Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame

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Note imparting knowledge in brief

Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame is an Info Item in Elden Ring. Tutorial items provide information about how to add Skills to your WeaponsCrafting advices, Combat tips, and more. They can be obtained through exploration and looting, dropped by specific Enemies or Bosses, or purchased from NPCs


Note sold by a nomadic merchant imparting knowledge in brief.

"Beneath Leyndell, at the very bottom lies our lord, lord of the frenzied. The Three Fingers who holds us in thrall."


Where to find Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring

This note can be looted from a corpse found within Frenzied Flame Village. Approach the village from the Northern entrance and locate a corpse lying against a corner of the wall to the left as you enter. [Map Link] [Video Location]


Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame Guide in Elden Ring 

 This note tells of where to find the Three Fingers, lord of the frenzied. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 1 Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame.
  • You cannot store Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame.
  • Sell Value: N/A
  • Notes and player tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      So… this is a weird question, I know. But normally, if a player inherits the frenzied flame and Melina leaves, by the time you can get rid of it, you’ve already beaten Fire Giant and are past the point where her last interaction would be anyways. BUT, if one were to wrong warp to Farum Azula early and get to Placidusax’s arena after getting the needle, and remove the frenzied flame before burning the erdtree, would Melina show back up? I would guess that she does tbh, because otherwise the player would have no method of burning the erdtree. She probably just has the normal dialogue because the game obviously doesn’t expect you to wrong warp, so it might seem kind of clunky since she left and pretty clearly had no intent of coming back. Y’know, having threatened to kill you and all…

      • Anonymous

        Interesting tidbit: Since the feathers on the notes match the hats of the merchants who sold them, we can guess that this note was written by ether the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow, or the Isolated merchant in the Weeping Peninsula. - Unless there is another with the same feathers, the images on this wiki are too small to get a good look at their hats.

        • Anonymous

          There are actually 2 notes on the Frenzied Flame Village.
          1st is titled Frenzied Flame Village. Telling you south of the grand lift lies the Village.
          2nd is the one spoken about here. I do not know if I picked it up here or at a merchant.
          Mention of such should be included at the top instead of randomly in the walk-through notes.
          Also 5 burred bolts can be found on the left of the path from the lift right were it gets dark and the Flame tower is on the left, town on the right. They sit on some raised rock ledges. Also need to be added.

          • Anonymous

            1) You have to enter through the EASTERN entrance, not the northern one
            2) The note the merchant sells is a different one, even the names are different
            3) Who writes this ****?

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