Sage's Cave

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Sage's Cave is a dark opening in the side of a mountain. Its dark depths are overrun by hostile undead, but those who brave it may find treasures beyond compare.

Sage's Cave is a Location in Elden Ring. The Sage's Cave is found in Altus Plateau, west of Wyndham Ruins, under the cliffs. The cave's entrance can easily be reached by heading northwest from the Abandoned Coffin site of grace, past a large cluster of Poison Flowers.


Sage's Cave Map for Elden Ring

Sage's Cave can be found in the western cliffs of Altus Plateau, just south from Wyndham Ruins. It is only accessible from the south of Altus Plateau, by traveling north from the Abandoned Coffin site of grace. See the exact location on the Elden Ring Map.

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Coastal Cave

  •  There are no merchants or NPCs in this location.


All Items in Elden Ring's Coastal Cave


Sage's Cave Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

Regular Creatures and Enemies

Field Bosses and Bosses


Walkthrough for Sage's Cave in Elden Ring

Past the Site of Grace, make your way forward until you reach an apparent dead end. There is an illusory wall here.

illusory wall 1 sage cave

Go past until you encounter a skeleton near a waterfall. Passing another illusory wall to the right, you will find two chests containing Lost Ashes of War and Rejuvenating Boluses x5.

illusory wall 2 sage cave

Jump down this waterfall, then pick up two Golden Rune (5). To your left is an illusory wall with four skeletons and four chests behind it.

illusory wall 3 sage cave

four chests sages cave

You can get Silver-pickled Fowl Foot x5, Black Hood, Candletree Wooden Shield, and a Nascent Butterfly.

Four skeletons await you in the next room, among which is one with a large axe and more health. Another one faces a wall which is illusory, hiding a chest containing a Stonesword Key.

four skeletons sages cave

stonesword key chest sages cave

The next room holds three more chests with Golden Greatarrow x10, Raptor Talons, and Dragonwound Grease x4. Proceed until you are in an open cave with a waterfall, jump to the left, then hug the left wall and roll into the apparent dead end to uncover two more chests with Raptor's Black Feathers and Skeletal Mask.

hug left waterfall sages caveillusory wall 5

Roll through the illusory wall on the opposite side of the room and get ready to fight Necromancer Garris who drops Family Heads.

illusory wall 6
Make your way back to the waterfall and stay left to face the other boss, the invisible Black Knife Assassin.

where to go after first boss sages cave

If you buy Sentry's Torch from the Hermit Merchant for 7000 Runes, you can put it in your off-hand to make her visible (even if you two-hand your main-hand weapon). One strategy is to fight her (without buying the item) is to simply stand on the patch of dirt, and watch for her footsteps in the water. You'll have to time your swing to hit her -- a weapon with a horizontal attack spread makes this easier.

After defeat, she drops the Concealing Veil.

Elden Ring Sage's Cave Notes

  • This location has several secret walls, the Host of Fingers can dispel them with a single attack, jumping or rolling.

Elden Ring Sage's Cave Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      I did not want to use summonings in boss fight (too easy). It was also my first encounter despite second game run (i screamed a lot in rage because of him ^^). However i could beat him with phalanx spell, because of its high hit rate and he got staggerd for a second everytime.

      Cool idea of the boss fight anyway

      • Anonymous

        marrionette summons trivialize this cheap encounter. After having died 30 times trying to fight this invisible asshat, im okay with it.

        • Anonymous

          Repeatedly showering the area with a spell like crystal release wrecks the assassin pretty quick, no summons required.

          • Anonymous

            I've only been in Sage's Cave once to grab the Grace (all the treasure chests were still unopened, so I know I didn't explore it), but for some reason every invisible wall was already gone for me

            • Anonymous

              there are multiple ways to fight the assassin, summons, lookign for footsteps in water, magic that doesnt need lock on (carian phalanx etc will automatically attack the assasin and makes the fight extremely easy), AOE skills and so on

              • Anonymous

                Walkthrough says to jump down the waterfall. I for the life of me cannot find a place where you can make a jump or even drop safely.

