Perfumer Tricia

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 78 HP Cost -
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Summons spirit of Perfumer Tricia

Perfumer Tricia is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Perfumer Tricia is a support spirit with moves similar to the Boss variant.

Perfumers can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Perfumer.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirit of Tricia, the perfumer.

Tricia was once known as a healer who dedicated her efforts to treating Misbegotten, Omen, and all those seen as impure.
When her efforts failed, she was their companion as they died, watching over them to ensure that they could pass peacefully, free of pain.

A tale akin to the origins of the deathbed companions.


Where to find Perfumer Tricia

Where to Find Perfumer Tricia


Elden Ring Perfumer Tricia Guide



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    • Anonymous

      Dear poor souls, she is not your waifu. She is your wife. Cheering you and morale boosting before battle, toss salt at evil spirit to give you luck like a true wife.

      • Anonymous

        The part about this game's item and character description impressed me is where in Uplifting Aromatic it says those effected by it stop fearing death. This makes the perfumers excellent commanders. And if you summon Tricia, in battle whenever she casts the uplifting you gain a sheild which makes you (The player) not fear death and take more risks. This is truly genius

        • Anonymous

          I love this summon even though my bf thinks it’s stupid. she consistently throws out opaline bubble tears on whoever the enemy is aggro’d on (saving herself most of the time). essentially you get a 3rd wondrous physic tear with this summon. also she uses all the perfumer’s items so you don’t have to :) I love her sm plus she’s super cute.

          • Anonymous

            Wonderful spirit ash for pure melee builds, will stay a safe distance behind while throwing out 90% damage reduction shields and spark aromatics that synergize well with her great defensive AI. Feels like a true RPG support, minus the healing.

            • Anonymous

              Favorite ash in the game to use on a regular basis.

              She doesn't feel particularly broken, and won't occasionally solo bosses for you like Tiche or Lhutel. Instead, just provides very useful buffs and sometimes holds aggro, and usually survives pretty well in fights thanks to her shield.

              Also, she costs 78 FP to summon, which means you only need 10 mind can summon her without the crystal tear.

              To me she's the perfect support summon, and you can get her early enough into the game that she can be there for lots of fights.

              Also, you can use Shabriri's Woe to keep her alive much longer, but lategame it's probably not worth the talisman slot.

              • Anonymous

                Keep an "Uplifting Aromatic" in your inventory slot and your mimic will fill pretty much the same purpose.

                • On faith builds you can make a crazy tank with this. Ritual shield talisman is also needed. use things that heal you like regen incantation or blasphemous blade weapon art etc so you can keep up ritual shield talisman, even when she doesn't use the shield bubble you will still be tanky. You can also run the other damage resistance talismans.

                  • Anonymous

                    Theorycrafting a build that stays on low hp with Red tear ring and she can provide nice utility with her shield, basically saving you from dying if you get hit.

                    • Anonymous

                      I was hoping that she would preserve your runes if you died while she was summoned, based on the line: “when her efforts failed, she was their companion as they died, watching over them to ensure that they could pass peacefully, free from pain”. Rune loss is a source of pain for us, so I was curious… and disappointed.

                      • Anonymous

                        She's a double edged sword-kind of summon. She cast an area spell that temporary generates a shield that can absorb 80% of any attack up to a specific amount of damages which is really useful as long as you remains in that area. (It has golden sparkles floating around). She can buff your melee attack +20%, but it comes at the cost of a % on your attack speed and you don't have controls over that, meaning that you should NOT use her with an heavy slow-ish weapon... ever! She's simply useless when far away from the enemy or boss because she barely move around (lazy as heck) and will keep casting super short range incantation that reaches barely 1-2 meters in front of her toward enemies that are 20m away. Lastly, at this moment, she's a source of technical issues because the amount of particles she generate (visual effect) in the environment kills the framerate against certain bosses in certain areas optimized for that amount. (With her around, the amount of triangles generated in the world can raise and change as much as 150,000 in just 5 secs and the game engine doesn't like that at all.)

                        • Anonymous

                          You can just make her shield perfume and use it on yourself and allies including ash summons and jolly cooperaters

                          • Anonymous

                            Alternative support spirit compare to Finger Maiden Therolina, Perfumer Tricia main gimmick is that she spam shield on both you and herself a lot and rarely does damage.
                            She can make you tank hit like a champ with her shield, but it up to you yourself to do damage.

                            • Anonymous

                              Pretty great summon. She knows how to use a shield and will sporadically toss some golden dust into the air that gives you the effects of the Opaline Bubbletear.

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