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Throw at enemies to boost the next Fire Damage they take
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Oil Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to boost the next Fire Damage they take, and requires an empty Cracked Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a cracked pot.
A cocktail of oil-infused materials is sealed inside.

Throw at enemies to soak them in oil, making them heavily susceptible to fire damage.


Oil Pot use in Elden Ring

Oil Pot can be thrown to soak enemies in oil, boosting the next single instance of Fire Damage they take by 50%.


Elden Ring Oil Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Oil Pot you need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Oil Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 20 Oil Pot, depending on how many Cracked Pots you have
  • You can store up to 600 Oil Pot
  • Sell Value: Oil Pot cannot be sold
  • Once a Oil Pot is thrown, its Cracked Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot


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    • Anonymous

      They're good, but the proc of the oil can get nullified by rolls in a similar way to bleed or poison moth flight

      • Anonymous

        Don’t sleep on these in PvP! I have a XANTHOUS KING build, get some gankers chasing you, drop some roped oils, use endure and then cast the flame pillars spell…70 Faith with incant talismans and 2 giant seals…goodbye gankers

        • Anonymous

          For fun use this and a Fire-Infused Greatsword with Lion's Claw in your next Colossal Greatsword playthrough.

          Kill every Erdtree Avatar in three hits.

          • Anonymous

            Aim and pivot toss Oil Pot at the enemy. Then use a fast Fire-infused weapon or a fire weapon skill, like Flaming Strike or Unsheathe. Frostbite beforehand is all the more rewarding.

            • Anonymous

              often times the oil pot proc gets eaten by rolls in pvp, so you really gotta be careful when you choose to proc it.

              • Anonymous

                "Lol look at this goober throwing crap at me. Does no damage cause im that good! He wont hit me with that spell ei-"

                Many people in this wiki dont seem to understand the real use of these. Fire magic is widely regarded as clunky, unreliable & overcosted. Combine that with the frequent environmental penalties, and the unfortunate fact that health and fire defense scale together. Oil pots are not meant to supplement your flamestrike combo or dragon breath spam. They boost a single tick of fire damage. This is good for big spells like o flame & giantsflame, or even flame of the fell god (but why would you use that) assuming you can set them up or free aim. Most players cannot free aim or set up such spells making them less effective & rarely seen. If you want to skillfully fireball your way out of ganks this is a pyro invaders bread & butter.

                • Anonymous

                  caelid enemies are weak to fire
                  1) cover everyone in oil
                  2) cover yourself in oil

                  25/04/XXXX the caelid incident

                  • Anonymous

                    Underrated for fth users, giantsflame take thee already does great damage, so imagine a enemies fire def cut into half. Its pretty devastating. Might even be able to 1 shot erdtree avatars with this

                    • Anonymous

                      Feel like these are underrated, 50% boost is nothing to sneeze at. Ive been getting gross dmg numbers using these and catch flame with other dmg boosts stacked.

                      • Anonymous

                        Should edit this to 25%
                        Tested on the one eyed shield weapon art fireball

                        Without oil I did 1137.
                        With oil I did 1421.

                        With flame grant me strength and fire cracked tear on top of the oil it did a little over 2000.

                        • The biggest problem with oil pots in all FS games is definitely that it only boosts the very next source of fire damage, even if it's like a measly 10 chip damage.

                          They really should have developed this mechanic more. Add a full-body burning VFX that gets triggered on the next source of fire damage, and have it last just a second or two. Then give the damage bonus to both the triggering fire damage and all fire damage dealt during the short VFX.

                          As it is, it requires too much planning to be useful in multiplayer, or other more hectic combat.

                          • Anonymous

                            While farming Magma Blade, tested this with Golden Vow; Flame, Grant Me Strenght; Wounderous Flask Boosting Strenght and Fire Damage; a single Giant's Seal +25; 80 Faith; 25 Strenght and the results were this while hiting the Crawling Albinauric after the Wooden Elevator used in the farming route for the sword:

                            Without Oil pot: 1165
                            With Oil pot: 1700

                            * THIS WAS WITH CATCH FLAME. *

                            • Anonymous

                              Giant brains spend their cracked pots on oil, and ritual pots on giantsflame. Both are stupidly cheap and cheesy

                              • Anonymous

                                a guy oneshot me at 1581 hp with a fire nagakiba after I rolled through one of these
                                it was even raining, too

                                • Anonymous

                                  Seems like a 25% dmg amp on the next instance of fire dmg.
                                  Tested this with the one-eyed shield +10 weapon art on the giant right before the secluded cell grace, base dmg against giant was 1663, dmg after hitting it with the oil pot was 2079, a 25% increase but seems like the dmg amp only works for 1 instance of fire dmg before being consumed. Hope this helps.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Love to use this in conjunction with the One-eyed Shield. Improves the explosive **** damage exponentially.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Only buffs the first instance of fire damage on the afflicted target, then the debuff disappears. Best used with single hit, high potency fire abilities like the Blasphemous Blade's weapon art. These are fantastic for conserving mana; they cost 0FP to throw and improve damage quite a lot with the right build. They are some of the easiest pots to craft as well; Melted Mushrooms can be farmed easily in Nokron and 1 Melted Mushroom = 1 Oil Pot.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        in theory, if you use this in conjunction with the jar cannon and exploding greatbolt, you could do a lot of damage

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