                • Anonymous

                  A strategy for the assassin for any level and weapon: hold sentry torch in offhand; sprint around and away, whiff all their attacks (sideways for their projectile) and when they jump-slam into the ground, sprint behind their back, backstab and R1 once or twice, rinse and repeat.

                  This method worked for me even with claws doing 60 damage per R1, it just takes a while.

                  • Black Knife Assassin is a unique puzzle that is solved by the correct Ash's of War; Anything that summons multiples of things will do the job. I went with the Wolf Pack since they are swarmy and relentless and the poor Assassin spent the entire fight stun-locked.

                    Aside from that, try watching the footsteps in the water and strike when he approaches. I used the Katana's sheathed stance for extra cool points. Having enough HP to survive being stabbed when that fails is also handy.

                    • Anonymous

                      Inside the necromancer boss arena there's somekind of plataform on the up right, there's a way to get there? I think it's just a hoax, but we never know for sure...

                      • Anonymous

                        ash summons can see the assasin so just attack and fight where they are looking. skeletal militia are a good choice for him.

                        • Anonymous

                          The sentry's torch reveals things even if you are 2-handing your right hand weapon and have the torch on your back.

                          • Anonymous

                            The sentry's torch reveals things even if you are 2-handing your right hand weapon and have the torch on your back.

                            • Anonymous

                              The sentry's torch reveals things even if you are 2-handing your right hand weapon and have the torch on your back.

                              • Anonymous

                                I did this dungeon with sentry torch constantly in left hand and i found all these items in their alcoves with no illusionary walls, i guess the torch also has a hidden function that removes those walls?

                                • Anonymous

                                  just summon the marionettes and they will do all the job for you with the assassin, u just have to sit there and enjoy lol

                                  • Anonymous

                                    NPC Summons can see the Assassin when invisible. I used the Mimic Summon and it killed the boss for me while attacking non stop. I just swung where the summon was attacking hitting the boss and dodging away to avoid the grab.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      my game starts freezing on this cave only , I've entered many other caves and catacombs but its just this cave only , is it only me ?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Highly recommend turning off music for the Assassin fight. Much easier to track when you can also clearly hear him moving.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          2 "bosses" in this area, the left fog gate is Necromancer Garris and the right one is Black Knife Assassin. Kill Black Knife Assassin to reward yourself with the "Return to entrance" portal

                                          • Anonymous

                                            From Abandoned's Coffin grace, move left towards lake/pond(?) area with the Poison Flower and head towards the horde of Jellyfish. Corner hole in wall. Appraise me.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              second boss is right below the waterfall, roll against the wall then roll against the wall in the hidden room

                                              • Anonymous

                                                The cave entrance is best reached from the Abondened Coffins grace since the cave entrance is found at the underneath the cliffs at wyndham ruins and not at the same altitude as Wyndham. (You'll see some jelly fish)

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Yeah this is nice and all but can we get the how to get to said cave, what required bosses must die before getting to said cave etc. Cuz I have no idea how to get to or find the cave.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If you don't have the Sentry Torch, your Mimic Tear Spirit Summon knows where the boss is even when invisible

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Spirit Ashes seem to have no problems fighting the Assassin. I used the Ancestor Ashes and just attacked wherever it was attacking.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Need to add Necromancer Harris to the boss list. You can also find the Skeletal Mask and Raptor's Black Feathers here.

                                                        • If you have the item "sentry torch" your life will be alot easier if you put it in your offhand for the black knife assassin boss you'll find in here.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            "Raptor Talons" claw weapon, "Raptor's Black Feathers" (chest) (strengthens jump attacks), "Skeletal Mask" (head), "Black Hood" (head), "Rejuvenating Boluses", and "Budding Moss" can be found here.

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