Night Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Night Sorceries draw from the powers of the night, even granting players the ability to be unseen. There are a total of 7 Night Sorceries available for players. The Staff of Loss will boost the damage of 2 Night Sorceries: Night Comet and Night Shard. The projectile sorceries - Ambush Shard, Night Comet, and Night Shard - cannot be “seen” by enemy NPCs and thus will not attempt to dodge them like they would for their Glintstone counterparts.



Night Sorceries info

Obtaining Night Sorceries

  • Gowry can sell Night Shard and Night Maiden's Mist, after completing 
  • There aren't Scrolls available for Night Sorceries.
  • Check the Night Sorceries individual pages to learn their location.

Night Sorceries Requirements

Boosting Night Sorceries


All Night Sorceries



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    • Anonymous

      Night maidens mist and the unseen spells seem to be the only support sorceries that are worth using. Everything else can be done without the intelligence requirements, or is just not worth using.

      • Anonymous

        night maidens mist superiority.

        but quite frankly i do think staff of loss should boost night sorceries as a whole

        • Anonymous

          I have to retract my comment on the Staff of Loss. Apparently it has been nerfed, there is no bonus for Night Comet or Night Shard anymore.

          • Anonymous

            Most OP spells in the entire game. Enemy has shield? Use ambush shard and hit him from behind. Want to just butcher any boss? Use night comet. Best part, enemy npcs don't dodge any of these spells.

            • Anonymous

              This spell is OP when you have all spell boosting items on and you have the ARROW REACH talisman equiped.
              PS. The arrow reach talisman only works with 3 spells, ambush, sling, and the big bubble.

              • Anonymous

                It would've been cool if there was a Night variant of Glintstone Stars considering that from a lore point of view, both family of spells (Night and Stars spells) originated from Sellia in some form of way. Night sorceries, although they were ancient sorceries found within Eternal Cities, were being used mainly by Sellia sorcerers as they're known for planning and acting out assassinations. While the Stars spells were created by Lusat, a Conspectus who originated from Sellia.

                It is also stated that Lusat being a Conspectus in the academy attracted many sorcerers from Sellia, which could've given us more reason for sorcerers in Sellia to create a Night variant of Glintstone Stars considering many idolized Lusat (well, before the whole scarlet rot and keeping-Lusat-imprisoned thing... lol).

                • Anonymous

                  I wish there was a talisman that made all spellcasting completely silent, at maybe a 10% higher fp cost?

                  • Anonymous

                    It's so easy to cheese enemies, especially NPC Invaders with Night Comet, because they never try to dodge the skill.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have used most of these spells throughout the game. Especially Mist and Comet. So useful. Little known fact is that all night sorcery spells go through block.

                      • Anonymous

                        This honestly has to be my favourite spell school, it has a mix of really good and funny sorceries. On top of that the projectiles also look really cool.

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