflame Grab Morgott pulls back and infuses his sword with bloodflame before dashing towards the player doing a thrust on the way that grabs the player if caught by it, he then will raise the target in the air with his sword before throwing them to the ground. To dodge this attack, simply roll into Morgott the moment he raises his arm a bit to stab you, or if you’re close enough stick to his left side (that way you can get extra punishes without having to worry about dodging)
Rapid Holy Armament Change Rapidly begins attacking with his sword and dagger, before switching to his holy sword, performing more attacks, and finally summoning his hammer, performing a spinning attack and slamming it on the ground. (This attack unlocks at the 30% HP threshold and can be a punish to getting guardbroken by certain attacks) You can dodge the attack by rolling behind Morgott either from the left or the right
You can dodge it by running behind Morgott then backing off

Morgott, The Omen King Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Voice Actor: Anthony Howell
  • Morgott is the one of the few bosses that survive the boss battle upon defeat. After winning the battle, the player can approach Morgott (he will be either at the place of defeat or behind the Elden Throne) and listen to the Omen King. After a short monologue about the inevitable failure of the Tarnished, he falls unconscious and later dies as his body fades to gold dust during Godfrey’s introduction, likely symbolizing that he has returned to the Erdtree.
  • Morgott is the twin brother of Mohg, Lord of Blood. Morgott does not mention Mohg as a traitor, likely due to the fact that they were both imprisoned underground, and thus Mohg lacks a seat at the Elden Throne.
  • Unlike Mohg, he looks comparably more human than his Omen brother, which shows that he despised his true nature and wish to leave it behind.
  • Morgott is one of the three sons of Godfrey and Marika, but was shunned, shackled and imprisoned deep below the capital for his Omen nature. Some time during the Shattering he broke free from his underground prison, became the king of Leyndell as the Shrouded Lord and created the second identity of Margit, so he could aid the Leyndell forces in the field without revealing his Omen nature to his subjects.
  • He founded the Night's Cavalry to hunt down champions, knights and tarnished that grew too ambitious and threatened the Erdtree, whom he earnestly loved.
  • The Holy Weapons he summons are the Erdsteel Dagger, TreespearGiant-Crusher, and the Carian Knight's Sword.
  • If parried successfully, the Cursed-Blood Slice will not deal any damage to the player, however, Morgott’s attack animation will not be interrupted and it will not count towards the three parries that are needed to riposte him.
  • In Phase 2, the arena becomes covered in shallow water, giving both the player and Morgott +20 fire upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Fire absorption and -20 lightning upgrades elden ring wiki guide 30Lightning absorption.
  • If the player manage to trigger change while Morgott is in air, there is some chance that phase transition will be skipped
    • Morgott will still get all 2nd phase attacks.
    • Ground retains old look, no extra dialogue, no reduced damage moment
  • To summon someone for this boss who has already defeated Maliketh, the Black Blade and therefore triggered Leyndell, Ashen Capital, the summoned player must use their Small Golden Effigy and they must have interacted with the Summoning Pool near the fog before the capital was made ashen.
  • Known as Morgott, Prince of the Omen in 1.00 version of the game
  • Bug: Sometimes, phase transition does not change how battle arena looks




Graceless Tarnished.

What is thy business with these thrones?

Ahh... Godrick the Golden. The twin prodigies, Miquella and Malenia. General Radahn. Praetor Rykard. Lunar Princess Ranni.

Wilful traitors, all.

Thy kind are all of a piece. Pillagers. Emboldened by the flame of ambition.

Have it writ upon thy meagre grave:

Felled by King Morgott! Last of all kings.

During Fight:

§Phase 2 transition:


The thrones... stained by my curse... Such shame I cannot bear.

Thy part in this shall not be forgiven.

Defeating player:

Put these foolish ambitions to rest.

During Phase 2:

May the curse seep to thy very soul.

An apt reward for thy brash ambition (1.00 version)

§After Fight:

Upon talking to Morgott once:

Tarnished, thou'rt but a fool.

The Erdtree wards off all who deign approach.

We are... we are all forsaken.

None may claim the title of Elden Lord.

Upon talking to Morgott twice:

Thy deeds shall be met with failure, just as I.


Morgott, The Omen King Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Every single time I fight this guy I feel like I just brute force my win against him with jump R2's, charged R2's and criticals.

      My reflexes can't follow the pace of battle with him switching between fast combos and delayed attacks. I can't feel the "dance" with this boss.

