Phantom Great Rune

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Type Great Rune
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Give blessing of blood to enemies in invaded world

Phantom Great Rune is a Great Rune, Multiplayer Item, and Consumable in Elden Ring. Phantom Great Rune gives blessing of blood to enemies in invaded world. Great Runes in Elden Ring are special items dropped by Demigod Bosses that can be equipped to acquire special passive bonuses.


Item for online play.
Obtained after using the Mohg's Great Rune and invading another world.
Consumed upon use.

Enemies inside the invaded world receive a blessing of blood, which boosts their attack power when blood loss occurs nearby. Also, your HP recovers when blessed enemies defeat a player.


Where to find Phantom Great Rune in Elden Ring

Unlike other great runes, these are consumable (they recharge every invasion), and are not directly gained through completing a questline nor killing Shardbearers, and are obtained through Mohg's Great Rune as an online (PVP) only item.


Elden Ring Phantom Great Rune Use

If you want to use the Phantom Great Rune, you will need to invade a Host of Finger's world while Mohg's Great Rune is active through a Rune Arc.
Upon joining the Host's world, you are granted three consumable Phantom Great Runes that will grant the Host of Finger's enemies a buff to their attack when blood loss occurs.

As an invader the player will receive a -13.5% HP penalty after use while getting a +10% lifesteal boost and a +20% damage boost for 20 seconds after blood loss occured.


Elden Ring Phantom Great Rune Notes & Tips

  • Invaders will need to rely on enemies with already existing bleed capabilities, or must use their own methods to inflict blood loss on players for the rune to have any effect.



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    • Anonymous

      This item would be more useful for invaders if it spawned sanguine nobles around the invader (number dependant on phantoms summoned). I mean, what good are the pve enemies when they re designed to give trouble to a lone host, and become punching bags to cooperators? Mohg can send bloody fingers to other worlds, so having his great rune shouldn't at least make you able to mimic those invasions?

      • There are two changes I'd make to this rune if I had the ability to do so. First, I'd turn the 13.5% Health Drain effect into a 15% + 100 self-inflicted Blood Loss effect, I think taking more damage is worth the exchange for not needing a Bleed build in order to proc the effect reliably. Second, I'd make the effect additionally apply to the user (perhaps at a lesser effectiveness) as well as other nearby Invaders, that way the Rune would still have a use if you invaded a world where all of the NPC enemies are already dead.

        • Anonymous

          The healing from enemies killing players in the Host's world is neat but a bit too niche considering how rare that would happen.

          Instead, what if enemies killed in the Host's world heal YOU while the Great Rune is in effect?

          That or an alternate idea, it prevents all Flask recovery for the host and any phantoms for the duration of it being active, would definitely even the odds against gank squads.

          • Anonymous

            This is the closest thing we have to a unique covenant mechanic. I hope we get more stuff like this in dlc

            • Anonymous

              So it isn't explained anywhere BUT: As long as you have this rune active, the blood buff actually applies IN YOUR OWN WORLD TO YOUR SUMMONED ASHE PHANTOMS.

              So while this Great Rune is active, your summoned phantoms will heal you, and react to bleeds and all that. You can tell this rune is active by a red glowing flames aura that your ashe summons will gain.

              It is very strange that this is omitted in the description, it is so major I'm wondering if it is a glitch? My current patch is 1.04.2.

              • Anonymous

                A shame. Not sure why this just doesn't buff mobs in general. You're already sacrificing a Rune Arc to use this anyway, isn't that penalizing enough? Using it near a specific mob should just give them an increased 10% damage and absorption or something. Something substantial. The fact it only activates when blood loss in nearby is pretty pointless. As someone who invades, bleed builds are pretty boring. Can't see myself ever using this.

                • Anonymous

                  Rework ideas:

                  #1: Sacrifice 10% of your maximum health to summon the three nearest mobs, or the one nearest mini-boss to your current location.

                  #2: Sacrifice 10% of your maximum health to be able to use Spirit Ash summons as an Invader. This excludes mimic tear.

                  Thoughts? I thought of these because I want to solve the problem where you get ganked by people waiting for you to invade to catch you without any AI to help you. I also wanted to solve the problem of the AI not usually being present during a fight (it's actually fairly rare to get a fight with AI unless you're in a really narrow dungeon)

                  • Keep in mind, your max hp is reduced upon first use of the phantom great rune in a host's world.

                    Pretty useless for any non bleed builds since it's not worth the health trade off as an invader against multiple players.

                    There's very little scenarios outside of your own bleed builds to use this. That's if you pair up with Sanguine Nobles, those imp statues, or you're fighting against hosts with bleed. But relying on others to get the buff benefit is a poor choice when you keep in mind the trade off loss in HP.

                    • Anonymous

                      Yeah this Great Rune sucks, but I'll give a little credit to From for at least trying to create a unique Rune that sticks out from the lineup, not just some "here have another way of boosting your health" option

                      • Anonymous

                        I reckon this one would only be useful in areas that are densely crowded by powerful mobs. In Leyndell and Haligtree it may be useful

                        • Anonymous

                          I invade A LOT and i dont give a **** about this rune.
                          Just make that when u kill a phantom u get an extra flask or smth

                          • Anonymous

                            so situational that they're basically worthless. You have to be using a bleed build, then you have to have time to buff some mobs, then you have to bleed the host near the mobs before they simply run away, then the mobs can finally try to get a hit in before they get their little attack buff. What's the point?

                            • Through limited testing;
                              The only way to acquire these is through invading another player with Mohg's Great Rune equipped, and while active with a rune arc.
                              When invading you're given 3 Phantom Great Runes, alongside 3 Phantom Invader's Fingers.
                              The Phantom Great Runes - as noted on the wiki already - buff the enemies within the Host's world when blood loss occurs, these three runes recharge every invasion.
                              (I'm currently unsure if the mob buff is the same as the Exultation talisman in both duration and power, or if it's different.)
                              The Phantom Invader's Fingers allow you to invade the previous Host of Finger's world, and is only usable while invading, due to spawning in close proximity to the host every time, I've not had many opportunities to try and use this item.
                              Will try and update when I've tested these more.

                              • Anonymous

                                From my limited testing, acquisition seems only possible through invading while Mohg's great rune is equipped, and active through a rune arc.
                                You're given 3 Phantom Great runes per invasion, alongside 3 Phantom Bloody Fingers (these disappear upon leaving the host's world).
                                The Fingers allow a repeat invasion of the previous host's world, while the runes, as noted, buff mobs in the host's world when blood loss occurs, I am unaware how much it buffs them (whether it's similar to the Exultation talisman's numbers and duration or not).

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