Pearldrake Talisman

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Weight 0.9
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status effect 141 elden ring wiki guide 44px Reduces  Elemental Damage taken by 5/7/9%

Pearldrake Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Pearldrake Talisman reduces Elemental Damage taken by 5/7/9%. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


Talisman depicting a pearlescent ancient dragon.
Boosts non-physical damage negation.

The ancient dragons who ruled in the prehistoric era before the Erdtree, would protect their lord as a wall of living rock.
And so it is that the shape of the dragon has become symbolic of all manner of protections.


Pealdrake Talisman Effect in Elden Ring

 Pearldrake Talisman reduces Elemental Damage taken by 5/7/9%. (Effect reduced to 2/3/4% in PvP.)


Where to find Pearldrake Talisman in Elden Ring

  • Base talisman: Can be found beyond the lowest ("Crumbling Lands") waygate of the Four Belfries. Go through the waygate, then jump down to the north, then jump down to the east (and if you can, use ranged attacks to kill the two beastmen below), then jump down again, then jump down (to the north) one more time. [Map link]
  • +1 Variation: Can be found in Wyndham Ruins in the Mt. Gelmir region. The talisman is found inside a chest at the end of the area sealed by an Imp Statue; a Stonesword Key is required. [Map link]
  • +2 Variation: Can be found in Miquella's Haligtree. Travel to the Haligtree Town Site of Grace and exit through the northwestern door. Then climb the ladder and turn around to jump southeast across the gap. The talisman will be located on a corpse at the base of a statue, guarded by a Misbegotten Warrior. [ Map link] Video Location


Elden Ring Pearldrake Talisman Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 100
  • +1 Variation Sell Value:runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18  500
  • +2 Variation Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 1,000


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    • Anonymous

      This(+2) and the dragoncrest greatshield talisman pretty much completely negate the penalty of the sorseals, I have a tank faith build that I wouldn't be able to make in the 150 meta without the sorseal, so this Seal is a godsend in those situations

      • This talisman is great for PvE.

        It's a general purpose talisman for non-physical damage that protects against every non-physical attack.

        It also combines with the Magic, Fire, Lightning, and Holy Defense talismans allowing one to significantly boost their non-physical damage reduction for up to 3 damage types when using all 4 Talisman slots.

        • Anonymous

          4% effectiveness in pvp ends up being like 2% if you have armor. 2% of 2134 hp comes out to ~42hp saved. I don’t think these should be good in pvp but I would expect them to be at least the equivalent of an extra piece of armor or life boost talisman. Blessed dew talisman leagues better for pvp if you’re not going to get one shot. Ritual shield talisman absolute best for negating one shots. And blue feather massively increases HTK if you’re stacking vigor and life boosts with armor.

          • Anonymous

            When killing the beastmen for the standard version if you have the dragon breath abilities you can knock the cleaver one off the edge from where he is sleeping, then the other one will walk over to the edge to investigate, and can also be knocked over for 0 effort clear

            • Anonymous

              The +1 of this and +1 of firedrake talisman did seem to make a difference at the fire monk fort in mountaintop of the giants earlier on. I don't think it's totally useless like one or two are making it out to be.

              I've also been wondering if this is any protection against frost or cold affinity weapons? I know frostbite is a status ailment, but its also an affinity. Does anyone know for sure one way or the other?

              • Anonymous

                This might be a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. Does this and the firedrake talisman give any damage negation for frenzy and black flame? Frenzy obviously has a fire component otherwise it wouldn't be doing the damage it does to enemies immune to the madness status ailment and the fire scorpion charm does increase the damage frenzy incantations do.

                I ask about black flame because its in-game description does make it sound like it's different to ordinary fire, "the black flame could once slay gods" so maybe different but the same?

                • Anonymous

                  With how high damage is in this game, you would assume the PvP nerf on resistance talisman would be less severe...

                  • I'm not actually sure this is ever worth it to use. If you are going to try to stack this with one of the Drake Talismans you might actually be better off using the Crimson Medallion instead of this thing.

                    • Anonymous

                      "The regular Variation can be found beyond the first waygate of the Four Belfries." Which is the first waygate? How to determine that? It should be more specific

                      • Anonymous

                        It reduces Magic, Fire, Lignin and Holy. All status damage type are only reduced by resistance not negation.

                        • Anonymous

                          Are these values the same in PvP? The spelldrake talisman +2 only negates 6% magic damage in pvp where the +1 pearldrake negates 7% damage reduction and might be better to use in pvp

                          • Anonymous

                            "The regular Variation can be found beyond the first waygate of the Four Belfries." what does this mean? + the talisman doesnt show up when i look at the interactive map

                            • Anonymous

                              great for pairing with a specific elemental damage. since you can't wear 2 haligdrakes, pairing the haligdrake and the pearldrake is very effective. and they stack!

                              • Anonymous

                                First version is throuhg Four Belfries first waygate down past the two sleeping enemies who wake up. Once you've dealt with them, or ran past, drop off the ledge (to the right if looking towards where the enemies were sleeping from the area you dropped).

                                • Anonymous

                                  What constitutes non-physical damage? All Elemental Damage? Fire? Lightning? Magic? Poisons? Rot? Black Flame?

                                  I'm surprised this hasn't been asked.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    the first one is through the first way gate at the 4 belfry's going into crumbling farum azula at the bottom to the left
                                    sorry but this was so vague took me a long min to find

                                    • Anonymous

                                      the Pearldrake +2 can be grabbed by going to the "haligtree town" grace, then going northwest out of the room, up the nearby ladder within sight from the doorframe, and then leaping across southeast to the platform the leonine misshapen critter is on, it's in front of the statue there.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Anyone know if there is a +3 (i.e. legendary) version of this? Like the Greatshield one for physical damage?

                                        • Location for the base talisman is in Crumbling Farum Azula. You have to go through the portal called Crumbling Lands in "The Four Belfries"; once you've been teleported you have to go down by jumping down on flying platforms. You will find the talisman on a corpse off to the edge in the platform with two enemies. Coordinates -122 , 205

                                          • +1 version available in Wyndham ruins (the actual ruins location, not the catacombs). There a set of stairs with an imp statue, use a stonesword key to go through the fog, clear the room with a few skeletons, open the door and it'll be in the chest

                                            • Anonymous

                                              This can be reached from the Crumbling Farum Azula teleporter in the Four Belfries of Liurnia. The teleporter takes you to an isolated set of debris apart from the rest of Farum Azula, and you drop down various pieces until you reach the last, which has a corpse with the talisman on it. There are two very tough beastmen on your way there, though.

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