      • Anonymous

        This boss is Amazing honestly but is placed in a weird spot because you would literally have to stop exploring after radahn and speed run to him so as not to be overleveled. I did it once tho and yeah he def makes it to my top 20 bosses, shame he doesn’t live up to his lore

        • Anonymous

          Find it extremely odd that there is zero lore explaining how/why he has the power to instantly conjure a variety of different weapons while no other enemy in the game does.

          • Anonymous

            Find it extremely odd that there is zero lore explaining how/why he has the power to instantly conjure a variety of different weapons while no other enemy in the game does.

            • Anonymous

              Ironically enough, he’s the most complete of the demigods
              Vigor (yeah, it’s not much by demigods standard, but it’s gigantic for tarnisheds)
              Mind his regal omen bairn, and holy explosions
              Strength his curved greatsword
              Dexterity see strength
              Intelligence golden order incantations that are similar to carian swordsplay, also omen bairn
              Faith omen bairn, holy damage, and technically crucible incantations makes you feel like an omen
              Arcane his curved greatsword, yep

              • Anonymous

                very easy to overlevel if you go out of your way to clean up optional content. I did Ranni´s quest before him and explored a bunch in general and the poor guy got 1-tried. I guess for the optimal and desired experience you should prolly do all that after Morgott?

                • Anonymous

                  Finished my 11th Journey in this game, and I don't get it.

                  I beat Mohg in one try. Malenia took three tries. Morgott took me eight, the most in my run.

                  It's so weird. Everyone here thinks he's incredibly easy, but Morgott always gives me the most trouble of any boss in my NG+ playthroughs. I think it's the sheer dizzying number of combo chains he has; it just overloads my brain. I swear he finishes a gigantic 15 hit combo, I avoid it, and when I go in for a hit, he immediately follows up with a frame one combo faster than my attack animation.

                  Any advice to help me "git gud" at this boss? I don't want to cheese him, but it's getting really tempting at this point.

                  • Anonymous

                    I am kinda hot **** at this fight, trying to do it with only a +2 dagger on NG+ to improve my skills, anyone have any tips?

                    • Anonymous

                      Why does he have such lowe HP? I mean seriously, fire giant who is the next mainboss has 4 times morgotts hp.

                      • Anonymous

                        My Theory:

                        I believe that Marika and Godfrey actually cared about their omen children and that their imprisonment was not their parents' fault. I believe that they were taken away from them when they were just small babes. We know that Marika is the only one who has the power to give and take away grace, not the Two Fingers, not the Erdtree, but her alone. We know that both Morgott and Mohg were born graceless, but we also know that Morgott received grace and I suspect Mohg did as well. We see in the game that Morgott and Mohg have the same shiney, golden eyes. Another thing that I found weird was the fact that they are the only omens in the game that have names. If Marika didn't care for her twin omen babies and decided to send them away to be imprisoned for eternity, why would she give them names? I feel that it would be harder for a mother and father to send their children away if they named them. According to the omen bairn description, they are sent underground unbeknownst to ANYONE, and these fetishes are made in secret to memorialize them. Again, if they sent their children away why would they go through the trouble of preserving their memory through fetishes instead of not sending them away to begin with? Marika and Godfrey never got the chance to be parents for their children because they were taken away without their knowledge. I think that these events, the birth of her malformed children and their subsequent kidnapping, led to Marika's doubts in the Golden Order.

                        - I think this makes Morgott and Mohg's story even more tragic as they never got to experience their parents' love. The fact that Morgott has his memorial fetish when we fight him tells me that he must have found it after the Elden Ring's shattering. It must have meant a lot to him.

                        • Anonymous

                          This fight would unironically be better if his numbers at NG+7 were the numbers we had for the fight in NG.

                          • Anonymous

                            Man this guy has it all when it comes to aesthetics and music and atmosphere in his fight and a really cool super diverse moveset, but gets so screwed over by his really low health and poise for how late in the game he is, Buff my man Morgott's health please, I just want it to last longer than a few seconds without you having to deliberately hold back or fight him at a very low level.

                            • Anonymous

                              This fight is more fun the lower level you are and the less upgraded your weapon is, upto the point that you can manage. Kinda meh on a regular playthrough because his health and damage is too low for him to be a threat after like level 60 +12. You can easily hit trade and heal in between his long windups and be just okay.

