Poison Mist

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Spell Type Servants of Rot Incantations
FP Cost 18 Slots Used: 1
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Releases poison mist before caster.

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Poison Mist is an Incantation in Elden Ring. The Poison Mist spell releases a cloud of poison in front of the caster, inflicting the Poison status effect on susceptible enemies. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Incantation of the servants of rot.

Releases a poisonous mist before the caster.
This incantation can be cast while in motion.

Those who dwell within poison know rot all too well. The death that begets life, that comes to all equally. That is to say: it is the cycle of rebirth put into practice.


Poison Mist Location in Elden Ring


Poison Mist Guide

  • Servants of Rot Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 10
  • Inflicts Poison Buildup: poison status effect elden ring wiki guide 25px (20) per tick.
  • Poison Mist does not alert enemies of your presence. You can sneak behind them and use it repeatedly until they die of poisoning.
  • Additionally, it doesn't wake sleeping enemies, making it ideal on enemies weak to sleep, such as the Godskin Apostle.
  • Note: This Spell was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows; Poison Status Buildup was increased to 20 (from 10).




Poison Mist Note and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.
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    • Anonymous

      If only we had the poison projectile spell the mushroom heads are using. Give it to players in super late game area like Haligtree if it is too much of a cheese, but I'd like more poison spells for servant of rot build.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone test the significance in poison build up?

        I've definitely noticed the buildup speed but am wondering exactly how much faster it is numbers wise.

        • Anonymous

          What if the servants of rot incantations had a poison buildup over time effect similar to bloodflame? I mean bleed is already the better status and it gets buildup over time, so it would be nice for us poison builds to get some love

          • Anonymous

            Using it to farm runes from the giant land squirts in Caelid is very good early on as each drops ~500 runes and there's three right next to the Aeonia Swamp Shore site of grace. it takes usually 1 cast to poison each and they immediately explode.

            • Anonymous

              I wish there was a version for the fast poison- stealth kills take quite a long time later on in the game, and applying rot from stealth would obviously be too broken

              • Anonymous

                the poison damage scales with faith? im asking because if you use poison option for weapon then it scales with arcane so get some confused with this one, or only applies for the seal level?

                • Anonymous

                  The castle Morne 'Rampart' Site of Grace.

                  It's not in the castle located in the South, but up more north. This incantation is Southeast from the said site of grace.

                  • Anonymous

                    My take on this is that I would use it if I was trying to do a rogue/assassin playthrough. It really has no use in open combat of any kind, but if you want to roleplay as a sneaky murderer, it's perfect. That's why it doesn't alert enemies.

                    • Anonymous

                      I found this on my first couple of hours but thought it was more or less useless after trying it on one of the misbegotten, it didn't stay in the cloud anywhere near long enough for it to kick in. I never read the wiki for it and I never used it. But I read about it working on enemies if you can sneak up on them so I came here to get an idea of it's uses. I think anyone using this to avoid fighting bosses are only cheating themselves out of game-play they paid money to experience, this is especially true for the draconic tree sentinel, it's not just a boss its a pretty good gauge of whether or not a player is going to be able to deal with the enemies in Leyndell. The only exception for me personally is the wormface enemies and boss variant. I can deal with basilisks, even in numbers like they are in a section of the shaded castle without getting hit with the death-blight status effect, but every single time I've tried to fight any wormface fair and square I get hit with death-blight and die before I can do anything about it, makes no difference if I have the pustule charm or have rejuvenating boluses ready to use, it's just not fun to die from a status effect I can't do anything to mitigate quickly enough, so they are fair game. If anyone is having trouble getting the golden slam ash of war, the nomadic warrior's cookbook 19 or the icon shield because of how heavily they are guarded by wormface enemies in the wood-folk ruins, I highly recommend this poison mist incantation, taking a little time to deal with these enemies is better than dying over and over, It works on the giant boss variant wormface guarding the minor erdtree in Altus Plateau as well but it takes three or four casts to poison it at first but after that it works the same way as it does with the smaller wormface.

                      • Anonymous

                        I found this in the first couple of hours of my playthrough, I tried it out on first enemy I saw and I thought it was more or less useless in a fight. I never read its wiki page so had no Idea of how potentially useful it is. Obviously using it to avoid having to fight a boss is cheating yourself out of some gameplay, but I have no qualms about using this on the wormface enemies in Altus Plateau, I can deal with the basilisks without getting the death blight status effect but not wormface, every time I've tried to fight one fair and square I get hit with the status effect and die before I have a chance to do anything about it, so they are fair game. I'm wondering though is there any way to speed up the poison buildup? or is it always going to be the same regardless of faith?

                        • Anonymous

                          Great for a """pacifist""" playthrough-no damage per tick means you can get poison on enemies with this without breaking the rules. Makes a lot of otherwise impossible fights possible in no direct damage challenges.

                          • Anonymous

                            Does anyone know if the poison build-up from the mist stacks on itself?

                            Assuming I'm trying to poison an enemy that takes more than one cast of poison mist, will spamming two mists as quickly as possible increase the poison build-up or would it instead make more sense to wait until one runs out before I cast the next?

                            • Anonymous

                              I saw someone mention somewhere that it takes longer for the poison to proc the more you use it? Is there truth to this or am I just paranoid since I've seen that comment? The only way I can see it being possible is that the effect is dependant on enemy HP.

                              • Anonymous

                                Cheese some Field Bosses; - Sneak behind Boss and use Poison Mist.

                                It takes a lot of time, but kill is kill. So what.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Does the tik rate increase with anything.

                                  I tried up my faith, arcane and switch sigil but the 13 tik was the same with the enemy I tried it. So is it scaling with anything.?

                                  • Does less overall damage than Poison Spraymist, as well as less damage-per-tick. It also scales much worse with enemy MaxHP and is much shorter ranged. However, Poison Mist can be cast while sneaking and does not make the noise that Poison Spraymist does. In most cases you can use invisibility effects plus quickly crouching after using Poison Spraymist to avoid detection, but for more perceptive enemies like field bosses this doesn't work so well. As such, Poison Mist is the safer option of the two, but Poison Spraymist is the stronger option. In open combat, Poison Spraymist is the only one of the two that's particularly useful, as it can deal some solid DoT, like a lesser Scarlet Rot (which it also can be used simultaneously with).

                                    • We get this point blank poison spell meanwhile the mushroom enemies get a long range homing version and the guys on the rooftops get to throw long range poison bottles that do surprising damage and stunlock


                                      • Anonymous

                                        Well it worked on cheesing the draconic sentinel. In theory, you could cheese every open world boss that doesn't move until aggroed. This can't possibly be intended.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          One thing to note that makes this spell (very) situationally useful: you can cast it while sneaking without breaking stealth, and since the enemies aren't getting hit, they don't react to it if they're not in combat. So if you're willing to be patient you can slowly poison things to death without a fight at all. Very few actual uses for that, but you can cheese one or two world boss fights with it if you're patient enough.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            It's kind of bad tbh. The range is pitiful and it takes a very long time to cast. Most of the time if you cast it, the enemy is simply going to ignore the cloud and hit you for free. If the cast were a bit faster it might be a decent zoning tool, but for how long it takes to set up, it just isn't very punishing.

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