Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched)

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attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 25
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
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Arrow Pierce

Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) is an Arrow in Elden Ring. Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) are an uncraftable type of Arrow made from Thin Beast Bones tipped with chips of Rainbow Stone. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Arrow whittled from animal bones tipped with chips of Rainbow Stone. Colored light shines at the point of impact.

Craftable item. The fletching adds distance to the arrow's flight.


Where to Find Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched)

Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) Notes & Tips

  • The arrow has a cluster of Rainbow Stones at the tip, which emits light of a random colour.
  • The Rainbow Stone will lodge on whatever the arrow impacts with, be it terrain or an enemy.
  • Unlike normal Rainbow Stones (which last for a very long time, if not infinitely), Rainbow Stones from these arrows disappear after 30 seconds.
  • Despite being a Fletched version of a craftable Arrow, it is not craftable, at least as of the latest version.
  • They are, however, still in the game, and can likely be looted off of a corpse somewhere. However, there are only 10 per playthrough. This makes it the rarest type of Ammunition in the game, beating out the Black-Key Bolt, of which only 90 can be found per playthrough.
  • The feather fletching adds distance and accuracy to the standard Rainbow Stone Arrow
  • You can hold up to 99 Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched)
  • You can store up to 600 Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 10


How to Craft Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched)

The Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) is not craftable, though it was likely planned to be. If it were craftable, it would most likely be made using the following materials:


Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) Moveset & Videos

    • Videos for the Rainbow Stone Arrow (Fletched) Coming Soon


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    • Anonymous

      I slept on them all through my first playthrough. But they are very useful for illuminating dark areas that could be hiding unseen enemies too far for the target-lock to work.

      • Anonymous

        The 10 rainbow stone arrow (fletched) are found in the subterranean shunning grounds. From the Underground Roadside SoG you exit the room and take the left, pass by the Omen and drop down the open hatch. You go to the northwest and take the pipe to the right. Careful after the left turn there is a hole. At the intersection keep straight, and follow the pipe as it turns right. Careful there's another hole at the end of the slope. At the intersection, go to the right, through an open gate. The pipe then intersects with a tiny dead end. The arrows are there or drop from one of the slugs.

        • Anonymous

          How do you submit big report to get fletched version? Also fix your damn fort it’s adds that take half the screen and auto open windows when you try to close them

          • Anonymous

            The (Fletched) versions of these arrows aren't craftable sadly, and you can only receive a single stack of 10x of them from a lootable in the entire game.

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