Nomadic Merchant


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Location Forest-Spanning Greatbridge, Altus Plateau
Role General Goods Shop
Voiced by  ???

Nomadic Merchant West Altus Plateau is an NPC and one of several Nomadic Merchants in Elden Ring. Nomadic Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing hints on how to acquire certain items. This Nomadic Merchant can be found in Altus Plateau, just next to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site Of Grace.


Nomadic Merchant Location in Elden Ring

Found sitting by a fire at the side of the broken greatbridge, just next to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site Of Grace. [Map Link]

  • This merchant does not move
  • This merchant can be fought
  • If defeated, drops: Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [7]


Elden Ring Nomadic Merchant Shop


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Nomadic Merchant


  • ??


  • First visit dialogue here


  • ??

Small Talk

  • ??
  • ??

When attacking him

  • Eh! Please! Please, stop this!
  • It was me! It's all my fault! Please, don't hurt me!
  • (Turning hostile) I said don't hurt me! Aaargh!

Upon defeating him

  • How could you...What have I ever done? Heh heh...

When killed by

  • I warned you. I told you to stop.


  • Ooh! Ah, oh, terribly sorry... I-I didn't realize you came back.
  • I-I must apologise. I'm afraid I've very little to offer.
  • Oh, is there anything wrong?
  • Oh, nothing that suits your tastes, then? Heh heh...


Elden Ring Nomadic Merchant Notes & Trivia

  • This merchant is playing some kind of string instrument bearing some resemblance to the Shamisen, Sanshin, and Kokyu which are traditional Japanese instruments. 
  • Despite having six pegs, the instrument is only seen with two strings.
  • Lowering the Music and raising the Sound Effects helps if wanting to listen to his playing more clearly.




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