Rebirth Monuments

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You must be near a rebirth monument to summon spirits from ashes.

Rebirth Monuments are statues in Elden Ring that give the player the ability to summon Spirit Ashes in the area. They are represented in the world by obelisk-shaped monuments and on the HUD as a spectral archway on the left edge of the screen. 

Spirit Ashes can only be present in the area surrounding a Rebirth Monument. If you move near the edge of the rebirth area, your summons' health bars will start to flicker, and if you leave it entirely the spirits you summoned will vanish.

Not all areas that allow Spirit Ashes to be summoned have a physical monument present, including many boss chambers. The most reliable way to tell if you can summon spirits is to look for the archway icon. In some cases, areas that allowed summoning when a boss was present will no longer allow it once the boss has been defeated.

Other useful statues found throughout the Lands Between include Stakes of Marika and Effigies of the Martyr.

Where to find Rebirth Monuments in Elden Ring

Rebirth Monuments can be found all across the game, including most boss chambers, legacy dungeons, self-contained combat areas, and scattered throughout the open world.


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    • Anonymous

      can you add all the locations where you can spawn spirt summons and if possible add a function so the best rated areas are put at the top of the list

      • Anonymous

        For those asking why you can't summon, it is probably because you used a Furlcalling Finger Remedy (FFR). Even if you have not summoned a PC cooperator, just having the FFR status effect that lets you see PC summon signs is enough to prevent you from using the spirit calling bell to summon a spirit ash. You can remove the FFR buff by using another FFR, at which point you should immediately be able to summon your ash (assuming that the area allows spirit summons).

        • Anonymous

          Update: Discovered something strange. Some places only allow sommuning some ashes. Couldn't summon Imp Fang Ashes, but could Jellyfish. Probably a bug. Ignore last comment.

          • Anonymous

            Why do some places clearly have these, yet no ashes can be summoned? Case in point, the arena before reaching Latenna. All those comments talk about spirit ashes, I have the bell, the FP, yet no summon. And IN THE ARENA ITSELF, the rebirth monument. Tried online and offline. What the hell is this? A bug, or one of Miyazaki's sadist moments? Because both are equally believable.

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