Order Healing

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Spell Type Golden Order Incantations
FP Cost 15 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Alleviates death blight buildup

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Order Healing is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Order Healing spell relieves the buildup of Death Blight.


One of the incantations of the Golden Order fundamentalists.
Used by hunters of Those Who Live in Death.

Alleviates death blight buildup.

The noble Goldmask lamented what had become of the hunters.
How easy it is for learning and learnedness to be reduced to the
ravings of fanatics; all the good and the great wanted, in their
foolishness, was an absolute evil to contend with.

Does such a notion exist in the fundamentals of Order?


Where to find Order Healing

Where to find Order Healing:

  • Dropped by a Teardrop Scarab found in the middle of a circular section of the Siofra Aqueduct. Accessible only after unlocking upper areas of Siofra Aqueduct. See it on the Elden Ring Interactive Map Link.
  • Fast travel to the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace and follow the path east until you have to jump down a narrow walkway to cross into circular buildings. Head to the right and you will find the scarab inside the hanging building.
  • Video Location


Elden Ring Order Healing Guide




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    • Anonymous

      People seemed to miss that Goldmask and Corrhyn were heretics.

      The Perfect Golden Ordsr he created is an order bent around criticizing authority.

      The Golden Order Fundamentalists are not religious fundamentalists. People like Goldmask were trying to define reality.

      Theorists like Darwin and Einstien often made these large leaps in their thinking that can’t be properly defined as being from A to B.

      Pure intelligence is just mathematics and Newtonian Physics. You can’t define reality from that point of view alone.

      • Anonymous

        Real disappointed this doesn't actually heal. It could have gone with a moderate amount of health healed at a ds2 estus rate, or something.

        • Anonymous

          The text directions are vague and the map location is incorrect. The video link did correctly demonstrate the scarab's location but the "start playing at xx:xx" time in the yt link could be a bit earlier in order to better clarify which circular building the player should head to.

          • Anonymous

            Should remove buildup AND increase your Vitality for 30 seconds afterwards. Could be useful for facing a Wormface or a Basilisk then.

            • Anonymous

              Is there a point to this spell if you already have Law of Regression?
              I know this one is much cheaper, but you are not going to be spamming it anyway.

              • Anonymous

                Wait so it doesn't heal? Friendship ended with golden order. Friendship started with frenzied flame. A world in which this costs fp is a world that must burn.

                • Anonymous

                  Just tested this, and can confirm that it does not prevent build up over a period of time, but removes any build up you may have per cast. Same as other Incantations, such as; Law of Regression, Cure Poison, etc.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is this a 1x use or does it continuously prevent death blight buildup? If it's the latter then this could prevent abusive death blight pvp.

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