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Glintstone from within Sellen's body

Sellen's Primal Glintstone is a Key Item in Elden Ring. Sellen's Primal Glintstone Glintstone from within Sellen's body. Key Items in Elden Ring include a wide variety of items found in specific locations or are given by a related NPCs which are used to unlock areas, quests, and to further progress the game's story.


Glintstone from within the sorceress Sellen's body.
Seemingly half-alive, blood vessels are visible within.

In essence, a primal glintstone is a sorcerer's soul.
If transplanted into a compatible new body after their original body dies, the sorcerer will rise again.

"My apprentice, do you think it distasteful?"


Where to find Sellen's Primal Glintstone in Elden Ring

Found beneath Witchbane Ruins.


Elden Ring Sellen's Primal Glintstone Use

Sellen's Primal Glintstone can be used to progress Sorceress Sellen's questline.


Elden Ring Sellen's Primal Glintstone Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I know it'd break the quest and be completely pointless, but if there was a 'yeet it into the sea' option, I'd totally do that. Just for the chaotic neutral factor, really - I don't even have anything against Sellen; it'd just be hilarious to do.

      • Anonymous

        The best thing about this item description is that it is a motif present through almost all of Miyazaki and FromSofts work. That the soul exists in the blood. It makes sense even in biological stand point. If what is known as the soul, or spiritual energy, exists somewhere in the human body, it is most likely present in the blood. Look at the importance blood plays in all the souls games.

        • Anonymous

          I don't really like this part of the questline for the implications it has for mortality in general. Imo wouldve been better if we had to like imprint her memories into her mask and convince someone to wear it and become her new body

          • Anonymous

            If you cant give the glinstone to the puppet's body, just go to the church of vows to repent. Even though it says I don't need absolution, go back to the puppet and the bug is fixed.

            • Anonymous

              Surprised not a lot of people are discussing the lore implications of this thing. Is the primal glintstone an organ completely unique to sorcerers, and if so are they even humans in this setting? Or, assuming that one Dung Eater theory is true, is it just a shirikodama-esque organ that every human has and that has been transformed by glintstone in a similar way to Azur and Lusat or the glintstone dragons? Can all sorcerers change bodies like this, or just powerful ones like Sellen?

              • Anonymous

                Whoever decided The Primal Flintstone that is Sorceress Sellens soul should die when I teleport to the roundtable. I literally can't stand you

                • Anonymous

                  Why even finish the quest? I can just keep Sellen with me right here in my pocket.

                  I love you Sellen-sensei

                  • Anonymous

                    Teleporting to Roundtable Hold will cause this item to shudder and Sellen to die. If you accidentally do this and see the message saying she died, kill the game/application immediately. If you're lucky, the autosave won't happen yet. I was able to reload the game to before I teleported, allowing me to continue her quest line.

                    • Anonymous

                      Has anyone tried killing Sellen themselves after receiving this? If Jerren doesn’t get involved, I wonder if it changes anything

                      • If you can't transplant the primal glinstone, you may have accidentally hit Sellen before Jerren killed her. To fix this, travel to the Church of Vows and pray for absolution at the statue in the water. Once you've atoned for your sins, travel back to the Three Sisters and you will be able to transplant Sellen's Primal Glintstone.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you teleport to the Roundtable Hold while holding the Primal Glintstone, apparently it causes it to fade, which kills Sellen :\

                          • Anonymous

                            I've had a bug, can't give Sellen's Primal Glintstone to Sellen's body in Three Sisters. There is no btn "Give Glintstone"

                            • Anonymous

                              If you can't give this to Sellen at Three Sisters, you might need to talk to Jerren at Redmane Castle Plaza grace (next to Radahn), and then speak to him again at Witchbane Ruins where Sellen gives her Primal Glintstone. This will make Jerren kill Sellen, so she can then be resurrected using the Primal Glintstone at Three Sisters.

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