Phantom Bloody Finger

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Type Consumable
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Attempts repeat invasion of last targeted world

Phantom Bloody Finger is a Multiplayer Item in Elden Ring. Multiplayer Items allow players to interact with each other in various ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, co-operative gameplay and competitive gameplay like PVP.


Item for online play.
Obtained after invading another world.
Consumed upon use.

Attempts another invasion of the most recently invaded world.
This may come in handy should separation from the Host of Fingers force a temporary retreat.


Where to find Phantom Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

Where to find Phantom Bloody Finger:

  • 3x Phantom Bloody Fingers will be added to a player's inventory upon invading another world. They will be automatically lost upon returning to the player's own world.


Phantom Bloody Finger Guide for Elden Ring

  • The Phantom Bloody Finger can be used by an invading player to rejoin the host's world. It will place the invading player in another suitable location upon loading back in.


Elden Ring Phantom Bloody Finger Notes & Tips

  • Notes and player tips go here



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    • Recently had one of these work out very nice. I invaded in Stormveil to find the host and their partner standing by the Godrick summoning pool without budging. They didn't run for the fog, didn't leave and do more of the level, didn't attack me, but just stood in that one spot.

      After having enough of that, I decided to back up into the grace room and use this out of sight. I ended up on the steps ahead of Nepheli's room, and decided to see if the elevator was active. Turns out it was, and I rode it up to the jar area right behind the phantom. The host wasn't in sight, so I snuck up behind the phantom and gave them a good WHACK, only for the host to panic and DC.

      I guess they thought I was hacking (on console btw) after walking into a small room and teleporting away, hahaha!

      • Anonymous

        To all the people who think this item lets you rematch a host or invade someone else it does not. Using it in an invasion repositions you closer to the host in case you get stuck or fall behind. It does not match make you with someone else.

        • wh...why? why, why, why why why would they make this? what the **** is the point? it dissappears on a disconnection so it's not for reconnections, it dissappears on a win or a loss so it's not for rematches, the description doesn't mention anything about using it as a cheap dodge tool, what the **** is the point? WHAT IS THIS ITEM? ****ING TELL ME, FROMSOFT

          • Anonymous

            “Attempts repeat invasion of last targeted world.” This description screams that you use it to rematch hosts you lost to previously. Not that it’s just a cheap escape tactic that works *sometimes* and is a poorly balanced way for invaders to just cheaply avoid a loss. Much prefer the idea of getting a second stab at a host I had a close chance at then just take a chance being teleported away in the world I’m in to a possibly better spot. As a host this item is just awful to deal with. My opinion? Just remove it. Doesn’t add anything but data tbh.

            • Anonymous

              Everytime I pull this off right before a Liurnia gank can get to me I just think about the Luke and Kylo Ren scene. "See ya around, kid."

              • Anonymous

                This item is broken and useless. Sometimes it literally teleports you to where you are already standing, which would be an easy fix on the developers side. It also does not take into account elevation so for example if you are invading in the capital you can waste all 3 teleporting to the same spot below where the host is standing near end of the level. I could code this fix myself so there really isn't any excuse on From's part. It would take less than 10 minutes.

                • Anonymous

                  I hate how these are always equipped automatically. I don't need quick access to these and having them bloat my consumables list

                  • Anonymous

                    Imagine being able to teleport to another side of the map so that you can easier reach the host. Yeah, it doesn't work like that...

                    • Anonymous

                      90% of the time using this takes you back to your initial invade spot. Why have this item if it doesn't change up your spawn to find people on unreachable cliffs, elevators, etc.?

                      • Anonymous

                        This is the way this item actually works:
                        0. You invade another player, and die/lose connection/otherwise have to leave.
                        1. You invade another player.
                        2. You use this item while invading.
                        3. The item makes you leave the 2nd player's world, and invade the 1st player's world in the same spot you died/lost connection/whatever.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you spawn on a lethally high cliff above the host, this can be a faster and safer way to reach them. Usually it works and puts you in a new or better location. Usually.

                          They can also be used if your cornered and have enough time to use it. You should assess the necessity of repositioning.

                          • Anonymous

                            The ingame description is very misleading, makes it sound like you could re-invade the same host after loosing connection or such. Probably the reason why I haven't seen this item being utilized correctly more than once or twice so far.

                            Hopefully people will get more aware about the actual function so invaders don't have to spend several minutes catching up to the host because of a bad spawn point, which seems to be a common thing.

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