Primeval Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Primeval Sorceries revolve around legendary abilities that evoke the vast powers of magic. There are a total of 3 Primeval Sorceries available for players. Primeval Sorceries don't have a Staff that specifically boost them.




Primeval Sorceries info

Obtaining Primeval Sorceries

There are no Scrolls associated with Primeval Sorceries to be found.

There are no Merchants that trade Primeval Sorceries, both Comet Azur and Stars of Ruin, are given directly to the players by two Npcs.

Primeval Sorceries Requirements

Boosting Primeval Sorceries

  • There isn't a staff available to boosts all Primeval Sorceries.
  • Azur's Glintstone Staff reduces the casting time of all Sorceries, but increases the amount of FP consumed.


All Primeval Sorceries



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