Primeval Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Primeval Sorceries revolve around legendary abilities that evoke the vast powers of magic. There are a total of 3 Primeval Sorceries available for players. Primeval Sorceries don't have a Staff that specifically boost them.




Primeval Sorceries info

Obtaining Primeval Sorceries

There are no Scrolls associated with Primeval Sorceries to be found.

There are no Merchants that trade Primeval Sorceries, both Comet Azur and Stars of Ruin, are given directly to the players by two Npcs.

Primeval Sorceries Requirements

Boosting Primeval Sorceries


All Primeval Sorceries



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    • Anonymous

      Lol at people obsessing over PVP meta when that is and has always been the worst part of any fromsoft game. It would be funny if it wasn't so annoying.

      • Anonymous

        Have you guys ever actually enjoyed PvP at any point in your lives, sounds like some of you need less balance patches and more Prozac

        • Anonymous

          DS3 FAITH HAS EXTREMELY SATISFYING (great crowd control, fantastic weapons, good vs fighting a team of 3)

          DS3 INT IS STILL LACKCLUSTER (poor animations, weak orthodox vs fighting a team of 3 ~ hopefully you were better than me after playing 80h in INT)

          • Anonymous

            Yesssss finally the days of INTELLIGENCE being crap in PVP have returned
            FROMSOFT : we’ve been waiting to nerf ING ever since release mohahaha

            • Anonymous

              You gotta love that the one game where every sorcery isn't obliterating in pvp, people cry that INT is retroactively mistreated and FTH is busted. It's like these people were in a coma during Dark Souls 3 or something where FTH was in the gutter. Sorcery spells have consistently been good and even now. People are just insecure that FTH got flashier spells spread across the board, ignorant that they mostly can't be hybridized like Sorcery still can with their catalysts. People are really weak over non-issues these days.

              • Anonymous

                To the comment below me. They (sorceries) aren’t that bad, it’s just that Faith will always be better than intelligence : )

                If you don’t like how FROMSOFT ruined Rivers of Blood, Mogh’s Sacred Spear, and severely neglected Intelligence by enormously focusing solely on Faith… then you should buy FROMSOFT by all means necessary ! if you can

                Hope this helped.

                • Anonymous

                  The main draw of these Primeval Sorceries is to stack every magic/attack buff possible and nuke a single strong enemy or two.

                  • Anonymous

                    It should be noted that lidar's headpiece boosts the damage of stars of ruin (and possibly rain of stars) by 15% and increases there cost. And azur's does the same for azur's comet

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