Sanguine Noble (NPC)

sanguine noble npc
Location Consecrated Snowfield
Drops Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Sanguine Noble Set

Sanguine Noble is an NPC enemy invader located in the Consecrated Snowfields. By heading West of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield grace, and just North of the Yelough Anix Ruins towards the cliff edge.

Defeat of the invader is required to unlock the blood covered waypoint to Mohgwyn Palace, located west towards the cliff area just behind the large tree next to the invasion area.


 Known to strike from pools of blood, these assassins are missionaries come to share the gospel of accursed blood.

Sanguine Noble (NPC) Location in Elden Ring

This NPC invader is not to be confused with Sanguine Noble, which a generic enemy which spawns in multiple locations such as the Rose Church, and is also a boss in the Writheblood Ruins.

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble (NPC) Drops

Sanguine Noble (NPC) Notes & Tips

  • This invasion, and several others, including the nearby Anastasia Tarnished-Eater invasion, have been bugged for many players, leading to many theories. However, they were always just bugged and may fail to trigger for unknown reasons on versions <1.05. Thankfully NPC invasion bugs have been fully fixed in patch 1.05.
  • Kill the Great Dragonflies that are around the area, as they can turn into nuisances while fighting the enemy.
  • Can heal once
  • Wields double Reduvia
  • Does Slash and Pierce Damage. Can inflict Blood Loss.
  • Best to manage distance. Frequent rushdown & uses projectile bleed attacks and will frequently parry & critical strike up close.
  • The armor set drop is missable.
  • It is essentially a stronger version of  Bloody Finger Nerijusas they both have the same appearance, and use the same weapons.
  • Can be lured to the ruins just south in order to summon spirit ashes and be within radius of a statue of marika


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    • Anonymous

      I thought I had a smartypants moment, when I tried to use a bewitching branch on one of the bears to demolish this guy.
      Unfortunately, Miyazaki was smarter (as usual) by making the bears immune to the bewitching effect.

      • Anonymous

        Ah yes... Just north. As in half the map north, past the ruins, in the forest surrounded by 2 rune bears. One sleeping and the other sharpening it's claws on a tree... Just north...

        • Anonymous

          This guy was slightly a pain, spawned while I was putting a marker on my map and caught me off guard. Second time three doggos found me, I was fighting them and he joined in but I got them all. Anastasia was much more tanky this time but dropped a somber +10, didn't fall to the blackflame damage as before. I hate to say it, ROB was the winner out of the several weapons I like to use for different occasions. It doesn't work for everything, but it's a nice add to the tool box.

          • Anonymous

            I'll also confirm that he finally spawned for me in the latest patch. I've already beaten every boss in the snowfield and defeated Mogh before arriving at this area. Had no problem spawning him going west from the inner snowfield grace toward the big tree north of the ruins.

            • Spawned on me while fighting night cavalry. I had already killed avatar, and sat mausoleum down. Stunlocked him with dual hoslow whips, killed him in two combos.

              • Anonymous

                in my game i killed every area boss that doesnt require you to enter cave or catacombs (fire wyrm, 2x cavalery, avatar, that ugly bird, mausoleum) and theres no way for noble to spawn. Before i killed mentioned bosses i was attacked by Anastasia. So i load up a backup save file from before i entered snowfield, rushed to that Moghwyn palace waygate and was immiedietly invaded by noble. In both tries Varre was already dead and Moghwyn palace was cleared (except boss). But i went back to my save where almost entire snowfield was cleared coz this area sucks so much i cant force myself to do it again just for that noble set .

                • Anonymous

                  Ok so for me in current patch 1.04 this ng+ was started this patch first thing I done when I got to this area is kill Anastasia she invaded no problem and I checked for the sanguine noble and he spawned but I reset him then I killed theodorix the putrid avatar completed the evergaol in ordina and made the walking mausoleum sit down and now he will not spawn so any 1 of those 4 things have caused this
                  Also mohg and the 3 invaders were already dead before all of this so It doesn't seem to be related
                  I think it's the avatar 2nd guess would be the mausoleum since it has one of the biggest effects on the open world considering how it sends magic bombs flying everywhere over a massive area my 3rd guess would be theodorix I have done nothing else in the area since and I strongly believe it's the putrid avatar considering it was them causing vyke to not spawn in liurnia after they were killed but I think they patched those invaders in this current patch in liurnia

                  • Bugged spawn, previously it spawned for me, but after messing up Millicent quest line in the same area, so I used a previous save and did everything again, and this npc invasion doesn't trigger anymore.

                    • Anonymous

                      Cleared mogh and killed varre by invading varre's world but did not kill the putrid avatar. Got invaded NNW of the yelough anix ruins right around where you can see two bears, one scratching a tree and one roaming. There's a pack of three blood strays nearby. I did use the pureblood knight's medal to get to mogh but didn't kill him immediately. Personally i run around on torrent, if you get invaded by npc it kicks you off torrent so i think its an easy way to check for invasions.

                      • Anonymous

                        Well i cant get this dude to spawn. If it matters i had already killed mohg and the putrid avatar. Not sure it that matters. Such a shame.

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