Noble Presence

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Spell Type Godskin Apostle Incantations
FP Cost 20 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Thrust out belly with gusto to unleash repelling shockwave

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Noble Presence is an Incantation in Elden RingThe Noble Pressence incantation spell causes the user to release a shockwave effect that drives enemies that are near the player, away from them. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Ancient power of the Godskin Nobles.

Thrust out belly with gusto to produce a shockwave that knocks
back nearby foes.
Charging enhances potency, knocking enemies into the air.

Once a sign of the gods' wrath, this incantation became a trophy

of the Nobles' god hunt.


Where to find Noble Presence

Where to find Noble Presence:


Elden Ring Noble Presence Guide

  • Godskin Apostle Incantation
  • Damage is increased by about 20% while wearing Godskin Noble Robe
  • Stamina Cost: 28
  • Deals the Blackflame Damage over Time effect, similar to other Godskin Apostle incantations
    • However, because charging the attack knocks enemies down (giving them temporary invincibility), it can sometimes wear off before it has a chance to deal any significant damage
  • Deals Fire damage
  • Note: In Patch 1.07, interestingly, although Patch 1.07 Patch Notes states that the stamina consumption was increased, the stamina cost was actually reduced from 35 to 28. This patch also increased the amount of stamina damage the spell does to guarding enemies and reduced recovery time after casting.




Elden Ring Noble Presence Notes and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      Ah, hell, man, they've got their nose in everything! Can't sht without the golden order taking an interest! To hell with it!

      • Anonymous

        Ive knocked godfrey with this multiple times its pretty good with the radagon icon and just fast casting when you can get it off the poise damage seems immense

        • Anonymous

          i wouldn't even care if it was slow if it at least had hyperarmor. it literally has nothing going for it.

          • Anonymous

            Wanna be a True Chad ? Screw the Noble Apostle Robe.... Equip Leaden Hard Tear , Full Bull-Goat set , a Colossal Sword and Noble Presence.... They will Learn how to fly. ( And you sir , will learn how to Juggle humanoids on air ). Lmao xD

            • Anonymous

              Decent Spell , altho Extremely situational... This sadly doesn't burn enemies when fully charged. As small enemies get into the Air Knock-back animation this will Cancel the DoT damage actually. ( However , overall Noble Presence is a Giant Killer of a Spell in PvE its much better than WoG incase of Giant enemies or Bosses ). Wrath of Gold however is overall much better with Range , Holy damage output and crazy good against small enemies that stagger easily.... So i'd say Noble Presence is Yin , while Wrath of Gold if Yang ;) ( Rejection however is useless overall so just have this Spell instead of WOG just consider that too ).

              • Anonymous

                for those comparing this to WoG, they have different applications.

                This is best suited for knocking enemies up in the air near you and also for use on enemies with large health pools thanks to the DoT from blackflame.

                WoG much better for clearing out crowds and pushing enemies away from you, rather than up in the air near you.

                Both spells viable.

                • Anonymous

                  I've already asked this once but I didn't explain why I was asking clearly. I never use rejection, WoG or this one, I don't think they are worth a spell slot. I only ever use WoG to help with speeding up the rune farm at blood-filled lake, there are a couple of groups around the area and in three small caves that can be approached by sneaking and all in each pack can be killed at the same time with one charged cast of WoG with the talismans I use it does just over 2000 damage to them. I was curious if this would get close to that sort of damage for less FP?

                  • Anonymous

                    How does this compare to the wrath of gold incantation? that costs 40 FP to cast and depending on talismans and physik I can get damage of between 1700 and 2300, so if noble presence does similar damage for 20 FP obviously I'll use that instead of WoG.

                    • Anonymous

                      The vertical range saved my ass. I was invading and fell down into a very small cliff edge below, and couldn't get back up. Host and phantoms were taunting me from above, as none of my spells could reach that high without having to walk back a few steps.

                      I pull this thing off, host gets knocked at just the right angle that he gets brought down to the same area as me. He then proceeded to eat r1s and died.

                      I used to think it was useless. Consider my mind changed.

                      • Anonymous

                        Needs some substantial buffs.

                        Its uncharged version is downright useless and has next to no range, it has no hyper armor and takes a lot to charge.

                        Should also do a lot of Poise dmg if you ask me.

                        • Anonymous

                          Did some playing around with wog and presence, presence can hit harder especially with buffs, but the range makes it unrealistic conpared to wog for getting enemies off you. Also the uncharged wog knocks enemies back, presence doesn't, and its kinda ugly

                          • Anonymous

                            Charging vastly improves the aoe. Was using this to farm fowl feet in west Limgrave beach and couldn't reach almost any of the birds unless I fully charged it and with that I am able to hit them all.

                            • Anonymous

                              The non-charged version doesn't really hit behind (okay very little), so unless you are always charging this, WoG is kind of better for situations when you are surrounded.

                              • Anonymous

                                Destroys Melania phase 1. Knocks her up and she is weak to fire. Phase 2 stick with Black Flame fire balls.

                                • Anonymous

                                  80 Faith, Erdtree seal right hand (357 scaling), Godslayer seal left hand for 10% damage boost, Fire Scorpian Talisman, Fire grant me strength incantation for another 20% boost plus Golden Vow incantation damage boost. This thing hit 2k AoE damage and knocks up.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Seems to be a touch more fp efficient than WoG for damage, especially with the noble robe, but slightly smaller and more front-facing hitbox uncharged with less knockback. Fully charged has comparable range and the knock up. WoG will do better for dps but with less fp efficiency and knocks back instead of up with the charge so it becomes harder to follow up on but is better for creating space. This seems like the cheap spammable option and conditionally combo starter and WoG is the rich man's get-off-me tool

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is great against enemies that like to circle around you like the imps and bats. With the relevenat passives, it can also deal good damage for it's FP cost.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The buff is 20% with the robe. Note that this incantation deals fire damage as well, so it can be boosted by all fire buffs (physick, scorpion charm, fire grant me strength) as well as incantation buffs and godfrey's icon charged spell buff. With the robe and full charged it can deal incredible amounts of damage, however it is extremely hard to hit because of its long cast time, I'd suggest trying to hit enemies through walls or using the radagon's icon to speed things up, but the normal uncharged damage is still high so don't be afraid to use it as it is significantly faster.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I tested the boost of the Godskin Noble Robe, and it seems to boost the spell by 20%, (60 FTH, 833 damage with, 694 without).
                                          979 fully charged with robe, 816 fully charged without robe.
                                          Few things to note: ZERO talismans equipped, used a Godslayer Seal +21 which had 270 Incant Scaling (the godslayer buff was applied due to using this seal).

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