Rancor Pot

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Uses FP. Throw to summon vengeful spirits.
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Int D
Fai D
FP Cost 5

Rancor Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to summon vengeful spirits, and requires an empty Cracked Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a cracked pot.
Enchanted by the ancient death hex.

Consumes FP. Throw at enemies to spawn vengeful spirits that chase down foes.

In times of old, the dead were burned with ghostflame, and from those cinders arose vengeful spirits.


Rancor Pot use in Elden Ring

Rancor Pot uses FP. Throw to summon four floating spirit skulls that chase down nearby enemies.


Elden Ring Rancor Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Rancor Pot you need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [9] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Rancor Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 20 Rancor Pot, depending on how many Cracked Pots you have
  • You can store up to 600 Rancor Pot
  • Sell Value: Rancor Pot cannot be sold
  • Once a Rancor Pot is thrown, its Cracked Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot
  • The vengeful spirits are the same as those summoned by the Rancorcall and Ancient Death Rancor sorceries


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    • Anonymous

      Do not underestimate the power of this pot. The damage is not bad on an int/fth build and it has insane tracking. It can provide good pressure for only 5 fp. Overall this is better than the regal omen bairn for pressure and chip damage due to the lower cost and lack of cast time. The only downside to these is farming for crafting materials which is kind of annoying but at least isn’t nearly as bad as many of the other pots.

      • Anonymous

        I wish pots didn’t consume fp. Sure the contents within might be magical, but there’s nothing magical about throwing a pot. Plus it would give casters something to fall back on when they run out of fp.

        • Anonymous

          Despite the scaling grade would have you think, the damage is pretty nasty if you’re running a faith/int build. It takes decent chunks out of bosses health in early to mid game and one shots virtually all weak enemies. Idk if I believe the wiki’s numbers for it’s damage. Because im in the mid game with about 30 points in faith and int. And the rancor pots are dealing almost 500 damage if all the spirits connect. Im not even using magic damage buffs either.

          • Anonymous

            Lore-wise, isn’t interesting that this item and fundamentalist incantations both scale with faith and intelligence?

            • Anonymous

              Throw these in low level PvP to make novice players panic roll, then sprint at them to roll catch while they dodge. The counter to Rancor Pot is sprinting away, because anyone who is throwing these knows it's a waste of time and materials throw a second pot at someone who will just run from it.

              • Anonymous

                These are fantastic against the Cemetary Shades. The homing projectiles hurt them before they begin blinking around and can take around 40% of their health right off the bat.

                • Anonymous

                  neat tip if you decide to use this In pvp, you can lock off of your opponent and throw it elsewhere for an unorthodox angle of attack, only really works of you're quick with it

                  • Anonymous

                    Been using these in duels for a while now after finally farming all of the crafting materials, these are probably the best cracked pots for PVP unless you want the bloodflies for an arcane build. Without any investment they're only hitting for around 200 damage on average, but being able to spawn multiple homing projectiles right next to someone creates a ton of pressure. You can throw these fast enough that you can usually throw them at a caster, roll through their spells while they get hit. As the other anon said, you can also use these to create easy roll-catching situations. Biggest downside is getting all of the human bone shards, windmill village has been a decent farming spot for me.

                    • Anonymous

                      Best generic consumable hands-down for roll-catching.

                      Throwing it as a co-operator/host while the invader is at low HP cuts off the silly panic-roll retreat/chug stuff. Makes roll-catching and kill sealing brain-dead without needing pre-patch Beast-Claw or the prior application of a DoT.

                      It may not be the fastest projectile, but in the case of roll-catching, it doesn't need to be, since you're not trying to roll-catch someone's i-frames with splash damage. Straight up if they i-frame through it, the projectile will loop back around for its duration, meaning the usage is the same as firebombs but trades AoE for accuracy.

                      • Anonymous

                        Costs 5 FP to throw one, has D INT & FTH scaling, initial pot impact deals no damage but 4 homing skulls spawn from the impact location. ~55 damage each skull with 9 INT 70 FTH. Honestly not terrible, you can lob this pretty far and have the skulls hit targets normally out of reach.

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