Samurai is a starting Class in Elden Ring. The Samurai has high Dexterity, Medium strength, endurance, mind and vigor. It starts the game level 9 with a katana, bow, arrows (flaming arrows too!) and a shield. The Classes only determine the starting Stats and Equipment of the player, but as the game progresses, players can freely change their build to their preferred playstyle. There are 10 Classes in Elden Ring that the player can begin the game with.


A capable fighter from the distant land of reeds. Handy with Katana and Longbows.


Samurai Starting Equipment for Elden Ring

This class starts with the following equipment:



Starting items for Samurai  in Elden Ring

This class starts with the following items:


Samurai Builds in Elden Ring 

More Samurai builds coming soon!




Elden Ring Samurai Notes & Tips

  • Unsheathe is an extremely powerful ability. Learning to use it often makes this Class much more powerful.
  • Thin out enemies with Arrows and then finish them with the Uchigatana.
  • The best stat spread for pure Dexterity builds and tied with Vagabond for Strength/Dexterity hybrid builds. Also ideal for Dexterity/Arcane hybrid builds requiring 11 or more Strength, Bandit is better for 10 or less Strength.
  • Recommended for New Players and Veterans.



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