                              • Anonymous

                                I see a lot of comments complaining that Morgott dies too quickly and they want the fight to last longer so he can use more of his moveset, but I just know you mfs would be crying about how bad and unfair he is if he did have more HP or resistances, just like every other comments section for these games.

                                • Anonymous

                                  For anyone who wants this to be harder, be like me and don't level up Vigor very much. I like being a glass cannon anyways, with fairly even stats, favoring strength somewhat.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I think Morgott needs a physical defense increase and maybe an HP buff. He is implied to be one of the most powerful of the Demigods on the basis that none of them could even invade Leyndell's inner walls--and this was with his persona which is narratively weaker than his true self. And the other reason he needs to be buffed up is definitely because he has such a varied moveset, most players who go to him are typically overleveled (if they aren't just focusing on the main path) and end up bodying him, especially if they want to summon Melina.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I really think the low HP is intentional. Morgott is done and weak. Just a shadow of a king that keeps fighting for a long gone ideal. He displays a long range of cool movements and spells fore sure, but you can feel how consumed he is.

                                      Lyndell is destroyed and abandoned. its streets are full of purposeless beings, sitting in silence. The few remaining soldiers defend their posts with insane fanaticism, but their minds are gone since long ago.

                                      Another cool thing about Morgott "weakness":
                                      The first encounter with this guy (Margit) is an absolute hell. In normal conditions, that first boss fight is insanely hard.
                                      When you reach the captial and face Morgott, you are THE tarnished. You fought your way through thousands of combats.
                                      Now you are powerfull... And he is weak.

                                      I love Morgott and this fight. How he describes the other thrones and how he talks about ambitions.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Probably the most varied moveset in the entire game. My biggest complaint is just his lack of hp otherwise he would probably be my favorite fight in the game. Considering the game gives you both the shackle and Melina to summon for help if you struggle I see no reason to not make him stronger. Even level 50 with a plus 12 weapon he just dies so quickly.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Being RL92 with a +20 weapon certainly helped me to beat this fight 3rd try with moderate difficulty. Margit gave me more trouble. What a shame. I feel like he'd be a bit unbalanced if you didn't fight him overleveled, but he'd be easy otherwise.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Bro is simping for the Erdtree even in his choice of conjured weaponry:

                                            Light daggers = Erdsteel Dagger: "An erdsteel dagger with a grass crest engraved upon its blade. Carried by the Erdtree royalty for self-defense in times of peace."
                                            Light spear = Treespear: "Golden spear with tree-like design. Wielded by knights employed as palace guards in the Royal Capital of Leyndell. "
                                            Light hammer = Giant-Crusher: "A hammer made from a boulder, used in the War against the Giants."

                                            That's some serious dedication, Morgott.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Probably the worst boss in the game after Valiant Gargoyles. No openings at all, constant combo spam, the most blatant input reading I've ever seen, delayed attacks, second phase is barely any different from the first, and his character design is a mess.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If you want to make this fight harder infuse your weapon with holy damage if you can, as dumb as it might sound. I was using a fairly upgraded Rogier's rapier infused with holy and it was pretty challenging, I say it because I've seen a good deal of people saying it was way too easy for them, and I agree, dude is basically a glass cannon by the point you reach him, especially considering how much of a dificulty spike Leyndell is

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  "Inflicts: hemorrhage (Phase 2)"


                                                  If this isn't proof enough they should've disabled the shackle, I don't know what is. He inflicts hemorrhage in both phases.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Fun thing I learned: the Melina/Dung Eater NPC summons can allow PCs to invade your world, if you don't enter the boss chamber. I summon them both and sit at the top of the steps, allowing invaders to come challenge my champions of good and evil.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      The sort of man I like to see
                                                      Smiles down from his great height at me.
                                                      He stands in strong, athletic pose
                                                      And wrinkles his retroussé nose.
                                                      Is it...distaste, that makes him frown,
                                                      So furious and scornful, down
                                                      On a minuscule one like me?
                                                      Or am I what he likes to see?
                                                      I do not know, though much I care,
                                                      Εύχομαι να ήμουν......would I were
                                                      (Forgive me, shade of Rupert Brooke)
                                                      An object fit to claim his look.
                                                      Oh! would I were his weapon press'd
                                                      With hard excitement to his breast
                                                      And swished into the sunlit air
                                                      Arm-high above his silver hair,
                                                      And banged against the bounding wall
                                                      "Oh! Plung!" my tauten'd strings would call,
                                                      "Oh! Plung! my darling, break my strings
                                                      For you I will do brilliant things."

