Omen Bairn

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Uses FP to unleash wraiths that chase down foes.
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D Int

D Fth
FP Cost 24

Omen Bairn is a Tool in Elden Ring. Tools are unique, reusable items which assist the player during various facets of gameplay ranging from basic communication to assisting in boss encounters.


Doll of a curseborn bairn.

Uses FP to unleash wraiths that chase down foes.

Omen babies have all their horns excised, causing most to perish.
These fetishes are made to memorialize them.

"Please, don't hate me, or curse me. Please."


Where to find Omen Bairn in Elden Ring


Omen Bairn use in Elden Ring

Omen Bairn uses FP to unleash a cluster of swift, ghost-like projectiles that chase down targets.


Elden Ring Omen Bairn Notes & Tips

  • Each piece of the Omen Set increases the damage dealt by the summoned projectiles by +5%, for a total damage increase of +20% when wearing the full set.
  • At 99 Int + 99 Fth, Omen Bairn dealt 448 damage. (Compared to an uncharged Ancient Death Rancor cast with the same stats and +25 Prince of Death Staff dealing 1476 damage for the same FP cost)
  • It is a weaker alternative to the Regal Omen Bairn.
  • You can hold up to 1 Omen Bairn.
  • You can store up to 600 Omen Bairn.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px-
  • The projectiles deal Holy Damage. Any equipment, incantation, etc. that boosts Holy Damage can be used to boost the damage dealt by the projectiles.


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    • Anonymous

      I think the words are an inscription written by the mother. She's begging for nobody to hate or curse her lost and malformed child. The mother didn't want this fate to befall her child. Marika probably created fetishes to memorialize Morgott(Regal Omen Bairn) and Mohg. Is it possible that Morgott and Mohg were taken from her by Golden Order fanaticists?

      • Anonymous

        Do this and the regal variant do the same amount of stance damage? If they do and you merely wanted to use this to stance break enemy npc’s then this would be the more FP efficient option at slight less than half the cost.

        • Anonymous

          The horned babies probably killed their mothers as they were born while covered in sharp horns. Disgusting.

          • Anonymous

            I remember when I looted this, it was in a small chamber with a single omen in it, next to what appeared to be a tiny grave. Very sad implications.

            • Despite their projectiles looking identical, Omen Bain and Regal Omen Bairn deal holy damage whereas Wraith-Calling Bell deals magic damage. There's a distinct lack of good ranged holy damage attacks, especially for Int builds, so keep this in mind, although they work best for Int/Faith hybrid builds. The bairns have a noticeably shorter range than the bell, as well as a longer windup, but deal more damage per usage, including seemingly much more poise damage. The burst around the player when they use bairn items does do damage, but it's not too terribly much, so because the animation is long and you aren't given hyper-armor it's probably better to use it at range in most cases. Of the two, the regal variant is going to be more practical for a caster since they have the same usage time but the regal version can output far much more damage (and what else were you going to use that remembrance for, anyway?). Worth noting is that just like the bell, the bairns' projectiles also have great homing capabilities, and both bairns fire several projectiles that are irregularly staggered, which could make them better at roll catching in PvP. For any players interested in using these, while there's no talismans (that I'm aware of) which could reduce their FP cost, if your MaxFP is high enough the Cerulean Seed Talisman can effectively provide +20% FP efficiency with no downsides.

              • Anonymous

                To be more precise, this item is looted off a Curved Greatsword using Omen found in a large room accessed from the pipe section.

                • Anonymous

                  Uses 24 FP and does almost no damage even if all orbs hit. But, does have a decent-ish knockback explosion around yourself.

                  • Anonymous

                    You can rarely drop it by killing Omen abominations. I got it from one of them at the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.

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