Radiant Gold Mask

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damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 2.3
VS Strike 2.1
VS Slash 2.1
VS Pierce 1.4
Magic 4.6
Fire 4.5
Ligt 4.6
Holy 4.8
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 22
Robustness 9
Focus 33
Vitality 33
Poise 3

Helm Wgt. 2.2

Radiant Gold Mask is a Helm in Elden RingRadiant Gold Mask is a Lightweight head protection that boosts Focus and Vitality resistances. Radiant Gold Mask protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


A mask designed to resemble a blazing golden halo.
Created and left behind by Lord Goldmask, a staunch pursuer of Golden Order fundamentalism.

Strenthens Golden Order incantations.

Its striking design represents both the brilliant inspiration that once shone upon him, and the vision of a ring that he will surely find at the end of his pursuit.

"To you who seek to shine as I do, wear it well!"

Where to find Radiant Gold Mask in Elden Ring

The Radiant Gold Mask can be found at:

  • Altus Plateau: Found on a corpse on the second broken section of the large broken bridge going over the forest while approaching it from the North end. You can reach it by continuing down the road to where you see the caravan where there will be an outcropping to jump from. See the exact location on the Elden Ring Map here.



Elden Ring Radiant Gold Mask Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Male Nightfolk with this, Rotten Duelist loincloth and Godskin Noble Bracelets for a nice Dagoth Ur cosplay.

      • Anonymous

        Goldmask is just Solaire if he was an ascetic who abstained from food and water until he completed his holy mission.

        • Anonymous

          idk what people mean, this **** with the right armor is drippy as hell. currently rocking it with a depraved perfumer chestpiece and man, do i look gorgeus. probably works well with many other armors. I admit, i also used to think it looked horrible, but it slowly grew on me after not too long, so its probably just the shock

          • Anonymous

            Can't stand that from soft makes such hideous looking gear with added buffs that you might want to use. Couldnt just be a simple piece of gear like the commoners headband? Same goes for those awful scarab headgears.

            • Anonymous

              10% is 10% but this thing looks so terrible I am not sure I can swing it. Would it be a crime against fashion to wear this with Radahn's set?

              • Anonymous

                Does this work in PVP? I read in the Golden Order Seal page that both the mask and seal are bugged in PVP.

                • Anonymous

                  The directions are garbage. Starting at Road of Iniquity Side Path grace, go west away from the site, then immediately turn south. When you get to the cliff side go west again. Follow the cliff side until you get to the spot where you can jump onto the first broken bridge section. This is past the pit where the gold bugs are. Then head south and jump to the other broken bridge section. The body/mask is at the end of this section, at the end before you fall off. I repeat, the loot is up on the bridge section, farthest south.

                  • Anonymous

                    "Strengthens Golden Order incantations", does it literally only mean incantations or are weapon skills that have the same/similar effect also influenced?

                    • Anonymous

                      “Mr.Miyazaki, c’mon, we’re gonna need to add SOMETHING for the faith players”

                      “Argh, fine, but make it for the faith spells that use INTELLIGENCE, muahhahahahaw”

                      • Anonymous

                        the description on where to find it is confusing.. i had to trace back from the ruins which ends up being mislead. it would be easier said that is located at the end of the broken bridge part, travel from the grace under the bridge.

                        • Anonymous

                          Saw this in the opening cutscene and knew I had to make a Dagoth Ur build.
                          Then I can play with Dagothwave playing on repeat, what a grand and intoxicating innocence!

                          • Anonymous

                            Best character in the series. Humble with the same hopelessly optimistic energy of Solaire, a FromSoft rarity. Arguably he gives the best ending in the game for the people within in the world. He worships the rays of the Golden Order without being blind to the sins of his God. Most who operate on faith avoid these acknowledgements or attempt to justify it, but not the ever brilliant Goldmask. A true seeker. He did give Brother Corhyn a mental breakdown however that he could've prevented by just speaking once. We know he's cognizant enough to because he wrote this lovely message on his mask, he just didn't want to say anything. Interesting.

                            I've tested the damage boost with a lot of spells on different enemies and it seems to boost the damage of every Golden Order fundamentalist school of spells by on average 10%~, sometimes 15% sometimes a whopping 2%. The problem is that all those spells are not lightning spear, so they're quite bad. Extremely slow to cast but they can hit very hard. With 60/60 int and faith and the right seal this mask can add almost 300 damage to Radagon's Rings of Light in pvp. It's absolutely nuclear, if you can find 5 seconds without being staggered to cast it.

                            • Anonymous

                              my mate said it was at the south bridge but it is not the info on the wiki is correct thumbs up 10/10 updoots for all thanks for the reddit silver kind stranger the narwhal **** my ass at midnight

                              • Anonymous

                                How do you acquire this helm? I tried killing GoldMask for it but he just disappears… really want his mask

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