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Ok boss, unfortunately once you learn his moveset he suffers from looking ****ing stupid with his ridiculously long combos and unnatural wind ups. He also has no health at all.

                                                        Also extremely missed opportunity we didn't get any of his melee faith incantions either.

                                                        It would have been a perfect opposite to the carian glintblade style.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Seriously.... trying to recall the steps i took to just skip this guy.... i managed to get ashen city (and beyond oh elden slug) AND still have him as a fightable boss needed to fight him just 2 open the backdoor to deeproot depths ....


                                                          Good luck all!!

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            This is actually a skipable boss. SOMEHOW i managed to get 2 the ashe capital without beatig him... it was a ***** trying to get BACK to his site of grace tho... honestly i cant twll u how i did it.... i just know i did.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              “May the curse seep to thy very soul” you can really feel the hatred in that line. Anthony Howell did such a great job voicing Morgott.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                I think it's a decent fight, not a big fan of the knife he pulls out every now and then with little telegraph but other than that his moveset looks scary but is managable. One thing i really like is how he is the de facto antagonist of the early and mid game trying to smoke you on every step but i think they could have used the taking over random people to fight you thing more since his whole motif is stopping tarnished from becoming elden lords and getting great runes.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  So I've been doing ng+ unupgraded caestus attempts on this guy recently, and I noticed something that I think is kinda interesting. Morgott only has two attacks that utilize bloodflame (unless he has an ultra rare secret third one that I'm yet to see or something), and during the animations of both attacks you can see him run his hand along the length of the blade to coat it in his own blood. This is kinda interesting to me, because it implies that omen blood is just...inherently bloodflame. Mohg gets his fancy exploding fire blood attacks from the formless mother, where as Morgott achieves the same affect just by using his own blood. Though, this begs the question of how the player is capable of channeling bloodflame when they use the weapon art of Morgott's sword, as they don't have any cursed omen blood. If the blood isn't their own, that must mean they're slashing at the body of the formless mother, right? Which further implies that Morgott's sword IS actually capable of communing with the formless mother, and he's just actively chosing not to do so in his boss fight, opting to wound himself and use his own blood instead. Which is kinda sad honestly, but it seems pretty in character for him imo :(

                                                                  Something else of note is that one of Morgott's two bloodflame attacks is just a souped up version of that one attack Margit has with the infamously long windup. When Morgott does it, he runs his hand over the blade and swings when he reaches the tip, where as (iirc) Margit has no such animation and just kinda...holds it for literally no reason. Idk, I just think this is funny lol.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I wonder how Fromsoft feels having spent hours upon hours designing Malenia to be the super sad "prepare to cry" boss only for nearly everyone (including me) to vastly prefer the elderly, half-naked, homeless guy. I guess having an actually well-designed boss fight has its perks.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      This man is so beautiful, I want him to singe me with his accursed blood and call me little tarnished before we go grocery shopping together

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Feels like I'm over levelled for Morgott. I use warrior starter scimittar +23 and +20 at level 104 and Melina and Jellyfish ash to recreate the nostalgic Margit battle. I come in just to get a feel of what the boss can do and then he's dead. The battle feels more enjoyable than the Margit one which kills me dozens of times maybe because there's no environmental hazard and morgott himself isn't a giant or have attacks that obscure your vision.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          It sucks he has kinda mediocre resistances to the majority of damage types. His fight is so badass but its likely your build will wreck him by this point in the game.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            I was at 110 when I fought him the 1st time. Didn't even remember to use the shackle...but my rolls were perfection for some reason... I'm not usually great at timing them. In 2nd phase his aoe pattern is like the lich dragons... easy to not be in, so long as you're not caughtby surprise. But, like lichdragon, beat Margott on the first try. Is the a lore reason for the dead finger readers? Or was the black knife going through them to assassinate Margott when we caught up to him?

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Bro was done dirty by FromSoft, he needs more resistance and health, his fight is so enjoyable but it ends too soon.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Using a large club+18 with Crag Blade AoW, stonebarb physick, Flame Grant Me Strength, str build around 70 lvl.
                                                                                It's a tough fight with no summon, he moves so fast that I can't even land a second R2. And for every recovery time, he just manages to make some light attack.
                                                                                He is a good enemy, punishing players for panic rolling and healing (just like Margit), and forcing melee users to be aware of the environment while fighting on phase 2.

