Night Shard

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Spell Type Night Sorceries
FP Cost 7 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Swiftly fires a semi-invisible
magic projectile

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Night Shard is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Night Shard spell swiftly fires a semi-invisible magic projectile. Updated to Patch 1.07.


One of the night sorceries of Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

Swiftly fires a semi-invisible projectile. This sorcery can be used without delay after performing another action.

The Sellian sorcerers were assassins, and it is said that they often hunted their fellows.


Where to find Night Shard

Where to find Night Shard:

  • Can be purchased from Gowry for 4,000 Runes after completing his quest line.


Elden Ring Night Shard Guide

  • Night Sorcery
  • Staff of Loss boosts its potency by 30%.
  • Stamina Cost: 9
  • Deals magic damage
  • NPC enemies will not dodge this spell, making it arguably superior option against bosses who consistently dodge attacks (like Malenia).
  • NOTE: Since Patch 1.07 FP Consumption has been Decreased.



Dark Knight Written Guide



Elden Ring Night Shard Notes and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      My coinvader killed the host with a single night shard doing 885 dmg. No terramagicka, no particles indicating a physik and carrying two staves with min/max armor. How did he do that? The host had no sore seals or anything as I had hit him a few times already and he was beefy so watching him instantly get nuked by a tiny spell was alarming.

      • Anonymous

        If you do a jumping cast with this and immediately switch to Night Comet you'll do the faster second cast with it when you land. This might also work with other spells that let you cast while jumping.

        • Anonymous

          People keep comparing this to Glintstone Pebble, but it is more so a direct competitor to Swift Glintstone Shard, as they both have roughly the same range, speed, damage, and can be used while jumping, sprinting, and rolling. This spell comes out a few frames slower than Swift Glintstone Shard, but aside from that if you are willing to dual wield Staff of Loss, this is almost objectively better in every way after the fact.

          • Anonymous

            If you're using two Staves of Loss (one of off-hand), this actually does more damage than a regular Glintstone Pebble, making this spell a great alternative to Glintstone Pebble if you value faster cast times and more accuracy (enemies not dodging night spells) at the cost of range. Great Glintstone Shard will still outdamage Night Shard however, even with two Staves of Loss equipped.

            • More fp efficient than Night Comet, but Night Comet equals it with Godfrey Icon and surpasses it by a little if you use another booster on top (Staff of Loss, Terra Magica, etc.), while also having more range.
              Still a very good spell for when you can't just use charged spells against a fast moving dodgy enemy.

              • Anonymous

                Only good for PVE. Swift In PVP, it is outclassed by Swift Glintstone Shard which does more damage, costs less FP, has the same range and identical animations/ cast speed.

                • Anonymous

                  Malenia does not avoid that spell as long as you are not chain-casting it. The invading NPC does not avoid it neither. It's a pretty neat spell to permanently keep with you. You can also charge it and it does a nice deal of damage. Without being really powerful, it becomes powerful when the opponent that you are facing avoids your super shots and gets tricked by this one.
                  Ennemies that jumps when you cast something does not jump when you use that one.

                  • Anonymous

                    This is the most slept on pvp tool in a mages line up. Its cheap and fast. Hard to dodge/see. Immense pressure at mid to close range. You can equip staff of loss in your off hand to get the damage bonus and if you stack cast speed you can brainlessly roll catch. You can cast this while sprinting btw.

                    • Anonymous

                      Night Shard is an incredible tool that people are sleeping on. This as is, replaces pebble. It is a screwdriver that fits the same screws pebble does, but does what you want with pebble, better than pebble does. It’s much faster, For only a slight damage loss. It can stunlock enemies to death, and you can get cheap cheeky shots in with this spell in MANY situations that you’d have simply not dealt any damage in. It’s FAST. So fast you can use it while turning, jumping, dodging, or after blocking. Stop using pebble and use Great Glintstone Shard, and use this or swift in tandem with Great

                      • Anonymous

                        Night Shard and Night Comet have the wrong images uploaded. This is not a wiki thing, this is in the game’s tooltips. Night Shard should have the small icon. Seeing as it’s a copy of swift glintstone shard.

                        • Anonymous

                          Why are you guys comparing this to Glintstone Pebble when Swift Glintstone Shard is the normal counterpart to this?...

                          • Anonymous

                            Correct me if I'm wrong but i upgraded staff of loss to where is sorcery scaling was only 4 point below meteor staff and then tested casting this spell and glintstone pebble on the same enemy. From what i saw when using meteor staff this spell did a few more points if damage than pebble but when using the staff of loss this spell did about 60 more points of dmg give or take

                            • Anonymous

                              I thought maybe with staff of loss it would be at least good but the damn pebble does more damage. I would have liked some cool gimmick with it, like it can crit on hitting them in the back :/

                              • Anonymous

                                this is the best spell against pvp invaders (npcs) they will not dodge it!!! i just killed all 3 invaders at the great jar at level 130. they were extremeley hard to kill with my mage build until now

                                • Anonymous

                                  I use this spell and I think of it like the SMG of the mage arsenal: short range and relatively low damage but can be fired rapidly. Really handy to spam this for fast, agile enemies that get up in your face

                                  • Anonymous

                                    In general case, this spell does not compete well will Pebble. (same cost but with shorter range + lower dmg + no tracking). However, from my personal testing its casting time + projectile speed is faster than the Pebble. This is especially handy for agile enemy.

                                    A great example can be Godskin Apostle in Divine Tower of Caelid, the speed difference will render one spell as normal dmg and the other is almost useless in a solo situation. This spell can single handle this boss in a cheating way.

                                    Because of this shorter range + faster projectile + still pretty fp efficient, it actually serves as a middle ground between Pebble (long dist one point dmg) and Carian Slicer and finally becomes my tech choice against lots of annoying invaders or agile boss for my sorcery buid.

                                    P.S. Does not work well with dog-type enemies where they perform left/right dodge.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This spell is different than Swift in that it is “unseen” by NPCs and they will not react by dodging. I need someone to confirm if it invisible to adversarial players though, i.e. invaders.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        it does a lot of damage but costs a lot to cast. Is it really invisible? Looks really visible when shooting it.

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