Shadow Bait

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Spell Type Two Fingers Incantations
FP Cost 15 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Creates shadow that lures the aggression of foes of human build

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Shadow Bait is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Shadow Bait spell casts a shadow that serves as a distraction to unfocus your enemies.


Incantation of the Two Fingers' servants, who once served as the
assassins of the Roundtable Hold.

Creates a pale gold shadow before the caster, luring foes of human
build and attracting their aggression.

This incantation can be cast while in motion or crouching, and
will still affect foes that are already in a combat state.

It is said that those beguiled by the shadow see within it a hated


Where to find Shadow Bait

Where to find Shadow Bait:


Enemies Affected By Shadow Bait

Does not affect Boss Type Enemies.

Does affect:

(this list is not exhaustive, feel free to contribute)

Elden Ring Shadow Bait Guide




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    • Anonymous

      Should point out, this will draw the attention of the Banished Knights in Farum Azula.

      And for reasons I cannot even BEGIN to fathom, it DOES NOT draw aggro from the Albinauric Archers in the Consecrated Snowfield or Ordina Evergaol.

      • Anonymous

        As of 1.07, works in a similar fashion to Mohg/Margit shackles in Catacomb Dungeons. Casting this anywhere will also activate traps within the dungeon.

        • Anonymous

          would've been cool if this and Darkness messed with the targeting of other players. Like this forcing targeting in pvp to the Shadow until broken or something, would kinda mess with casters. Darkness could prevent targeting as it does for mobs. Sadly they do nothing. Even if they were a lot worse than my "from the top of my head"-suggestion it'd still be fun, and someone out there would find a way to make a weird invasion build from it. Breaking their targeting momentarily to get just the slightest window needed to do some stupid OP status effect proc or w/e. The extensive toolkit of weird stuff you can do is what i really enjoy with these games. its a shame when they leave stuff like this that has potential to be completely useless in pvp.

          • Anonymous

            Does it not work on bosses bc I’ve tried it on Radagon and it does nothing, and I’m pretty damn sure he’s of human build, so pretty unsure about the spell,I’ve tried when I first get in the arena, after I’ve been fighting him for a min, or after I use a spirits ash, nothing works, I’m just trying to see if there’s a way to put Radagon in a time loop of sorts

            • Anonymous

              Does it have any effect in pvp? Like forcing the opponent to switch the locked target or someting? Or is it just a fancy mockery?

              • Anonymous

                When I got to the location there wasn't any loot on the corpse, I've never been there and I've obviously never picked it up

                • Anonymous

                  Equip a cerulean dagger talisman and you can literraly infinitely stunlock so many pve enemies by constantly using shadow bait → backstab→ shadow bait → repeat. Hell, with stun aoe like earthshaker / flame of the redmanes you can def stunlock huge groups as well. Crazy good incantation.

                  • Anonymous

                    Probably one of the best PvE spells, control and distraction for casters is amazing. Drop one or two of these into a pack and throw in your big AoE/high damage spells.

                    • Anonymous

                      Haven't seen anyone else mention it but it has uses for farming human enemies obviously, I am sure people are aware of the farming method in the Mohgwyn Dynasty underground area, specifically the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace where people shoot the large bird and kill many of the little Albinaurics. If you toss this spell out to the middle of them they will all swarm on it and then you can knock them out all at once with a large AOE(I use Cannon of Haima).

                      Some human enemies are quite stupid as well and will follow it off a ledge to their deaths.

                      • Anonymous

                        Helpful with commander Niall, packs in Crumbling Farum Azula, packs in Sewers under Capital (where you find the spell), overall very good utility PvE spell, not very cheesy, just balanced.

                        • Anonymous

                          Has some niche uses.
                          Works on big knights, fat ogres, fire monk commanders, etc. haven't tested on human "bosses" yet.
                          Very short duration, but can give some breathing space in combat, creating an opening for long cast spells in or easy backstabs.

                          For example, with the Assassin's Cerulean Dagger trinket equipped, you can cast this, then backstab, ad nauseam til the enemy dies, recovering the cost of the spell with each backstab.

                          • Anonymous

                            Found it:

                            From the Underground Roadside Grace under the capital.
                            Head down the ladder, keep on the upper level and go through a doorway guarded by an imp throwing knives.
                            The spell is guarded by a big mutated creature.

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