Spirit Steed is a mount in Elden Ring. The Spirit Steed is used as a form of travel where players ride a creature or animal to reach their destination. It is also speculated that the Spirit Steed may be used as a method of storing items as well as a combat mechanic where players can attack enemies while riding the creature. More information will be added once it is available.


Spirit Steed in Elden Ring

Mounted Combat is a confirmed feature of the game. Its implementation and multiplayer impact are unknown. The availability of Mount Cosmetics, Equipment and related items is also yet unknown.

Spirit Steed and Jumping Platforms

Spirit Steed were shown during the trailer revealed at the Summer Game Fest 2021. It is speculated that you can summon Spirit Steed while out of combat and can use certain platforms to impulse the horse up to reach higher areas. It is yet to be revealed how they can be found or if you need a certain skill to interact with them.

The world is so vast and open that Mounts are necessary to shorten the distances and save time. You can summon your Mount while roaming around the world, the Mount will appear right next to you and you will be able to dynamically Mount them, without losing any momentum, satisfyingly all in one movement. The mound will also fade away at the moment you jump off them. Mounts seem not to receive falling damage while you remain in explorable areas of course.


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Mounted Combat

Mounted combat has been confirmed as a feature in Elden Ring. Ranged and Melee Attacks, including magical attacks are confirmed. Mounted Combat is quite spectacular, the camera is independent to the direction towards the mount is moving, this gives the possibility to aim and perfom ranged attacks to any direction while the mount is running around, adding a lot of action and movement to battles.

Although, Mounted Combat cannot be abused. The way some enemies fight makes Mounted Combat not always convinient. Mounts also need a lot of space to run around, meaning that in some scenarios it may not be the best idea to fight on a Mount.

In some cases Mounted Combat will be necessary against some Bosses in order to win the battle.


Will there be mounted Boss Battles?

Not confirmed yet, but some passages of the trailer shown at Summer Game Fest may suggest that there may be some Boss battles that can be taken on while mounted.


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