Prince of Death's Cyst

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Weight 0.6
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status effect 128 elden ring wiki guide 44pxGreatly raises Vitality, by 140

Prince of Death's Cyst is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Prince of Death's Cyst greatly raises Vitality, by 140, improving resistance to Death Blight. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


A fetid, overgrown cyst taken from facial flesh.
Greatly raises vitality.
(Vitality governs resistance to the effects of Death.)

It is said that this cyst came from the corrupted visage of one unable to die a true Death. Indeed, it comes from the Prince of Death, scion of the golden bough and First of the Dead among the demigods.


Prince of Death's Cyst Effect in Elden Ring

Prince of Death's Cyst greatly raises Vitality, by 140, improving resistance to Death Blight.


Where to find Prince of Death's Cyst in Elden Ring

Deeproot Depths: Dropped by a Lesser Runebear, in a cave behind a waterfall northeast of the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace. [Map link]

  • This fight can be cheesed fairly easily using ranged weapons or spells. From the Across the Roots site of grace, head down the large tree branch going southwest until you reach the next separate large tree branch. Head southeast and then east as the branch curves, then drop down onto another branch going south. You should find a giant opening in the ground that will take you into a cave area that is above where the runebear sleeps. From here, none of the runebear's melee attacks can reach you. 
    • Several players have experienced a bug in which the talisman does not drop from the runebear. The above method has the highest success rate for obtaining the talisman.


Elden Ring Prince of Death's Cyst Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 1,000


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    • Anonymous

      There are two runebear caves. One has lot of corpses and loots right next to the bear, that’s the wrong one.

      The correct cave has a large opening when you look up. And there’s one loot on top of you. That bear drops the talisman.

      • Anonymous

        I've killed the runebear behind the waterfall like 8 times and nothing
        Even if it's not a guaranteed drop I should have a good chance considering I've got 55 arcane and was using the silver scarab for every kill except for the last

        • Anonymous

          The "cheese hole" that is mentioned in the description is on the same level as the river before it turns in to the waterfall that hides the cave. So go up a branch that lets you jump/ride down to that level. It's a HUGE hole, can't miss it, and it has levels to let you jump down to hit the bear. Poison arrows worked for me, but takes a little while to get the correct angle. And the bear moves around, but it works perfectly. Good luck!

          • Anonymous

            Guys, if the bear isn't dropping the item for you, there's a good chance you're killing the wrong bear. There are two bears in Deeproot Depths, both inside caves. Only one drops this, look at the map link.

            • Anonymous

              if the item doesnt spawn. just turn elden ring off and back on.
              that typically replaces items at the original spawn of whomever drops them.

              • Anonymous

                For anyone having issues:

                You need to be close to the bear when it dies for the item to spawn. It's also a drop that you will have to pick up (i.e. is not automatically acquired after killing the bear).

                I've tested several times and sniping the bear to death from the branch above will not cause it to drop the talisman. Weaken it from a distance and then finish it off up close. Not sure what the exact range is, but all the times it dropped the talisman was when I was right above that little nook it's in.

                • Anonymous

                  There are two lesser rune bears in deeproot depths, the one that needs killing to get the prince of death's cyst is in a cave behind a waterfall. It's very easy to miss if you are not hugging the cliff face on your right hand side. There is a broken statue that will agro but his sparks won't reach you. Basilisks infest this area, but they are really stupid and as long as you are crouched they won't agro unless you walk right in front of them, use target lock to tell you exactly where they all are.

                  Ignore any message outside or near the cave the talisman isn't an item that can be looted. But when you get there place a blue marker on the map, you don't need to fight this bear one on one just climb up the roots using the blue marker as a guide until you are on top of the waterfall. You can then drop down into a hole and drop from ledge to ledge until you get to the upper area of the cave above the bear. You can kill it easily from there and it won't get a single hit on you.

                  • Very easy cheese spot by going up the roots to the left of the cave and dropping down the hole. Throw poison stone clumps at him until death. Was having major trouble killing him on my level 1 run until this.

                    • Anonymous

                      This working when you play tank. Save my live many times on pvp and pve when they atack me in Group. works so much better like the miracle of dark souls that left you with one hp point.I wouldn't trade it for increasing damage at the expense of being softer. With good armor and reduced head damage people have to remind themselves when they fought the havel in dark souls 1

                      • Runebear is behind waterfall below Fia's area, a brown cave is shown on the map near the top middle.
                        If you have trouble killing him, use sleep pots and crit over and over, or run around between some of the debris and chunks of ruins and it will eventually get stuck because of it's size. There was a spot between 2 ruin walls found nearby outside his cave where I was able to get him stuck repeatably, and the AI just continues showing the running animation.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think I know why you guys think the bear doesn’t drop the talisman, There are 2 caves in Deeproot Depths.

                          One is near the Mausoleum and the other one is HIDDEN behind a big waterfall.

                          You need to kill the one in the waterfall cave not the other one.

                          • Anonymous

                            The bear respawns when you rest at a grace, seems like drop is not 100% guaranteed, i got it on the 2nd bear killed

                            • Anonymous

                              I killed the bear behind the waterfall and the talisman did not drop. This was after I beat the game, but before new game plus.

                              • Anonymous

                                From the Deeproot depths site of grace, head directly north east. You can see a small circular cave on the map, found behind the waterfalls along the wall. Inside is a bear, kill the bear and the talisman drops.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Go to deeproot depths go toward the water along the wall you will find a waterfall and a hole with a bear in it defeat and you will get it description "greatly raises vitality" weight 0.6

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The best way I can describe this is go to deeproot depths site of grace then go to the river thing hugging the right wall soon you will find a whole with a bear defeat it and you will get it the effect is "greatly raises vitality" and weights 0.6

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Might be wrong for the location, need confirmation. But I just fought a Runebear who dropped this in Deeproot Depth, just a glance drop really since he dropped 2 other items with it. From The Nameless Eternal City grace go east until you find a waterfall, behind the waterfall there's a sleeping Runebear, kill him. Or you can make your way up the roots till you reach Across the Roots grace, and drop down the roots to nearby land with a hole in it. Enter the hole and you'll find yourself above the sleeping bear. Guess they put it there so you can prepare yourself against the boss.

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