                                                                                I do feel annoyed soloing him and dying repeatedly, but the description of his remembrance makes me feel he deserved a fair fight. He is a good boy ;(

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I got too OP before this fight and was able to beat him via pure attrition alone. Attack and take any and all the damage, heal. Repeat until dead.

                                                                                  Heavy armor. 90+ poise plus Giant Hunt Ash of War AKA greatsword uppercut means I never have to say I am sorry.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I used a bonk mace +23 with an ice enchant. No summons, no buffs, no spirits. Result? After using AoW 2-3 times, morgott got stunned, then critical, frostbite somewhere in between. Half the HP bar gone in about 20 seconds.

                                                                                    I don't know if lions claw is so OP or I was already too powerful for this moment in the game. However, I am sure of one thing that the boss should get a big buff to poise & HP.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Honestly not sure if his low HP isn't intentional after all. They may have realized they went completely overboard with his moveset and then decided you should simply be able to overpower him with numbers.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        He's very poorly balanced. They gave bro the most complex moveset in the game, only for us to be able to completely melt him if we did enough exploration. It expecially makes no sense since he is the gatekeeper to the endgame and its steep difficulty curve. Feels like he's balanced around having a +12 regular weapon, when you can already have a +9 somber weapon by that point in the game

                                                                                        • Can be killed with poison mist without boss ever seeing you by using assassin's gambit, unseen form, crepus vial and concealing veil. Need to be first baited to move with spectral lance weapon art or other ranged weapon. Margit can also be killed same way.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            This is a actually hard boss assuming you
                                                                                            Are lv 50-60 (what I believe the right is balanced around)
                                                                                            Don’t use OP spirit ashes
                                                                                            Summon Melena
                                                                                            Use conet azure

                                                                                            Using bulky spirit ashes kinda breaks the boss as he is super aggressive, but only built to Handle 1 opponent at a time. Also, comet azure makes any boss that stands still for any time easy

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              terribly easy boss, needs buffs to just about everything, but especially his poise, health and resistances. no reason why Draconic Tree Sentinel before him outstats him in every way

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                RL1 - Godrick's Rune, Strength and Faith tears, Blessing's Boon, Uplifting Aromatic, Golden Vow, FGMS is the order of buffs.

                                                                                                First time you enter so no need for runup, just the cutscene then you guys are toe to toe.

                                                                                                Immediate Shackle, the Flame Art +17 Greatsword Lion's Claw X 2, Crit, Chug Blue Flask, Shackle, Lion's Claw X 2. R1. Collect runes.

                                                                                                The armor you wear is basically irrelevant since you don't need to move/adjust, just stay locked on. But I had the red hood for +1 vigor, altered crucible chest, godskin pants and something on my hands for medium roll.

                                                                                                Talismans - Erdtree Favor +1, Ritual Sword, Ritual Shield, Great Jar

                                                                                                Obviously you can up the damage significantly if you want.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  At RL1 he was really fun and pretty challenging but his phase transition is still pretty flawed. You can just melt him so much during it to the point where you just gotta wait for the knife rain or cursed-blood slice to finish him off.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    give this man a CUTSCENE rather than a long stationary moment for you to beam him, then double his health.

                                                                                                    perfection. such an awesome and fun boss, hes just kinda underleveled

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      This is one boss I’ve never had an issue with. I’ve done two playthroughs on NG and both times clapped this guy with flasks to spare first try. First time was with starscroge +7 and second was brick hammer +18.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        I probably was kinda overleved when I fought him. 1 full FP Comet Azur destroyed him in the second phase.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Why does he summon the Carian Knights Sword when he sends the swords down?
                                                                                                          Is there a lore reason? Because all the other summoned weapons have some relation to the erdtree, like the treespear being used by leyndell knights, the giant-crusher being used by human warriors serving Godfrey, and erdsteel dagger being used by nobles of the erdtree. So why does he summon a sword used by Carian knights, when the erdtree and the carians were merged by Radagon, and subsequently broken? Shouldn't it be something more connected to the golden lineage and the age of Godfrey?

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            magotts shackle outside the boss room no longer works, it does not disable the AI. just tested that out twice and did not work either time. must have been patched out by moving his starting position further back outside of the effective range or something else.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              I love this man. Idk why but his voice acting reminds me of a tired uncle who is willing to drive and get you McDonalds after your nasty breakup with a shitty partner. I can never really be frustrated by his boss fights what so ever. If it wasn't for the game mechanics, I'd love to be bros with him

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