Shattering Crystal

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Spell Type Crystalian Sorceries
FP Cost 21 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Creates crystal mass that shatters in forward burst

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Shattering Crystal is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Shattering Crystal spell creates a crystal that explodes firing a burst of projectiles. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Sorcery of the mysterious Crystalians.

Creates a mass of crystal, then shatters it in a forward burst.
Charging enhances potency.

The Crystalians are inorganic beings, yet they live. They cleave close to the ideals of the primeval current, and as such, they are revered guests of the sorcerers.

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Where to find Shattering Crystal

Where to find Shattering Crystal:

  • Looted off a corpse on the second floor, west side, of the Church of the Cuckoo in Raya Lucaria Academy. The only way to reach this is going through the broken glass window of the church via the rooftops. [Map Coordinates]


Elden Ring Shattering Crystal Guide

  • Crystal Sorcery
  • Can be boosted by Crystal Staff and Rotten Crystal Staff
  • Stamina Cost: 30
  • Deals magic damage
  • Note: In Patch 1.07, FP cost significantly reduced from 32 to 21. In addition, cast speed was increased and poise damage, as well as stamina damage against guarding enemies, were both increased. Charged attacks now do more damage. Stamina cost was also reduced, from 35 to 30.



Elden Ring Shattering Crystal Note and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      underrated spell tbh, its especially good at bursting down large enemies like Ulcerated Tree Spirits, Fire Giant, etc, and very good at crowd control. the damage is good too

      • Anonymous

        I miss Dark Bead from Dark Souls 1
        This spell is a bit slow and doesn't do enough damage, even at a very close range

        • Anonymous

          FROM should’ve just made these cold sorceries, but too bad Faith has by far the coolest and strongest cold attacks :(

          • Anonymous

            Magic shotgun. Looks cool and great damage for low FP cost
            tho there seems to be almost 0 poise damage as it doesn't interrupt even knight enemies and 5 fully charged ones doesn't break omen enemy posture

            • Anonymous

              Good god does this thing do damage at close range and sometimes long range if the outer gods will it. for real I have had times where for no reason at all a fully charged blast just obliterates someone who is clearly out of its intended range.

              • Anonymous

                I like using this as an alternative to carian piercer to spice up my pure sorcerer, it has less range but the potential for massive burst damage when paired with the crystal staff and godfrey icon, plus it’s just a nice change visually. Probably the least useless of the crystalian sorceries, here’s hoping they all get a buff in the near future

                • Anonymous

                  i find this spell to be a mixed bag.... the potential cor utter greatness is there.... charged damage at point blank is MASSIVE... if it has more poise damage i feel it would be in a lot more sorcerers arsenals as more than just a less good bestial sling crippled pvp finisher move

                  • Anonymous

                    As a first time mage I love getting on enemy's face and fully charge it as they recover from heavy attacks. The damage is really really good but the fp consumption is high. I would say it fits very well into a battlemage build but honestly isn't really as good as comet

                    • Anonymous

                      Really good as a roll catch in PVP to finish with surprising range but not really worth using outside of this.

                      • Anonymous

                        Much better than using god awful "comet' and other slow high cost spells with no range. This spell works best on big targets plus it's decently fast.

                        • Anonymous

                          Great finisher spell for a panicking opponent in PvP, charging it up will throw off their timing if you're lucky. Don't rely on it too much, but the damage when fully charged is also incredibly high.

                          • Anonymous

                            Love to use this spell for large targets as this spell shotguns and does huge amounts of damage, especially if you charge it before.

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