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Increased by Defeating Enemies

Runes Held is a Stat in Elden RingRunes Held is a simple numeric representation of the total number of Runes you have in your possession. Runes are used via the Level Up mechanic to improve your other Stats which determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Runes are primarily acquired by defeating enemies and are dropped upon death.


Runes Held Elden Ring Guide

  • Runes Held is a Stat, a numeric value representing the total of Runes in possession obtained by defeating Enemies and Bosses.
  • Upon dying, you will drop any runes in your possession at the site of your death. Lost runes can be recovered by returning to the site of your death and retrieving them. However, dying once more before retrieving your lost runes will cause you to lose them forever.
  • Certain consumable items such as Fringefolk's Rune can be used to acquire a fixed number of runes. These types of items can be stockpiled and consumed when you are ready to level up. The rune consumables themselves are not lost upon death and can act as a 'bank' for runes, allowing players to save a good amount without fear of losing them. However, once they are consumed, the runes behave in the same manner as runes acquired by defeating enemies.


Elden Ring Runes Held Notes & Tips

  • Beware of entering into Boss Fight Arenas while holding large amounts of Runes: whenever you die, the Runes will be lost and can only be recovered by returning to the last point where you died. If you die in an Arena, you can only recover them by entering there but you can't exit the arena until the Boss is defeated. It is recommended to spend most of the Runes before entering an Arena.
  • While in Stormveil castle, if you die and pick up your runes again, you will pick up less than you had originally.


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    • Anonymous

      I think there is a different mechanic to this that I've never seen. I entered Godrick's fight with 7k runes and died. no big deal. When I went in and recovered them I only had 4.5k...died again. This time I recovered them and only had 3k. Is this new?

      • Anonymous

        By picking up your runes and rapidly exiting the game to the main menu, we were able to collect our 10k runes we had sitting in Margit's boss arena. Upon re-entering the game we had our runes and were directly outside the boss arena.

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